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Trip Start Oct 06, 2011
Trip End Nov 05, 2011

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Friday, November 11, 2011

I thought it would be fun to interview Kaela since she's not old enough to write her own blog entry. The questions are leading, but her answers are just what she said.  Occasionally I put something in italics to explain what she said.


What did you think about your trip to China?
It was good.  I loved sliding down the Great Wall in China.

What was your favorite place we visited?
Three places – Sliding down the Great Wall of China, going to the Forbidden City, and seeing the Egg (National Center for Performing Arts) surrounded by water – where there is an underground passage.

What did you think of the acrobat show?
It was great.  That was one of my favorites too.  There were motorcycles on stage that went into this big net thing that was really talented.  The ending where all of them came on stage and bowed was really great.

Does China smell?
It smells bad but there are not fish anymore on the street, but there is pooh on the sidewalk (she’s talking about dog poop).

What did you think of squat potties?
They are smelly and you have to squat down.  They were not really easy because you can fall in the whole.

What was your favorite food?
White rice and my favorite drink was the pear drink that I had.  And there was hand pulled by noodles.  They were made by dough that got stretched out.  It got stretched and stretched then they put it in a pot that boiled it up and then they served it.  They put it out for the people but they only put it on the counter.

Between taxis, buses, and subways, what was your favorite way to get around?
Taxis and subways.  I mean buses and subways.  Because buses go fast and they have seats in lots of places.  Some even have top layers where there is two floors.  On the 2nd floor there might be a chair for you where you can see what’s going on.  The subways go fast and they are underground, just like in NY.  Except sometimes the subways don’t have glasses.  Well sometimes they don’t have glass on the side of the subways, like NY, but sometimes they do.

What did you think of Daddy’s bike?
We went and took rides on my daddy’s bide.  Daddy and me loved it.  We rided through the hutongs and we also rided out the hutongs at our 2nd hutong.  And my favorite part of the 2nd hutong was the swing and my bed.   The swing was indoors.  The bed looked so pretty and had Chinese dragons on it that were different colors – pink and red.

Did you have a hard time sleeping when we got there?
Yes, we had to get back on China time and now we have to get back on CO time.

Did the Chinese people like to talk with you?
Yes, and they also liked to smoke.  There were Chinese people talking to me.  I always said Ni Hao and they said Ni Hao back.  It was nice because Cindy could talk English so I could talk Chinese and English to Cindy (which was a person in the first hutong).

Did you make any friends in China?
I made friends with Rei Rei and I made friends on the way home.  I also made friends with this older girl (six years old) at our first hutong –which is Cindy’s house.  At Cindy’s house she has a nice big patio where you can walk up, down, up, down, and all over the hutong to see different parts – and even on there you can see Rei Rei’s house.  She doesn’t have a courtyard and a patio, but she does have steep stairs to get to her house.  You climb up two times to get to her house.  They are building a second layer so they can walk higher and lower, so it’s a bigger place.  Rei Rei sleeps with her mother and father.  And, since Rei Rei doesn’t sleep alone yet, so she sleeps with her mommy and daddy.  I also made friends with a French boy who speaked French.  I said hello to him.

What did you think of the orphanage?
The orphanage is happy when you come but sad soon when you don’t come, unless someone is taking care of you for a little bit.  My favorite part was with the kids going into the bally place when you climb up the stairs and slide into the balls.  The balls protect you from hurting yourself on the wood.  And I liked it, it was fun, fun, fun.  There were two floors and they have a fun playground.

What was your least favorite food?
My least favorite food – what does least mean?  Hmmm, the spicy things.  And I also didn’t really like this thing that looked like Pork Belly, I also didn’t like this candy that tasted like carrots and caramel – which I had before and it didn’t taste good at all.  My mom didn’t like it either so we threw it away.

What was your least favorite part of the trip?
My least favorite part of the trip was, hmmm, was, the part that I didn’t like was the smoking.  Because smoking can make you bad, and it smells not too good.  There is one more part, I think.  Hmmm, the part is that it is hard to understand and I don’t really like speaking Chinese.  Sometime I forgot words in English when I was speaking Chinese.

What did you think of the flight?
The flight was one of my least favorite parts, but one of my favorite parts was also when we were going to come up into the air, because it feels like I have to go peepee.  It feels like I have to go PEEPEE (giggling).  And one of my also favorite parts was when we went to this place where there was that picture of the dancing lights – where when someone’s not helping you, you just put your membership card (that’s hanging on your neck) on this thing, and we got to get a picture of us on this camera again. (she’s talking about the interactive Sony center for kids)

Did we visit the place where mommy lived?
Yes, and we saw her teacher’s home.  When we saw her teacher, her teacher and the teacher’s wife gave us a really big lunch meal – going to lots of different places to buy food for us.

How is life different in China than in CO?
Well, the orphanage don’t get as much choice as I do.  And some sleep with their mom and dad (Rei Rei) (not referring to the orphanage).

Was Beijing noisy?
Not too noisy.  It wasn’t noisy too much, like its usually supposed to be in the city.

Is there lots of traffic?
Not too much.  We’ve only seen three or two traffics.

So did you like going to China?
Yes, I liked the toboggan slide and shopping and looking at the dirt market.  The dirt market is not as you think. Because its not messy and you might think its called the dirt market because its messy but its called the dirt market because its outside.  And the chair lift was nice too, except it took a slower time than the toboggan slide.

Do you want to go back to China?
I want to swippy-swap from NY to China.  Swippy-swap means sometimes we go to NY and sometimes we go to China.  I want to swippy-swap until I’m dead from China to NY.

What do you want to do when you go back?
When I go back I want to see my friends again, and when I go back I want to get this own house so I can be a neighbor of the last hotel we went to.

Any last thoughts about your trip to China?
I did the hula dance, which looks more like I was swinging my arms patting something, just like the ocean does.  I made it up in China.  And the toboggan slide went really fast, it was nice.  And Daddy, my favorite part was the fast part.  For mommy, not so much.
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Hannah Cerynik on

Oh my goodness Dan! She's PRECIOUS!!! What a fantastic experience! Loved "seeing" it through her eyes!

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