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Trip Start Aug 23, 1996
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Friday, January 12, 2007

Sometimes you think to yourself, what the fuck did I get out of bed for today, and today it felt like it was one of those days.

We had to drive around two hours we were told by Walid the Lab to get to Leptis Magna, supposedly the best Roman ruins in the world, so after breakfast, we hit the road, complete with another Lab called Yousef because Walid wasn't driving. Around thirty minutes into the journey, I had one of those fuckwit moments I have in life. Now, I am not the normal digi photographer. I do not have one maybe two cards. I have shitloads because Lucy and I shoot loads of photos, but I left them all behind, so after I yelled fuck it, Yousef chucked a u-turn, and back we went. Luckily for us, it is Friday, the prayer day for Muslims, and the roads were empty, so back we went. Lucy ran up, grabbed the cards, and away we went again. I decided that as I am no longer drinking coffee of any sort, that I would sleep, and I dropped off straight away.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by another Lab called Muftah. We had been given him because the other two Labs wanted to prayer at around 13:30, the desired praying time for the dedicated Muslim. Once the camera ticket was purchased, in we went and straight to the Arch of Severus Septimus. We have seen arches dedicated to him before at Dougga and Rome, we were impressed. If it was this good at the start, it could only get better. We arrived at the bathhouses, and they were impressive. There was still marble on the walls and floor, also mosaics as well. The size was great and the mount of terracotta pipes left in the wall for the sauna and hot water was amazing. We moved on out to the other sites, and it went downhill a little. In the new forum, there were some good columns with some capitols with awesome carvings. Apparently, there use to be heads of Medusa and Neptune all over the Forum. The byzantine church was ok, and we made our way down to the sea to see the old houses. This site had also been effected by the earthquake of 365, and then covered in sand. Once it had been discovered, both the Turks and the French stole some of the marble columns and used them in buildings in Paris and Istanbul. As we neared the theatre, Muftah started to get restless. He then told me of his desire to pray. We went into the theatre, and it was more impressive than Sabratha so I gave a rendition of The Holy Grail. Not long after, we moved on back towards the carpark, then the world fell over.Muftah told us that we would be having lunch whilst the three of them prayed. Sounded good to us.

Sometimes, you need to urinate, and we both needed to. As we were going in Yousef was coming out. He said hi. We did the business and came out and the three Labs were gone. We had no money, nothing.

We waited

We waited

We waited

After an hour, they came back. They took us to a restaurant, and left us to it. They also told us that once we had finished, they would ring them to come and get us. So we finished lunch, and asked the Labs to ring our Labs. They didn't get it, so we got up and walked out. One Lab came running over and told us to wait five minutes and they would be here. Fuck me, the van was a two minute walk away, so we walked out and two minutes later, we were there. The Labs looked at me and said you should wait, it is dangerous !!! I kind of lost it. I told them how long we had been waiting but all they could say was that they had just received a call. Fuck that. I tried to remain calm, but these are Labs !!!

Lunch was - Soup, Salad, Mixed Grill, Desert. I was now sick of this meal !!!

We drove down the road. So far, other than the arch and the bathhouse, I wouldn't say that these are the premier ruins in the world. Then it happened. I still say they're not the number one site, but they had a coloseum. Smaller than El Jems, but much more complete. It had been completely buried in sand, and some Italians dug it out. This is the most complete coloseum I have ever seen. 99% unrestored. There was only one thing I could do. I raced down and sung The Holy Grail. This place was worthy. In fact, it will be hard to sing this song again after this site. We ran in and out of the tunnel systems. There was no underground like El Jem, but fuck me, I was having multiple orgasms here. We walked through an arch and out towards the beach, and then we were in the circus. Still half buried in sand. Just in case you don't know, a circus was where the chariot races use to take place. It was amazing as well. Seats complete, just abandoned. I was still able to have one orgasm after the coloseum, so I did !!! We climbed back up for another view of the coloseum. If I were to die tomorrow, I would be happy !!! Back in the car, we headed back to Tripoli.

Once there, still feeling the effects of getting out on the wrong side of the bed, I told Walid the Lab, that the food was shit for the money we were paying. Lucy told him that we normally eat with the locals, and to fuck the car off, we want to walk. He was mortified. We were the first to tell him this.

At the desired hour, it was time to go to dinner. We did drive, but only as far as the Arch of Marcus Aurelius. It was ok, but eroded through the natural elements and of course, pollution. After a quick walk around, we moved onto a fish restaurant. As usual, we were offered Soup, Salad and whatever. I looked up and told them where they could jam their soup. I took the salad, and had a fish steak. Once finished, they brought desert. A quick word about desert. It is, sliced apple, sliced banana covered with what tastes of fanta. I turned it down. By this stage, Walid the Lab had sent Yousef the Lab home. We had a nice walk through the city. It is a nice place, pity more of the locals don't get out and do what we were making our Lab do. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a new day without the dramas of today.
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