Ibiza Xtravaganza

Trip Start May 31, 2006
Trip End Ongoing

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Finally the day we all eagerly anticipated came along. Our bags were packed, our hearts racing and our clubbing spirits high. It was Ibiza time!

Sunday morning, close to dawn, we managed to close up the Cave after a really busy night. In a rush, we grabbed our backpacks, passports, and some money and ran downstairs to the car waiting for us to take us to the Palma port. I'd like to say I stayed awake during the entire drive down, but I succumbed to the exhaustion fairly quickly.

As soon as we met Andy, Lauren, Ross, and Bernie in the port, we boarded the Transmediterranean Ferry that would take us across to Ibiza, land of the free. We all dozed off for the 2 remaining hours of the ride and awoke with the hard rainy ocean before us, and in the distance, a little island could be spotted behind a haze of rain and clouds. The rest of our traveling mates had already been to Ibiza, so the ones who were truly excited just as Ibiza-virgins (as they liked to call us) were peering out the window as if in a daze.

As much as we would have liked sunny weather for our first glimpse of the island, we were contented with the equally amazing landscape of rolling hills under dark violent storm clouds. We quickly abandoned the ferry and hurried off to find a taxi under the cold drizzle. After all, we were to meet with Trace and other Smartie Partie family members in the hotel lobby in a few hours. It was now 1100 hours.

In the taxi, as our female driver sped through Ibiza Town to take us to Playa D'en Bossa where our three-star hotel was, the first thing I noticed was the billboards surrounding the roads and streets. In any normal place, the billboards would be filled with the new CK perfume, or the new Renault cabriolet model. But not here. No, here the graphic talent of the billboards only contained Club promotions, party propaganda, night invitations, Dj ads, raver gear, etc. I commented this to Ed and Bernie and we made an extreme effort to locate all ads through our drive.....all we could find was a old hidden ad for Toyota Corola. It was then I realized the extent of the Ibiza movement: the sole reason for the existence of this island was for people to party. Period.

We got to our hotel, and once we checked in, with our rainy seaside view of Playa D'en Bossa, we collapsed on our beds before we could even plan on what to do next. Three hours later, Andy was calling us to hurry downstairs to the lobby as we were all meeting there for our Space incursion. Today was Sunday, closing party of We Love Sundays at Space. And since Space was right in front of the hotel, all we had to do was open the window to hear the loud bass thump and the people cheering the Djs on.

We had purchased our 50€ tickets through internet so that saved us some time in the queue. In 10 short minutes we were inside the terrace which, as Ross explained, was covered up this year or last, creating some controversy among the Space cadets.

I couldn't care less about the roof of the terrace: this was place amazing! It was 3pm in the afternoon (thank god for the sun who finally decided to appropriately welcome us to Ibiza) and there was an impressive amount of people dressed in their Sunday best, bouncing around, sexy-swirling, or simply shoulder-bobbing to the music. Models, model-wannabes, freaks in Beetlejuice costume, shy I-don't-really-like-electro-music-but-I'll-pretend-I-do-to-f it-in, amazing bodies with no shirts on, amazing bodies with shirts on, beautiful sophisticated people from all over the globe completely off their heads with one sole purpose: enjoyment of the body and the mind for the next countless hours till closing.

Ross gave us a quick tour of Space, at least to the rooms that were open. It was still too early to go wondering about the club with complete freedom, for that we would probably have to wait till midnight. We stayed in the main terrace where I-can't-remember-who-was-playing was playing. That's where I met the rest of the Smartie Partie members, most of them were London Djs from Turnmills with their girlfriends, others were Trace's friends from previous jobs. Everyone was nice and all seemed really happy to meet The Cave staff Trace had talked so much about.

We danced and ordered extremely expensive drinks from the bar (18€ for a Red Bull and vodka) until it started getting dark and we decided to move on to the next room. Danny Tenaglia (who's never had my sympathy) was going to be playing in the main terrace, and as it was already getting really crowded, I ventured to the next room which was so much bigger and better than the last. I desperately wanted to find our who was going to be playing so I asked the nice bar maiden. When she nonchalantly answered "James Zabiela will be playing from 4 am to 7 am", I wet myself. It was almost too good to be true that on my first night out in Ibiza I was going to witness one of my all time favorite Dj's right here in Space. There was no way in hell anyone was going to move me from this room, so I picked the spot I would dance in and decided to stay there till 4am. Problem was, it was hardly 9pm in the evening.

The night went on, and we danced and bounced, and moved and pranced till our muscles started to ache so we sat by the bar, until it was time to move again. Andy and Lauren decided to go back to the hotel and rest as they had already had enough, so now it was just Bernie, Ed and I. We walked around meeting to people, watching them dance and talk and mingle. Everyone in Ibiza was so friendly and polite....I wonder why that is!

At 4am sharp, James Zabiela came on, back to back with I-can't-remember-who. I had positioned myself right in the middle of the dance floor, close enough to see his facial expressions, as I love to do when I see a Dj I like. As usual his performance was breathtaking, with his little noise machine and his nasty rotten house beats. He was really into what he was playing and as he was building up, right before the explosion came, he started jumping up like a madman, and yes, the crowd always went wild. Especially with the violent burst of cold smoke (similar to that of a fire-extinguisher) which came from the ceiling every time Zabiela made the place rumble. It was a refreshing fun treat except the time we found ourselves right under the cold machine device gimmick thing. As soon as it went off it felt like a ton of bricks falling on top of you, together with a loud blast, and a freezing ice cold feeling, it felt like we were in a cryogen experiment. Bernie instantly felt like throwing up due to the harsh temperature change but started jumping up and down and instantly felt better.

At 7am, James thanked us and bid us good night not before his usual explosive farewell. Missing him already, ecstatic and overjoyed, we moved with the crowd through the first main terrace where the unpleasant Danny Tengalia was still playing, so we decided to head out and get a few hours of sleep before getting up at 11 am to freak out at DC-10. It took about five minutes for our eyes to adjust before we could properly focus, and on the short but painful walk to the hotel, we counted the hours we had been inside Space and came up with 15 amazing, fun hours. Pretty good for our first night in Ibiza. Even though every muscle and bone in my body was in pain, even though my head was about to explode, even though my ears were bleeding and my eyes were about to go into an epileptic seizure, I couldn't be happier. I loved my life!!!
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