Joseph Gets Romantic

Trip Start Feb 08, 2010
Trip End Mar 04, 2010

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Where I stayed
The Black Prince

Flag of Egypt  , Red Sea and Sinai,
Sunday, February 21, 2010

It was time for Ellie to go back to England, my beautiful daughter, all so fleeting yet fulsome an experience, and I think she will treasure the time she had here. Now she had the seriousness of her GCSE exams to prepare for. And it happened that two young and besotted men turned up in the early morning to say Goodbye to her; one was Bedouin friend, Oneness, and the other the New Yorker Andy who took her off to a cafe for last minute togetherness.

Jeremy had arranged a taxi through Tiger for eight o'clock, but where was it?
Ellie was getting worried so we had the security guard off on a venture to find a taxi, when the intended car turned up anyway, half an hour late. The driver was an older Bedouin man called Selni.
At the Sharm el Sheikh checkpoint the police asked to see my passport, but in all thew confusion I'd left it in Dahab, which could have been a problem but they let me off.  Phew!!
Farewell Ela Bella.
Selni chatted with me on the journey home. He was another whose father had had many wives, three of them, and so he had lots of siblings. Selni though was content with just his one wife and was sure that was enough.

Soon I was back in a very hot and sunny Dahab, for some time lounging under the sea shelter on cushions.
I was joined there for a while by old Samir, who gave me a lesson in Arabic and told me that since meeting the other day he had been thinking of me too much. He said my skin was like buttermilk and that therefore he was going to call me Ishtar, the name of an ancient Goddess, which meant in Arabic 'buttermilk'.
Samir was a qualified diver and snorkeller so joined us at a good sea spot nearby, the place called the Three Islands. Actually they weren't islands but underwater reefs. Samir had lent me a good snorkelling mask, etc. We went there with Paul and Lou's family, to the esteemed diving location. And oh my God, it was so amazing.
When we got out in the sea to the reefs and the deep blue pools between, Samir took me by the hand and led me on a wonderland journey, pointing out so many beautiful fishes along the way. Rosina held hands with us some of the time, and Paul followed close behind.
Ian, amazingly, had gone in with no shoes, and as always he returned with lots of cuts and scratches on him. Samir said he had been in great danger, that he'd only have to have stepped on a stonefish to get a huge electric shock and die.
Wow! Thats a beautiful colourful sea world out there, but its very dangerous.

Paul's family were off on a horse ride to the lagoon and back so Luc and Rosina joined them, at the end of which both Luc and Rosina got to gallop their horses with the guide along the beach.
As the guide moved off homewards with his horses the dogs of the area began barking around them and one of the horses being startled reared up and threw the guide backwards and onto the ground. He quickly recovered and remounted though.

That evening Ian, Liz, moi and the children dined sumptuously at the Shark Restaurant, having been offered a 40% discount, free starter dips, and free dessert. The children did happen to fall asleep though just as their meals arrived! The friendly owner, who I recognised from the disco, was talking about how good it was to live in Dahab.
I noticed a message from Joseph on my phone. He wanted to know if we were all OK as he hadn't spotted us this day. I tried replying but my message writing had gone weird and all I could manage was a "Hi".
Liz and I left the others in the restaurant a while to go and enquire about trips to a mangrove swamp, off to find either Bob or Joseph, when there was Joseph walking towards us.
He joined us back at the Shark and his talk was sweet and flirtatious.
Joseph said he would walk us home and even that he would carry the sleeping Rosina. This didn't turn out to be so easy as he'd envisioned, and so after a little way he flagged down a taxi to take us the rest of the way.

Once at the Black Prince, with the children in bed, Joseph insisted I come for a night stroll with him along the beach.
After some way, taking my hands, he led me onto the beach.
He wanted to kiss me, and well, actually, he wanted more to happen, but I would only permit his kisses.
Joseph told me how a German lady he had loved and who had had his child had broken his heart. He was saying that maybe I could help him to love again, but that no-one else had been able to. Even one girlfriend he was seeing lately had not been able to move his heart.
As we were sitting on the sand some security men turned up, and there followed some intense talk in Arabic between Joseph and these men. It was getting heated and had me wondering if I was now in a threatening situation.
But then the men walked off leaving us be, and I asked Joseph what had passed.
He said the men had been angry at him for sitting in the dark alone with a woman, and that they could have got us arrested by the police.
"This is Egypt" he said. "There is even a special sex police here. No-one is allowed to be sexual in a public place."
He had told the men I was his wife and that he was free to sit alone with his own wife.
Though, he had also said, we had not been doing anything wrong.

We walked further on, and onto more dark sands, and he wanted to get amorous again, but after the encounter we'd just had I was too edgy for that.
Joseph said then that we should go to his house which would be completely private, that we could do whatever we wanted there, but I said he couldn't do that, and so he walked me back to the Black Prince.
Joseph said 'Let us dream about one another in the night", and later he sent me a text thanking me for a wonderful time, saying it had been like a dream come true.
Its funny because I did actually dream about Joseph, that I had moved to Dahab and was living with him, and that I was working as a dress designer.
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