The walk amoung the tallest trees

Trip Start Apr 10, 2010
Trip End Apr 20, 2010

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Flag of Australia  , Tasmania,
Monday, April 19, 2010

G'day All
Well the final day of touring here in Tassie is upon us, we decided the last day was a short trip down to the air-walk in the Tahuna forest south of Hobart, before we did that we had to go up the top of Mount Wellington the over looks Hobart and see the stunning views from there,the drive up its self is an experience as it is 12 kilometres of winding sharp bends sounds familiar to us does it.

Once at the top the views were stunning but also sadly there was a smoke haze of the city as the forestry people decided to back burn areas around Hobart an as a result there was no wind to drive it away and it sat in the valley all day including parts of the area we were going to be driving into. I spotted some workers picking up rubbish and said u have a good job which they replied it would be better if the people took their rubbish with then and as he said that his mate picked up part of a Plastic head light protector and i said "struth they throw anything away" and he laughed and said "yesterday they found a quarter panel off a front guard". It turns out some idiot in power decided it would save money if they removed all the bins and asked people to take their rubbish with them as a result instead of an hour up the mountain to empty bins and collect the odd bit of rubbish they now spend up to 8 hrs  a day so my maths are not good but i can tell you one hr does not equate to a saving of spending 8 hours there. Typical paper pusher they would be horrified if they were asked to get off their butt and do some real work , I reckon they should say you are only allowed one cuppa coffee a day and see how quickly they react.

Well the forestry people had a burn off yesterday and as a result there is a smoke haze all over Hobart and parts south of it so the pics are not as good as we hoped for but wow the view was simply stunning to see, and the labour they used to build the road was amazing 12klms up the mountain when they used to walk up it and camp on the way up.

We set of for the air-walk set Jane the task an  away we went thru some lovely back country roads the views were beautiful as ever  each bend brought a new stunning sight, we hit the Main highway again and followed the river down to the air-walk finally reaching it about 10ish and as expected not many people around, we to the loo and saw a sign of some poor old bloke who wandered off the tour and path way and they are still looking for him now that was over a month ago so i think he maybe fertilizer now sadly.

We paid for the walk and there is in fact 3 that you can do but as we were on our last legs we decided on the 1hr return air walk tour and had a walk amongst the forest floor before ascending the air-walk i walked out on the canter lever bridge to take some pics which was great if u don't mind being bounced up and down as people walked out onto it, then back thru the forest again seeing some of the tall timbers on the ground and how long they are makes you think of how insignificant we are in the scheme of things.

We got back to the information centre and had a nice lunch surrounded by a bush bee they are the native ones that don't sting tried to tell bill this but i suppose when u are used to the European bees that sting then  you would hardly find it hard to believe some one who says it ok mate they don;t sting, so after lunch we went an had a squizz at the gift shops and bought some pressies and stuff and then headed back to Hobart.

Jane wanted to take us back the way we came but after some convincing she ended up directing us back into the city and safely back to the apartment where we decided on having a meal out at a local pub, as we are off tomorrow back home so repacked bags and packed a new bag we bought as one of ours was falling to pieces and  did not think it would survive the trip home. The meal was great i ordered some chips but the girl forgot to order them and am glad as the meal was huge on its own so saved a few bob there, had a walk back to the Apartment and said good by to Salamanca place  and headed to bed as we were going to be at the airport at 10am in the morning sleep well all.

Cheers Stewart and Nancy.

Hello All this is Cedric the Tasmanian Devil hunter,

Well what a start to the last day of travels we were up with the damn birds again and stumbling around in the dark till the idiot put the light on, some one has to tell this bloke that we are on HOLIDAYS not on some damn coach tour where you get to see everything from the comfort of your comfortable seat in one of our luxury coaches and see nothing, so it was decided we would head up a mountain today as apparently it is a must to do in Hobart well have I news for them if it 2 inches off the ground i will go any higher an they can put up with the smell.

The drive at first was great city traffic and then we had to make a sharp right turn and that's where it all began the climb was terrible windy narrow roads and here i was a squirrel frightened of heights and on top of that they had no emergency oxygen  for me as i was struggling to breathe the mountain air as we were so high. The views were stunning actually from this height of 1271m above sea level it should be the whole area of this mountain and park is massive.  The Park stretches over 20km west of the Mountain’s pinnacle, and
encompasses 18,250ha. Easily accessible from Hobart and surrounds, we walked around and took some pics and then headed down down down the mountain yeahhhhhhh we are on level grund again and away wesailed well you know what i mean  we followed the inland route to this air-walk that the idiot had decided every one had to see I love his  way of asking people if they want to see things. it is ok tomorrow we are going to....  and we do it and he does not ask if that's ok or if some one else has a plan, i put my paw up and it was not seen as i wanted to go to port Arthur and see the way they treated the convicts when they used to call this place a convict colony.

We arrived at this beautiful forest park and  when i found out we were again going to climb trees i freaked big time i spat the dummy i stomped my foot and said no no no more i will stay here in the car you lot can go and get lost in the bush for all i care no more climbing for me, as a result i was shoved into the back pack and away we went   the views were amazing and when u looked up  to try and i say try and see the tops of the trees my neck got a crink in it so have rung my chiro for an appointment.

we eventually got onto the air-walk and had a walk amongst the tree tops well in some cases they still dwarfed us but at least we were closer to looking at them and did not have to strain too much the idiot then decided he wanted to get some photo's from the Canter lever section of the walk way this is a piece of walkway that is suspended  out into the middle of no where.

We headed back in for a bite to eat and the idiot tried to tell Bill that a native bee does not sting what a load of old mothers milk   every one knows bees equal one helluva sting so don't listen to him, mind you it came up to me an buzzed in my ear and said that they don't as they don't have any enemies so don't need the stingers  but now they have their European cousins here fighting them and killing them they may have to do something soon.

The drive home was pleasant and the roads were amazing hardly any one on them as we got closer to Hobart the traffic increased a little and the Idiot again disobeyed Jane an as a result we ended up driving through Hobart and coming back in from the north sheesh when will he learn she says turn left you do it not say oh i missed it.

Ok that's it for me  they have gone and left me alone  so i will have to amuse my self  not sure how as i can't reach the tv but hey us squirrels are a resourceful lot, see u tomorrow when we finally leave this Beautiful Island and sadly i have not found a Live Tasmanian devil but am working on it.
Cedric the Tasmanian devil hunter

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