Cock fights, lady boys, tuk tuks & chang- Dr.chang

Trip Start Jan 24, 2011
Trip End Ongoing

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Flag of Thailand  ,
Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Well hello Bancock.

I was going to bust out with Confuscious say " man who walks through narrow door is going to bang cock, but ..oh shit looks like it just happened.

landed in the mid of the night, collected our shit from carsole to carosel declared some knives, not so stoked with the section where knifes are, in the do you have anything to declare arrival card knives come at the very bottom of the cannibis,narcotics,guns,explosives,exsesive monies colum then right there, below all that can get you locked up and slapped staight into the quickest and most affective weight loss programme a one way ticket to Thai prison, boom there she is knives.

After ticking the box and circling the word knives in bold black texter, we lined up in the RED line ohhhhhhh and the dude at the front didn't even look at my card he grabed it shoved it in all corners first into a wooden to be burnt box and let us through no more metal or xray drama just round the corner then pop out into the hussle of Bangcock. So i would sugest carying a knife in you checked luggage, declare it then wammy no big fuck off lines.

slating on out with our acougemole of belongings we easily found a cab. They have to park there cab line up with their registration card and be appointed a fare by an airport official, was pretty stoked with that as in no mojo to be bartering for a decent price.

Cruzed along the high way oggling the massive bill boards made from the tinniest steal structures few flash lights most in english then the Thai road sighns, WTF have know idea how to read thai, looks more confusing than Japaneese. We pulled up at our destination with the cabby pointing out our hotel, packs back on we thought it was just up this little ally way. Not so much, cautiously making our way further into the gloom of the clothes strewen street we rounded a few corners where no car could drive and found the hotel tucked in betwenn closed textile shops and god ( opps) budda knows what behind the steel roller doors.

After an eventfull check in with a reception clerk who looked more at her facebook page than at us while we filled in forms and gave over our passports for proberbly the best dot matrix coppies ive sceen for a while, we head up to the 5th floor drop our shit and begin to drink Bacardi, ohhhh sweet bacardi straight up and with what ever fizzy drink the mini bar had.
Two minute noodles for dinner and ...

Glad to be here in the centre of china town, feel safe as and pretty much accepted....

The next day was pretty much spent chillin at the hotel for the morning then busting out winding through sweaty damp streets filled with toys junk and food. Time to test the stomach jess and i plowed through pork on a stick some balls on a strink with fuckin hot sauce, something with rice and round green pea like pods which were bitter (which we later found out to be bitter eggplant)
At the end of most of the raods in china town that run towards the river ther are wharfs whwhere ferry boats constantly flock in full of peolpe and leave full of people. Its weird there seems to be not many flaoting around and then shamoo its choker for a few mintues then back to norm.

When the lunch time food stalls have finished for the day they shoot down to these docks and unload any left over rice and noodles into the river, where a thriving swirling melting pot of easily 10-20lb river salmon ( kinda look like a thick catfish) boil the water blindly gulping to gather some scraps in their wide mouths.

After a few more margaretas we headed back to base camp, watch some 30 rock and dozed off to sleep.

Morning of the 2nd breakfast in bedarrives, some stir fried chicken aka street cat comes in, blurry eyed and banjofied we crank down a few mouthfuls and doze off to sleep again watching some thai spongebob square pants, i gotta say sponge bob and patric don't seem to be friends when the talk thai, kinda sound a little confused about shit....

We cruzed off to the rail way station after crawling awake via the abundant took tok, which is a three wheeled mmotorbike like contraption, double seat in the back and open air views hold on tight and don't distract the driver as he weaves in and out of buses utes and large contracting vehicles, arrrghhh the taste of diesle.

At the transtation we get to chatting with some little old lady then passed onto some other well not quite sure who takes us over to TAT Tourist Authority of Thailand.

We meet PK who after an hour has a mint plan stupidly cheap price and the ease of not having to piss around on the net trying to suss our own transport, accomodation and recommend tour providers. You rock PK.

Feeling pretty dam sweet about life, we hunker down in Hong Kong noodle house for a feed, totallying 150Bhat, whcih is around 6USD, WTF so good so cheap and insdie a three story air conditioned resturant.on our short walk back i jumped a few gardens to check out some of the local rivers, taking some photos of pole houses couring into the abyss next to 5 story buildings sturdy as stone. A nice bus driver on break strolls on over and tells us of how bancock used to be, and where the clean water canals are...after a bit of time and from reluctants to chat to being happy for a good old yarn he sorts us out with the cheaps took tok we have caught and off to the 'local' thai wharf where i meet jonny the dog ( gave the locals a good laugh), jess cam back from an escorted piss and with cold chang in hand we jumped a half price long boat, which is a 40ft narrow deep hulled boat with a bour to stern canopy, then drive sits in back hand on the throatle of a long pole very similar to a small out board motor contol except rustic as shitt.
This pole runs back into a truck motor yuonked out and slamed with a stern drive pole coming out the drive shaft, our boat had a 600HP isuzu truck motor and could go like cocane at a party for the olsen twins.

Old mate cruzed us along the shigths of the bancock river whwere we sore towering temples clothed in white and capped with gold to swiming armadillows ladys selling 5 x priced warm beer and many little shitts taking the plunge into the brown sworl of the canels. We stopped to feed the boiling fish at a temple manned soley by monks, who where talking on celphones and smoke banna leafed dobbies as far as i could tell. our last stint was haning out in the 200ft wide swirling brown wathcing the sun go down and the glem off the sacred pinnacles of temples far as the eye could see. Booming thunder and lightning followed us up river to our china town dock.

We reclothed and set out for the night market to grab some feeds and what ever else caught our half buzzed attention. We weaved in and out of tarpolen stalls lite with flourecent bulbs buying a few funny as tshirts and a new day pack for jessie.

Walked home without old LP ( lonley planet) and chilled out under a few whiskeys before trying some negihbouring street indian and heaing off to bed.

Awake again to more fried rice and fruit, we packed and pissed off to the trian station brought some eats for the train and headed away up the tracks gutiar in hand and johnny cash on the brain, the soothing rythum of the train towards the next town...........
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