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Trip Start Aug 23, 1996
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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Another weekend was coming up faster than expected, and there was no way I wanted to be in London. We have plenty of other weekends for that so we did the only thing possible, we booked a trip on the train to take us and the car over to France, but we were not going to stop, Belgium was going to be our port of call. We were going to go for two nights three days, but Eurotunnel is very anal. They have gone into cahoots years ago with the ferry people, so unless you go for one night, the prices are sky high. We discovered this when we went to Normandy in August. A quick peruse of the website showed us that it was only 49 pounds, so we snapped it up and waited. Lucy caught a train to my work, then we jumped in the car and off we went. It didn't take long, and we were arriving at the gates for the tunnel. We went through the first gate and made our way through to the customs section. I don't know what it is about me, but practically everytime we go via car, we get pulled. Be it Lucy or myself driving, we were directed over for the stripsearch. Bonnet and boot were opened. Then it was our turn, clothes came off, and then I pulled out my trump card. Excuse me sir, in my best French, I am allergic to latex, that's ok he said, so am I. Skin on skin it will be. I would like to be able to tell you how enjoyable it was, but I don't really think you would want to know the gory details, but thankfully, old Frenchie, found the P spot !!!


After a quick train ride, we arrived in France and hit the roads. It always is fun driving on the wrong side of the road, and not long after, we crossed the border into Belgium. Through the countryside we went, the old Commonwealth Cemetaries started to appear. It always gives me a feeling of pride in what they did nearly one hundred years ago. And then we pulled into Ypers. Car parked, bags dumped and we hit the streets. We had come here for the Christmas Markets and Lucy wanted to skate. Realistically, they shouldn't have bothered, they were rather shit. Lucy had her skates with her, so she dived onto the ice. Luckily for her, there was nobody on it, so she was flying around, spinning and doing little jumps. People were watching, cheering and clapping her. Then a bunch of kids came on, so she jumped off. As it was getting late, it was beer time. A quick few beers and then we made our way up to the Menin Gate to watch the Last Post. When we were here in August with Paul and Julie, it was hot, but this time, it was so cold, down to 3 !!! As soon as it was over, we found a café and ordered Flemish Stew. It was so thick and good and fattening. It went down a treat. And as this is the land of chocolate, I had the best chocolate mousse I have ever tasted. We washed it down with a hot chocolate and chocolates which were provided. It was amazing, we were so out of it from chocolate. What a great drug !!! We needed to walk it off of us, so we walked the streets of Ypers. It is a nice little place, and we have been here loads of times but never at this time of the year, and just like the rest of Europe, Christmas is not in your face, decorations everywhere. Nice and subtle, just the way it should be. One thing I do like is the fact, in the morning you can go to a patisserie, buy your croissants, and then take them to a café, order coffee, and eat. We did just this. It is so civilized. Lucy was going to have a skate but it was raining, and she didn't fancy getting soaking wet, so we checked out and hit the roads that would take us to Ghent.


For some unknown reason, I really do like this place. Was it the fact that we got a parking fine years ago, and we never paid it, or is it just quaint and the croques are awesome here? Questions to be answered another day. We parked the car and hit the roads. It has been over three years since I have been here, and we became lost straight away. As we wandered, we found another Christmas Market, it was slightly better than Ypers, but it was still pretty shit. There was however another skating rink, which was covered. It was closed, so we went for a croque and a beer. Once we had finished, the rink was now open, and Lucy wanted to go skating. I haven't been on the ice since we were in Paris last year when we skated on the Eiffel Tower, so I donned some hire skates and hit the ice. I hate hire skates and as I have previously explained, it is like wearing someone elses socks, that they have worn for the last week. Amazingly, I didn't fall over. I was chasing Lucy around, filming, videoing her, but she is way to fast for me, even when she skates backwards !!! That's the advantage of having your own skates. After an hour, we were kicked off of the ice. We had a walk around the city, it really is lovely with not many tourists. Maybe this is why we do like it. Time was moving on, so we headed back to the carpark and jumped in it and drove off once again.


Our next destination was to be Brugges. I really don't like this place. I can't explain it.Years ago, this was our first place that we saw in Belgium. Chocolate city, but full of tourists. Today was the same. This town should not be part of Belgium, it should be British. Why? The amount of Pommie voices that we heard, so it was lucky for us that we had our British Passports so we could pass as one of these fuckers !!! Right in the centre of the main square was another ice rink. Lucy had her skates and did contemplate having a skate, but it was so crowded, full of Poms actually, compared to Ghent. We went for a walk instead. Within an hour, I was Brugged out, so we left. Another problem with this place is that no matter how hard you try, it is one of those places that is really hard to get out of. I personally think, they do this on perpose so you have to stay, add new genes to the ever depleting gene pool, but we did manage to escape by not following the road signs that tell you go in all directions. Fuck that, those fuckers were not going to keep me there !!!


Calais, now there is a shithole. I think that if you nuked the place, we would miss the cheap alcohol shops, but that is all. Is this the only reason for it's existence? Well, we went shopping to fill our boot up with wine and cheese. We had run out recently and needed to refill the old racks. You never know when people are going to drop around. So we did this. Onwards we went, back to the old customs booths. Lucy handed over the passports, and I started to get undressed. May as well get ready, as it happens everytime !!! Then we were waved through. Fuck it. I do like a good session of skin on skin !!!

As the train was pulling into the platform, a message came over. Please drive on the left and put your clocks back one hour. Rather pathetic really, as this is England. On another note, we did have a good weekend, but Belgium really should re-consider putting on Christmas Markets as there is only one country that can do it right and that is Germany !!!
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wakingdream on

Up in there?
Soooo, up the ying yang then? I have been dreading the day I know it will surely happen to me! Sounds like you had a blast.

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