Bye NYC,Hello Montreal 'Je Voudrais un autre cafe'

Trip Start Oct 04, 2010
Trip End Oct 04, 2011

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Flag of Canada  , Quebec,
Sunday, October 10, 2010

DAY 3/4/5/6/7
[ria] First off, I am knackered so excuse the spelling and grammatical errors (particularly you Gemma). Can't quite believe we are nearing the end of our first week, what a week it has been! We've been rowing in central park, particularly entertaining as it took us a good while to realise we were paddling the wrong way and that an afternoons boating should not make you drip with sweat, after realising our junior mistake there was no stopping us and we easily beat everyone else (they may have all pretended they did not realise they were racing,but they knew - and we won!) We climbed (well got a lift) to the dizzy heights of the top of the Empire State Building, the view was 'totally awesome' and Steve was able to limit his photo's to a mere 143. We also went to visit the old lady, what a corker she is - and she ain't got a bad view of the Manhattan skyline either. We also fitted in the obligatory trip to Macy's - which is shite! It looks like that shop from 'Are you being served' and Steve was not impressed with the upkeep of their displays, although luckily we stumbled across a special guest appearance of the one, the only...wait for it TREZ SONGZ!! (not heard of them,no nor had I - but apparently Steve is a big fan of this artist the way he was fighting with the bundles of 14 year old girls to get a photo of this woman singing, although we later find out that Trez Songs is a guy - so who Steve has 50 photo's of god knows? Didn't manage to visit as many museums as we would have liked, although did fit in Museum of Modern Art to see that soup guy and a wicked sculpture garden with a wishing tree.
Ria: "I don't need to make a wish, I have everything I could wish for."  
Steve: "Shut up! You could wish for shit loads of money so we could have more than a fucking stolen bagel for lunch."
We spent our last day in the big apple in East Village, this was our fave part of the city. Really loved it there, bit like Brighton - full of those hip-happening folk we want to be like when we grow up.
Last night we got the greyhound bus at 9pm, and arrived in Montreal at 5am this morning. When I booked this it seemed like a cunning plan to save on a nights hotel and sleep most of the way, but looking at Steve's face this morning at 6am as we tried to get more sleep in the bus depot and again as we sat on the stoop (Hey Arnold style) of the hostel that does not open for another few hours, makes me think not so cunning. Evidently we have probably spent more on tea and coffee in Starbucks waiting for Montreal to wake up!

I will hand over to Steve now who will correct my spelling and apparently add the funny bits.

[steve] Wow Ria can talk when shes high on Mocha. So back to our last few days in New York. Before we left for our travels which seems an age ago, I thought our Carbon Footprint would be massive with our jet setting lifestyle so purchased Environment Friendly toiletries. Using them on Wednesday I didn't expect them to help in our breakfast wars, but the potent smell of medical TCP like odour helped clear a path to the bakery goods. I smell like that unfortunate child at school who had all illnesses, and who's parents wrapped in cotton wool and TCP!
So Wed was lovely weather, so we headed to Central Park which is huge and amazing. If anyone from work is listening - if we had a shop here it would do very well,everyone is a fitness freak even old people who look like running/skateboarding is the last thing they should be doing.
We walked pretty much end to end trying to find the well hidden bicycle hire place. Found it just as it was closing, so instead went on a lovely rowing boat ride through the park. Then to Strawberry Fields and the legend John Lennon's memorial 'Imagine' floor plaque which Ria kindly walked 4 hours to find with me. Thats love. I will return the favour if ever Charles and Eddie get a memorial. We headed to the Empire State Building for sunset but due to queue's got to the 86th at dark. Which was amazing. I haven't seen a lights display since Flintshire North Wales's Council could afford to turn on the Xmas lights in 2001. Unfortunately that day I didn't have my camera but this day I was prepared and was snap happy.

Thursday we headed to South Ferry to get a boat out to Liberty Island. The S.O.L looks small and unimpressive from afar, but close up and more so underneath it quite the opposite, especially with Manhattan in the background.
We then headed into town, visited Macy's which as Ria says is shit. Really run down, with only the seasonal floor of Christmas decoration's catching our attention. Oh and Trez Songz! I saw the crowd and thought it may be Montel or Dog the Bounty Hunter but pushing through the teenage girls I couldn't see much. I'm guessing Trez is a midget as even when I was aloft a 14year old girls shoulders camera high I couldn't spot the aloof T.Songz!
W enjoyed a last few days of N.Y with beautiful sunshine, although still no colour on Ria's legs (ill keep you posted on that). Saw some Warhol, Pollock, J.Johns, and the shit side of Matisse before he got good! Slightly unfortunate. I learnt Pollock's wife is a better artist.
We woke up Saturday thinking we'd done well and seen most of what we wanted from N.Y, but then headed to East Village which reminded us of Kemptown, Brighton. We explored a little,went for the best brunch sitting in the sun drinking Frozen Margaritas, window shopped, sidestepped a possible dead person on the pavement (ill gloss over that) and then headed hand in hand outta New York with a reason to come back to this great place!
And then Montreal, I took up most of the 7 hour bus ride by watching half a Inbetweeners episode on the supposedly excellent Greyhound Travel WIFI on Youtube. Lies! I started getting delirious with the stop start after 3 or 4 hrs and realised I'd only watched 11 minutes so gave up and slept.
Now sitting in Starbucks Montreal. I regret signing up to the 'No Starbucks in Kemptown'. God bless them for being the only place open 8am on a Sunday. Ria feels bad for our unfortunate homelessness and is warming my heart with continuous tea. God bless her. After my 4th cup I hope to order the right tea, I need to brush up on my French. Sash - 'Encore En Fois' lyrics just wont suffice.

Song of Day 4 - T Rex - New York City
Song of Day 5 - Simon N Garfunkel - America
Song of Day 6 - Charles n Eddie - Would I lie to you
Song of Day 7 - Bryan Adams - Everything I do...

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Charles on

Your photos tell the truth. You haven't gone anywhere and are Photoshopping the same image of the two of you over world sights. Probably in Tring or Pinner, not Montreal.

Sophia on

LOL. It's Trey Songz. I should know - I have a 14 year old living with me!
Ria and her effed up ideas - 5am in the morning! I'd have thrown the tea back at her, Steve! (Love you really Ria!)

Sophia on

EE Update!!!!

Billy died. Died in his sleep after a booze up with his friends. Bianca and everyone were bawling their eyes out. Investigation pending...... However it was a bit strange because the paramedics couldn't determine what he died from, yet the undertakers were carting him away. I was shouting at the TV saying "That's wrong, he should be going to the hospital for an autopsy!" Chante said "That's why Eastenders is rubbish - they don't know how to write!"

emma on

Happy Birthday Ria.x.x Sounds like you are having an amazing time your blogs are brilliant...keep them coming, its like your writing your very own soap opera, way better/funnier than eastenders!!
Look forward to hearing how you celebrated your birthday i'm sure there will be a tale or two.
Lots of Love Em+Lew (extra birthday hugs+kisses from isla)

Ian & Maureen Bewick on

Hi darlings xx It looks as if you are having a great time.We like your breakfast capers! We are back from our hols and it's cold and grey. Hope you had a great birthday Ria! Take care love you both xx

Gary Bewick on

You wanna watch your effing & blinding, 'cause don't forget Grandads reading!!!! I was extremely impressed with your blogs, they keep me in suspence!! Keep 'em coming!! luv Gary XX

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