The Blues

Trip Start Aug 23, 1996
Trip End Ongoing

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Flag of India  ,
Saturday, January 14, 2006

When things go right, you know, especially in India, that you are going to fall down, and it will be a long hard fall.

Amazingly, we found a rickshaw with a roof rack, and he was ever so cheap, so we piled the bags on the roof, and headed to the station. Once there, I looked up and read that the train was going to be 2.5 hours late. Arriving at 22:15 instead. We could handle that. As the clock ticked, the announcements rang out. Every hour, the train was now another hour later. Finally, at the lovely hour of 01:30, our train arrived. Only 5:45 late, but better late than never !!! We jumped on, cleared the people off of our seats, and then crashed for the night.

Awoken by the sound of chaiiiiiiiiiiiii, we all grabbed one and looked out of the window, and saw that the scenery, was now more desolate. More like Iran or the south of Pakistan. There were a few wild camels around, we were now in Rajasthan. As the train pulled into the station, there was nobody here to meet us. How strange. Through the exit gates, and still nothing. Once we saw the rickshaws, we grabbed one, and went into the old city. Meghan and myself waited, whilst Lucy and Ryan found some rooms. They came back with different reports. Ryan had a great room, and Lucy had shit. We went to the hotel. Once in, I was shown the shit room, and the price came down. Still, I told them to fuck off, and so they gave us a great room, at a cheap price !!! We dumped the bags and went for a wander. The vibe here was so different from before. There were markets everywhere selling loads of different shit, it was more like how I imagined India to be. So much more colour and life here. As it grew later, we made our way up onto the roof to watch the sunset, and all over the city, the majority of the buildings are blue. Hence the place being called the blue city. But the main thing that stands out like dogs balls, is the huge fuck off fort above the place. This would be the first thing that we would be looking at tomorrow

Meherangarh Fort

As we have done this trip, we have visited Lahore, Delhi and Agra forts. Personally, I have enjoyed them, but they are all a little costly. We walked up, and the price was US$5.00 each, but this included an audio tour, something the others didn't offer. As we walked, the structure was huge, apparently, no war elephants ever penetrated this structure !!! There are old cannon wounds as well, but the fort was never taken. In the palace, we saw the where the Maharajas were crowned, with the last being in 1948. As he does not live here anymore, the palaces are now museums. There were rooms with decorative carriages which sat on top of elephants and there was also a gold one which was carried by men. A room full of miniature paintings was ok, but the view from the balcony over the old city revealed how blue the city was. Through the different palaces, the rooms were amazing, even down to the nursery where all the old baby cradles were stored. They were luxurious as well. The last palace was for the women and just like the harem in Istanbul, the guards were eunuchs. I still can't believe that a guy would accept getting his dick cut off !!! We left the palaces and walked around the walls. They were massive, but looking down, you could not help but notice the usual Indian pollution. As we left the fort, we both agreed that this has been the best fort that we have seen on this trip, and was actually worth the money. The audio tour had helped immensely

The next day, we went to see Jaswant Thada. This is a mausoleum made of the same white marble as the Taj. Actually, this marble is mined in Rajasthan, hence the availability of it. The mausoleum was built for the Maharajas. Once they have died, they are cremated up here. As we pay the same as the locals, they did not seem interested in visiting the site !!! It was a beautiful building, so we hung out taking it in. As we looked over the edge, the city, today, was covered in more pollution. We couldn't even see the clock tower !!! We finished up, and went back into the fort, not paying as you can walk through the lower section, into the old city. Through some more massive gates, and into the old city. It was so quiet here compared to the hustle that was happening below the fort. Looking up, you could have thought you were in Greece, except that the buildings were blue instead of white. Really nice. No hassle. What more could you ask for. We walked around, being tourists, taking photos like there was no tomorrow, and then we hit some markets. We walked through them, no tourists, except us of course and just locals who were doing their shopping. Why couldn't India be more like this everywhere. Eventually, good turns to shit, and we were back in the masses, being asked for things. We had a quick look in a Hindu temple, it was all Hinduey.

And just in case you were wondering, yes, this is where the pants originated

That was pretty much our introduction to Rajasthan. We are enjoying ourselves, so much, we can't say when we will move onto our next town, but when we do, it will still be in Rajasthan
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