Come Glide With Me

Trip Start Aug 23, 1996
Trip End Ongoing

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Come Glide with me
Lets Glide
Lets Glide away

One of my dreams in life is to go gliding. Has been for years. Now here in the UK, on satellite TV, they are always repeating shows, especially the Billy Connolly special that he made when he went around Australia. There is an episode where he goes gliding in Queensland, and after one to many times of watching it, I had a quick surf, found some clubs, then remembered that I work with a flyboy, John, who I knew could/would arrange a day of gliding, so Zento were asked to come along as well, it was now just finding a spare weekend amongst all the flights that we have booked.

Today was the day, off we drove to the Kent countryside that is John's place. A quick cuppa before we left, once downed, we were on the road. Upon arrival, we ate breakfast before Alan, our fellow BT pilot arrived. We filled in the paperwork, then made our way to where we would be taking off from. A quick briefing, before Ed jumped in and off he went. Around thirty minutes later, he landed and couldn't shutup about how good it was.

It was my turn

The radio crackled and out came

Ground Control to Uncle Davros
Take your protein pills and put your parachute on
Ground Control to Uncle Davros
Commencing countdown, tow rope on

The guys helped me with my parachute, before I sat down in the cockpit. I was given an overview of the guages and told what I could and couldn't touch. The rope was attached to the front and we were ready to go. By this stage, I was feeling quite anxious. I am not scared of heights, but it's the thing about having no motor. The plane took the slack, and quite quickly, we were up in the air. Even though there was noise in front of us, it was pretty quiet. After we reached 2000 feet, Alan hit the release, and we were out there on our own. And it became quiter. We were gliding at a speed of around 70 knotts, and it didn't look that fast. Not long after, Alan handed over the controls to me. It was quite weird having the joystick in your hand. Losing and gaining height was fun, but then he asked me to steer to the left, which I did. However, when I came back the other way, I kind of went to hard, and the glider lurched hard. Alan took over because of my fuckup, oh well !!!

Then I was told

Now it's time to leave the capsule if you dare
This is Uncle Davros to Ground Control
I'm stepping through the door
And I'm floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today

And the only reason why I did this was because

There's a starman waiting in the sky
He told us not to blow it
'Cause he knows it's all worthwhile

We stayed up for quite a while, and he did offer me another go at flying the glider, but realistcally, I was enjoying the moment of just floating in the sky, so I turned him down. The landing was loads of fun, we came in fast, and I was expecting us to bounce down the runway, kind of like RyanAir, but this was much smoother. Not hard really !!!

Lucy had a fly and loved it. She took the controls a couple of times, and wanted more. Lucia was a similar story. The only problem is that Lucy loved it that much she wants to go again !!!
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rbisset on

Sounds like fun!
I'm off to Slovenia in a couple of months and noticed that some place did gliding for €30. After reading this I reckon it's definitely worth it!

tortoise on

What is the going rate for a 30min trip please Uncle?

uncle_davros on

Re: cool

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