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Trip Start Sep 16, 2011
Trip End Nov 20, 2011

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Flag of Australia  , Queensland,
Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The fellas are up first playing and drawing and generally full of joy. I get up, get ready and make 2 massive bowls of porridge for Woody and I.  I manage to eat porridge whilst I blow dry my hair.  I run out of time so Woody and I both head out of the door both clutching a bowl of porridge.  We head down the road to a new class for Woody. He has loved his literacy class so much.  (I cannot even describe how happy he is when he arrives at this class and when I collect him.  He just beams and looks for ways to apply what he has learnt. ) 

So, we have signed him up for the numeracy class too. I chat briefly to the teacher and apologise for running a bit late.  She said no worries I overslept this morning too, and I was in a bit of a panic.  She continues that she was meant to be up at 5.20am but did not get up until 5.30am.  I cannot believe anyone can really get up at that time.  I struggle, I mean really struggle to get out of bed by 8.30am.  I think I could easily sleep until 11 every day.  Not being lazy and indulgent just shattered, and I am starting to think I need to do something about this. Hmmmm

 Anyway, I drop Woody off, and he is as happy as ever to be there.  I finish my porridge in the car and head next door for coffee and I am, of course, happy to be there.  I take my laptop and I go through the receipt for the preschool fundraiser and check how much I have spent, how much I am owed, and how much we will make.  It is all good and I am glad to cross that off my list.

 I go back to collect my happy ray of sunshine and he is very excited to show me what he has done.   They have been doing body outlines and sticking to represent 'tall, taller and tallest'.  He has been counting too and he is just happy.

We head over to Labrador and we go to Read and Grow.  We arrive pretty much on time (ish) and I am very excited because it is a brilliant, brilliant book.  The teacher reads, ‘We’re going on a Bear hunt’ and it is the most loveliest book.  The kids love it.  They read through the book a second time with some activities for the kids.  Woody loves this book very much and keeps saying how he is not scared of bears. 

The children all help set up for the activity and Woody happily helps and then runs straight back to the teacher to see what bear themed games the teacher has.  But, she has is number and tells him no bear toys until he has had a go at a craft.  He rushes straight outside and starts colouring in a bear face mask enthusiastically.  He really enjoys it and uses so much felt tip pen that the paper is actually wet.  He cuts it out and makes his mask and then he sees the teacher get out the toys and other activities and he is off like shot.

There are loads of animals which need to be sorted in terms of their scariness.  This is a job for Woody.  He loves this and then just runs around with a cheetah and a goat.  I suggest read to Woody that I read him a book.  He says okay so I start to read, and then he says, ‘but I am just going to sit over there’ and points to the opposite side of the room.  So I am thinking, he did not really want me to read to him.

After class we head home and Woody watches some TV , eats an egg sandwich, and I tidy the kitchen, make an appointment with a naturopath, and then sign Woody up for a trial class this afternoon as a potential replacement for Little Kickers.  I then make scones and gingerbread dough with the help of my little sidekick.  Woody has a couple of rounds of pirate fun whilst I prepare dinner and then we all throw ourselves in the car and make our way to Burleigh.

We arrive on time and Woody starts a trial in a class for circus skills.  They start by doing warm up stretches and then they do an obstacle course which involves balancing, jumping and crawling.  Woody loves it.  They then have a go at some juggling skills, with carried success but much laughter, and then they do some hula hooping – first round the waist and then spinning around their wrists trying not to take their own heads off with a fast moving hoola hoop.  Woody is laughing a falling about and although he is enjoying it he starts to get a bit silly.  And then the teacher gets on a circle swing hanging in the hair and shows them what they can learn, and Woody’s jaw drops open.  He is literally gobsmacked.  Woody has a go getting onto the swing, sit up and spin.  Woody is a bit scared but has a great go.  They have to get off the circle properly by letting themselves go backwards.  Woody is thrilled with it.  They then have to do something where they kind of turn themselves inside out.  It is a little tough to watch but woody does great.

Then they go on the standard swing and have to stand up on it and balance.  You should have seen little Woody’s very proud face, so wanting to smile, but concentrating just so hard.  He loved it so much.  Then he had to do and arabesque balancing on one leg on the swing.  Amazingly, Woody kind of gets it. 

He has to bow at the end of the class and it is just lovely.  We are not sure if we are going to swap this class for little kickers.  Noah and I like this so much more and skills are so much more suited to Woody than footy skills. But he did get a bit over excited and disruptive in the class – so we are going to have to talk to him about that before we sign him up.

We head home, Woody has a bath and I whip up a most scrumptious dinner:  Chickpea, apricot and almond pilaff.  It is a massive hit all round and Woody gets stuck in.  Many Mum points for me.

Woody goes to bed and is asleep in a heartbeat.  Noah works and I frankly cannot remember what I did! 

Sleep well folks!  (I dare say I will!)
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