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Trip Start Jun 14, 2007
Trip End Jun 12, 2008

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Flag of United States  , Florida
Sunday, June 8, 2008

With a week to go we have bit the bullet and started to look for possible car dealerships to sell our little car (which is developing some disturbing noises). A frenzied spruce up in the baking heat and we're off to Carmax, or at least we attempt to. Unfortunately Carmax is a prime example of one of the several aspects we will not miss in America. The Interstates here are generally lined heavily with all sorts of distractions, in some towns you need never enter the town itself to resolve whatever situation you have found yourself in. However, many of these establishments require insane driving in order to reach them. Carmax was no exception. Located on the right hand side of the Interstate on a separate one way road it proved impossible to approach for about 40mins, honestly it would be quicker to park on another car park and walk the 300 metres we could not drive but clamping and towing in this area is rife for that very reason. Turns out in order to access Carmax, again on the right of the Interstate, you would have to exit on the left, drive considerably past it (still on the left) and hook round at an incredibly early junction. Of course there are no signs to aid you in this situation, why have signs when you have GPS right?

Turns out to be a waste of time anyway as hearing our vehicle is 1997, without any further information about the car, we are informed we would be lucky to get $1000. 500?! Before any deductions?! I bloody hope not! Feeling more than a bit disheartened we leave and attempt to find somewhere else but as I guess it is to be expected, Floridians only seem to buy pickups and executive cars i.e. dodge rams. I fear our little runabout will be quite unwanted here. Still the $4000 it cost us was actually cheaper than hiring something for 6 months! Can you imagine that?!

Ho hum. Fingers crossed we'll fare better tomorrow. One thing i will say about America though, I've seen a lot of things for the first time. Driving on Route 27 this eve we could see grey clouds before us until we suddenly realised we were about to drive into the grey cloud. 5 minutes behind us - blue skies; sunny days: then suddenly within the space of metres the wipers couldn't actually go fast enough to allow for semi decent visibility. Cars driving past us were throwing enough water up to hit the windscreen with a thud and temporarily blind us. Then just like that you pop out of it and it takes a minute to get your bearings again.  Whilst navigating our way through this monsoon we encountered one car in the middle lane of some traffic lights which had been completely abandoned and then had to gingerly negotiate our way through a maze of metal strips which lay haphazardly across the entire road, with some incredibly sharp looking edges.

In our searching for non fast food we ended up in Coral Gables where it clearly hadn't rained all day. Its a pretty little town with an abundance of restaurants and boutiques lining the streets, giving it an air of opulence. A stretch of road was closed off for a private charity bash and the music was drifting down the streets in the hazy early afternoon heat. One broken parking meter and a stroll round later found us sitting outside Spiro's enjoying a cold beer and real pizza. I say real as these pizzas had names! Most pizza establishments in America have 3 pizzas of various sizes and are named as follows: 1 topping; 2 toppings; 3 toppings (please remember that cheese here is a topping in itself) and the choice of toppings  isn't something to get excited about it either. Long ago I had heard that Pizza Hut here was supposed to be great, well we've seen it and that's been enough. They have 3 pizzas: cheese (that's just your bog standard Margharita) Pepperoni and Supreme - which is just cheese and beef cubes - hmmmm yummy. Who'd have funk it that South America would kick America's ass for pizza?

Feeling a bit blue about the day we headed back to our room for the night. A great little place to hole up in for a couple of days and make the most of a good bed which is bigger than my bedroom at home. Just a little note for myself; Hoegaarden is vile and should not be consumed under any circumstance.
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rollinmat on

Oh yes hoegarden is cloudy piss bottled and sold to the English speaking parts of the world to punish them for past injustice. Never trust a dring that looks like it has an S.T.D

rob.b on

Hoegaarden (pronounced Hoogaarden)
Hoegaarden is a Belgian bier that has to be served in a proper Hoegaarden glass. Has to be chilled and a slice of fresh lime on top. Then your opinion may change !!I think its great!You should be drinking American beer anyway!Can not believe a year has nearly gone enjoy rest of your time love Rob.b ô ô♫

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