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Trip Start Jun 26, 2004
Trip End Aug 08, 2004

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Flag of Mexico  ,
Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I thought wed never get here. First of all, the train ride through Copper Canyon was amazing. The weather was clear and the scenery spectacular. I cant believe it is not more well known (even within Mexico). Susie and I know of only two people who have ever done the train ride. We flew to Chihuahua (after a one hour delay in Tijuana). Go figure those unrelaible Mexican airports!! Just Kidding. ; )

We got to Chihuahua and walked around a bit. Both uf us liked this city a lot more than we thought we would. Did you guys know that Anthony Quin was born there? Well, neither did I. We ate at this awesome steak house (El Mezquite). It was finger licking good and cheap to boot (realtive to Outback Steakhouse - UGH!). Susie ate every snack that crossed her path, inlcuding this spiral, fried potato (I cant even describe it). But it was quite tasty as I ate most of it!!

We got on the train the next morning at 6 AM and slept for the first three hours (still not in the Canyon, so it was OK). We ate on the train (overpriced sanwiches and chips) but the sceneary got more beautiful as we went. Everything was going great, unitl hour 12 of the 14 hour train ride, when the conductor said we would be getting to our destination (Los Mochis) 3 hours late!!! The last 4 hours were such a drag, ugly, arid semi-deserty geography and a slow moving train. We were just tired after sitting on our butts all day). Once we finally got there we decided to spend the night there )deviation #1 from our itinerary from the previous entry).

We figure that the fastest way to get to Zacatecas was to go south to MAzatlan and then back into the heartland (travel booboo #1). Nobody told us (damn Lonely Planet!!) that this road went through the Sierra Occidental (ie., Big ass, curvy, albeit beautiful, but nauseau-inducing mountains). I thought Susie was going to gag (like our neighbor on the train did on several occasions) more than once. We were so high up on the Sierra that we crossed some clouds along the way. After 5+ hours of this neauseating..er I mean scenic ride we finally got to flat land and into Durango 2 hours later (around midnight, mind you we had left Los Mochis that morning at 9 AM). For those of you keeping track yes weve been sitting a long time! 17 hours on the train and 15 hours on the "scenic" bus. Needless to say we HAD to get some sleep and decided to stay the night in Durango. For those of you keeping track, we were supposed to be in Zacatecas oh about a day ago. By the way Durango was pretty cool (what little we saw). Apparently they film lots of westerns there. Maybe on Mexico trip #2 sometime in the future...

The good thing is Zacatecas is only 4.5 hours from Durango (hey at this point 4.5 is a cake walk).

We got to Zacatecas this morning. It is as beautiful, if not more than weve heard. We got some food (tasty). We found a typical Mexican restaurant that was sort of inside some catacombs that had excellent enchiladas and mole (Zacatecas style). Great meal #2 on this trip (steak in Chihuahua was #1). Then we went to the tourist info office and got some info on the local attractions.

We went on a tour inside an old mine. It was awesome! It was 12 degrees celcius in there. They have a club (of the strobe light, and fake smoke variety) inside the mine, but unfortunately it is only open on Thurs, Fri and Sat. We might revise our itinerary in order to attend. Hey if Lonely Planet says its a must see, who are we to argue? But more on that later...

We met a couple from Holland who had three Indigenous Mexican children with th who spoke fluent (Dutch) or whatever they speak in Holland with their windmills and clogs. We found out that they had adopted all three siblings four years ago on another trip to Mexico. They brought them back to see their home country. We were so amazed and admired at the commitment this couple had made to those three beautiful children (their mom had abandoned them). The new Mom spoke so lovingly about them, I am sure God put them in the childrens path.

We then went on a cable car ride from one silver rich mountain to another. We got an awesome view of the city below and I completely ignored the tour gides spcheel (sp?) as I was dumbstruck by all the scenery below. We walked around the mountain top took tons of pics (which I will post as soon as I can). Then we came back down to the historic downtown and walked around to the different cathedreals, etc. And now here we are.

Wew not quite sure what the plan is for tomorrow. I was thinking of taking a day trip to Real de Catorce (I know, not on the itinerary) but it would give us an excuse to stay here longer and go to the mine club on Thursday!! : )

Dinner plans are set for the Quinta Real. A hotel/restaurant in the old bull ring, next to the old aqeuduct. Cool huh!??

OK, gotta go now...but stay tuned.
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amelia chavez on

Thanks for posting this pictures I been here and brings me lots of memories because this is the first place I visit in mexico my abuelitos and my parents familia they come from Zacatecas so in my blood I feel Zacatecana but, I from Tijuana but, been in the States for 40 yrs thanks I showed my daughter how beautiful Zacatecas is.

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