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Trip Start Jun 09, 2009
Trip End Jul 05, 2009

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Flag of Japan  , Kanto,
Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Sean this time, although I do not believe my skill with the pen to be on the same par as Kat, I will attempt to make this entry as amusing and entertaining as her's.

So, we spent a good portion of yesterday at the hotel, we both decided we just weren't getting anything done while our sleep was messed up, so we took the day to nap so that we were going to bed at an hour that was more reasonable. It seems to have worked, as we got up around 5am today which is a decisive improvement over our usual 1am time slot.

We did manage to accomplish a little yesterday however, starting with our usual breakfast outing by buying some sub-par food at the 7/11 (which almost never has anything resembling breakfast food).  After visiting the `yahoo cafe` (which is where we access the internet while we're here, and which I find kind of amusing since it has western keyboards, so I think of it as the derogatory usage of the word "yahoo" rather then the company), we visited the restaurant here at our hotel, which has a Ramen bar.  After mentioning this before I've realized this might be confusing, this isn't the typical "Ramen Noodles" that are famous among cheapies and college students. This Ramen is a huge bowl of soup/noodles/whatever ingredient, and comes in many different flavors it is also a favorite dish here in Japan (and also one of the most unhealthy, follow the link for further description). So, it's not the bad Ramen you're used to hearing about, this Ramen is actually good! We got two different kinds of Ramen: Miso and some other one which name escapes both of us currently.  The mystery dish was the worse one anyway, and the Miso was far superior, at first we weren't sure, but the worse one tasted weird after eating it for a bit, and had a weird beefy taste. So we shared the Miso bowl and left the other one relatively untouched.  On a side note

After we had Ramen we decided to get some more drinks from the vending machines. These are pretty fun pieces of machinery and vending machines take up a good portion of Japan, There is at least one vending machine per person in Japan.  So, we thought we would take a vid of the vending machine working while I got a drink of Qoo (which is a fruity drink here which I sorta like) I was gonna try the Orange Qoo but hit the wrong button, receiving Apple anyway. On top of this blunder, Kat continued her troubles as a camera person and filmed the whole thing sideways as if trying to take a long ways picture. As she mentioned in the previous blog, this has been an ongoing problem with her filming... Despite this HUGE flaw I still find myself to be in love with her, and I don't know why. :-P

Afterwards we went back to the room, as we planned on going to Shibuya (big time fashion district, best a night) a little later. We also wanted to take a nap to fix our sleeping a little.  While at the room we messed with some features on my new camera and tried to get a vid of us hanging around through the time lapse vid feature. We're trying to test it out to see if we can capture the sunrise from the hotel room. I watched a Japanese baseball game while discussing traveling plans with Kat and what we'll do if we lose one another in the city.  The Japanese ball game confused me a little, it was easy enough to figure out what inning it was, the score, who was on base, the strikes and how many people were out: but the batting averages just seemed wrong. One batter had an average of .788, which I thought to be nigh on impossible. He wasn't an exception either, all but two batters in the line up had an average above .480. I'm assuming something is different with the averages in Japanese baseball, because nobody scored in the few innings I watched, those averages would mean people were getting on base pretty frequently.

I digress, the camera ran out of batteries way before it would so we think the sunrise might be problematic (not to mention we can't seem to do it without a flash, so we don't want a flash of light coming from our room every 30s at night which will end in just a bunch of pics of a window reflecting a flash).  After this we fell asleep, planning to get up in 2 hours. We blew it, oversleeping by nearly double that time.  Irritated with ourselves for screwing up plans yet again we made a quick revision.  It was around 7 at night so we decided to walk to Tokyo Tower (the unabashed knock off of the Eiffel Tower and is also the largest free standing structure in the WORLD), which is about a 40 minute walk from where we are staying.  Suprisingly one can walk freely in the city and not have to worry about crime at all, so it's a little refreshing being able to walk when you want at night.  We thought about taking the subway anyway, but it seemed there would be more then one transfer and we didn't feel like dealing with it, plus we had time to kill.  This was the first rainy night/day since we had gotten to Japan, so we took out our umbrellas and started walking.

As we got within eye shot of the tower, our troubles documenting our little excursion began.  Because of the rain we had trouble with the camera trying to focus too far ahead, which resulted in a lot of pictures becoming too blurry. This was annoying to us because we have a lot of fun with these blogs and wanted the pics to look nice for those visiting the page.  Gradually taking pics as we approached, we finally reached our destination.  After buying some tickets to the observation deck we saw the city anew.  But, our camera troubles continued.  The camera really wanted to "hang out with the window" as Kat put it, it was also having trouble with the rain.  We had quite a time trying to find the correct setting for the camera in order for the pics to not look totally awful.  "Night landscape" suprisingly looked poor and had a really long shutter speed, causing both of our shaky hands to not contain the blur. "Cloudy Sky" made every pic look.... well, terrible.  Eventually we found our niche with "Party Indoors" you know.. becaus that makes sense -_-. Kat became near obsessed with getting a good pic of the Sky Wheel of Odaiba (a pretty/ huge ferris wheel) and the Rainbow Bridge. I think we took over a hundred photos of that ferris wheel.  The ones you see on this blog are after we deleted the ones that just didn't make the cut as far as we were concerened.

The deck had a pretty cool program that allowed you to see the city from the "google map" type of view, with a feature allowing you to see how the city looked in different eras.  The Edo, the Meiji and the present day.  I lost Kat in the tower, as she became enamered with the gift shop without telling me where she was.  I kind of paniced cause I wasn't sure how to get back to the hotel. I'm sure she thought it was funny.  We then bought some kind of sucker things, like a coin that says Tokyo Tower on it, and some "Hello Kitty" stickers from her friend (of which one of the vids shows my disgust of the product). 

We'll probably go back and have dinner there one night, as they have live music wednesday and friday nights playing there. 

We didn't feel like walking back, and decided to try and find a train station, with a little difficulty and random exploring through the night we found our station and returned to the room.

The End??
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elkss1 on

Hello tonight
Kat must be on speed in that video!! LOL! How are things? We went to Liken Park and went on a 3 hr hike. We found the water wheel, it was right where we were in the valley but we did not go far enough.

seanandkat on

You commented before we were done! Glad you found the water wheel. Is it just a little snake? One more short vid and uploading is done for the day.

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