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Trip Start Sep 15, 2011
Trip End Nov 10, 2011

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North New York City / Newburgh KOA
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Flag of United States  , New York
Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Departure: 11:06 am
Breakfast: right here
Lunch: this is ridiculous
Dinner: you know where
Arrival: 2:30 pm EDT, North New York City/Newburgh KOA, Newburgh, NY
Distance: 142 miles

I know, we didn’t go very far today. We’re heading for Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to see the Amish area, and we figured we’d take our time. So, here we are in Newburgh; we’ll see the Amish tomorrow.

Attention! The following is totally random and has nothing to do with anything! (I figure I need to add this warning after the Sturbridge comparison debacle.)

At breakfast this morning, I poured milk onto my cereal and needed to get a new bottle of milk to add just a little bit more. As I was eating the cereal, I read the milk cartons. (Yes, I admit to needing a hobby.) Both bottles (two different brands) had these words written on them: “No Artificial Growth Hormones*” (notice the asterisk, indicating a footnote in 2-point font). I got out my pocket electron microscope and read the footnotes. On one bottle, the footnote said, “* No significant difference in milk from cows treated with artificial growth hormones.” The other said, “* To satisfy our consumers.” There apparently is a difference, but it’s just not significant. Neither said anything about how it might be better for the kids who drink the milk (maybe they’re not significant, either), or even the cows who give the milk (who are definitely not significant).

When you put the two phrases together and read between the lines, it just seems to me like they’re saying, “There’s absolutely no point to not feeding the cows artificial growth hormones, but you idiots want us to do it, so here it is. I hope you’re satisfied. Please buy our milk.”

Okay! This is the end of the randomness. (Let me know if you liked this warning. I can try to remember to announce when I get random, but don’t hold your breath.)

But this next part is icky!

So, this evening we’re watching a movie, and Barbara points to her side and says to me, “What’s this?”

“It’s your left side,” I say, rather flippantly.

Barbara just looks at me. She’s used to me. She might not like it, but she’s used to me.

I take a closer look at the little black spot that she indicates, and, at first, it looks to me like a small, black mole. But there’s something a little off. I get a flashlight and a magnifying glass (because the light is bad in the RV, and I can’t see very well anymore), peer down at the mole, and see legs. Barbara has a pet deer tick, embedded in her left side. I get tweezers and start pulling. I figure it will just come out. Nope. The little bugger really hangs on. Perseverance pays off, though, and I’m able to extract it, put it in a Ziploc bag, and freeze it (in case it needs to be tested for Lyme disease bacteria).

The ickiness is over! (You like these warnings? Pretty good, huh?)

Barbara was fine, but I felt like throwing up. [On the outside I was cool and calm; on the inside I was running around flapping and screaming. -b]

Oops! There was still some ickiness in the last sentence! (So much for warnings.)

Update: the next day, Barbara found a tick on Molli. Fortunately, it had not dug in, yet, so she was able to get it off with no trouble. We decided to take Molli to PetSmart to get a flea/tick bath and to take Barbara to a doctor to get the tick bite inspected. The doctor felt that there is little chance of Lyme disease infection, even if the tick were carrying the bacteria, because Barbara felt the tick bite her, and we got it out within 20 minutes or so of the bite. We’ll continue to monitor the site, but it’s looking fine.

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Rich on

What would New England be without removing a pet wood tick or two. My goodness, you had to see a doctor about a tic bite? Did he crack a smile, you know, like "here are some Californians who never got bit by a tick before. That will be $100 please". Next time, do NOT try to pull a tick out. Usually you only decapitate them leaving the head inside to continue with its lunch and cause a nice infection. If you can stand the heat, back the tick out with a lit match. If you are really parnoid about ticks, you can borrow the flea and tick color from Moli. Don't concern yourself with the poison it emitts. I understand they come in five vivid colors and most folks would assume it is a decoration.

Shannon on

Are you serious, Rich? You wouldn't get yourself checked out after being bit by a tick?! There is such a thing as lyme disease... I know someone who has it and it's horrible. So I'm glad mom went to the doctor & is making sure shes in the clear. Mom, did the doctor take the tick to test it?

Shannon on

BTW, dad, your "warnings" aren't really helpful, I read "this next part is icky" and I knew I wouldn't want to hear what you were about to write, but I couldn't help myself, curiosity got the best of me. I had to read on in spite of the warning... and I was right, that was gross, I didn't want to hear it and I also felt like flailing around, waving my arms and screaming from the ickiness... thanks for that story.

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