At long last, 'It's Ham Nite'

Trip Start Sep 16, 2011
Trip End Nov 20, 2011

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Flag of Australia  , Queensland,
Friday, May 18, 2012

So, Friday I intend to get up and cook before anyone is awake. I do not do this.  I set my alarm and go back to sleep and over sleep.  Aaargh.

I wake to a yummy smell.  The mothership is cooking pikelets – a massive favourite in our house, especially the way mum makes them.  So we all hover around the kitchen throwing fresh pikelets at our faces.  This is an excellent start to the day

And then I remember I am running late and revert back to panic mode.  By some miracle I manage to make it to my 8am dentist appointment with both washed and blow dried hair.  Impressive.

I greet the dentist like an old friend, he asks about my mum and Elwood.  I have spent too much time at the dentist lately.

He is filling the surprise cavity which the dental hygienist uncovered.  Which is in an awkward place and is therefore extremely awkward to fill.  It is also sensitive.  It is not the most fun I have ever had.  Not even close.

I have the local anaesthetic and I feel reassured by the lack of feeling in the bottom left hand corner of my face.  It takes much faffing for the cavity to be ready to be filled and the tutor has to come and help with to help the student dentist to get the angles right to fix my tooth.  It is stressful and uncomfortable.  It is almost over.  He calls the tutor to check and the tooth is ready to be filled. 

He fills the tooth with some special substance which, as it turns out the student has never used before.  Another dentist comes and explains how to use this substance.  She shows him the tools to apply the substance and apparently neither student dentist as used either of these tools before (or even seen them before!).  I am not feeling confident.

He fills the tooth and calls the tutor to check it.  He has not put enough of the substance in my tooth, it needs more.  But apparently, you cannot add more on top of the stuff already in there.  The newly applied filling has to be drilled out for a new filling to be applied.  I want to cry. 

So, the tutor drills out the new filling and then fills the tooth.  My mouth has been open for about 1hr 40 minutes by the time it is finished and I feel weak. 

I head home, although I should pop to the shops but I just cannot face it.

At home I do not speak.  Other than to say I need tea and a sit down.  Apparently I say that quite a few times.  Once I have a tea I tell Mum and Noah the story of what happened and why I do not feel the best.

Noah works and Mum looks after Woody so I can cook quietly and start to feel better.  I make ginger bread dough, a sensational chocolate cake, and 24 cupcakes.  Everything turns out brilliantly.  Fab.

Noah and I head out for a quick dash around the shops. I buy more butter and sugar for my mammoth bake-off.  We have a quick post office stop and then we pick up the icing cake topper for Woody's cake.  It is awesome.  We pop to officeworks and buy printer cartridges.  We cannot be without printing capabilities at anytime, particularly before a party, or we spontaneously combust.  And then we go to the shopping centre and buy some PJ’s for Shea and Skye and a last minute dinosaur for Elwood from Mum.  I get some udon noodles in ramen for a late lunch, soft food that requires little chewing for my tired face.   Feeling better immediately.

Back at home I make gingerbread biscuits in the shape of the Gruffalo’s head and a trillion Anzac biscuits. 

Mum and I decorate the house ready for ham night.  We set the table with pirate themed plates, cups etc.  We hang the much celebrated 'ham nite’ banner.  We hang pirate ballons.  We fill treasure chests with pirate accessories (eye patch, compass, telescope, earring, ship and stickers) for the kids. We set up pirate themed colouring ins and activities and we are ready for ‘ham nite’

Before long Uncle Justin and the girls arrive and Woody is too excited. Elwood and Shea get straight into their costumes and look brilliant.  Skye thinks she is missing out on something and is keen to get into her outfit too.  A little yellow pirate dress lovingly made by Grandma.  She looks like the cutest thing in the whole world .  We all chose our pirate names:  Pirate Brown Beard, Pirate Ginger beard,  Cutlass Shea, Pirate Curly Tot, Pirate Jack Black, Pirate Mizzle and Pirate Cook.

We hold a short but very poignant ceremony for all the pirates to receive a Rosette bearing their pirate name.  The children just love this.  The children receive special awards for being amongst the top 3 pirates in the 7 seas.  They are seriously excited by this.  They are each presented with a homemade treasure chest and they love it and try out all their pirate accessories. 

The kids then play a game of pin the eye patch on the pirate skull and a kind of confusing game of ‘Pirate Captain says’.  Then the kids just run around the garden like crazy things and there is a bit of a ‘to do’  over the water cans. 

I finish off making the gruffalo biscuits and then I mainly have to guard the kitchen, from Justin just wanting to taste test everything, and then from Woody who manages to sneak in under the radar and then appear eating stolen cupcakes. 

The kids watch a bit of the Muppets treasure Island Movie and I cook ham steaks, oven fries and eggs.  (And baked beans for the ham-haters.)

The meal is pretty much a roaring success.  We play out the opening scene from the movie where everybody has to say the best thing about being a pirate.  We put the different things on cards so everyone says something from the movie.  It is Woody’s favourite bit from the movie and he is just beaming to be actually living it.  Woody then has to announce ‘It’s Ham Night’ and we all cheer.  It is a totally random moment but priceless.

After dinner, the children go off with Grandma and Uncle Justin and Noah and I hide chocolate coins around the lounge/dining room.  Justin gives the kids a treasure map of the lounge and sets them off on the treasure hunt.  They love it.  They have loot bags and they are delighted to collect the chocolate coins.

The kids sit on the sofa and watch some more of the muppets and eat popcorn.  Noah gets on with work and I tidy the kitchen.  Woody is shattered and does not make it through the movie and asks to go to bed.  He is asleep in a heartbeat.  The others keep watching the movie, for a while...

When Noah comes to make tea he notices that mum, Justin, and Skye are all asleep in front of the TV.  (Just Shea watching the movie on her own!)We wake them and they go to bed and Noah and I stay up and work to the sound of snoring...

I prepare tomorrow morning’s cooking so I can cook whilst half asleep in the morning .  So I set up everything  for scones,  and I make 2 batches of pizza dough which I set aside to rise.  I then  cut up all the fruit for the fruit rockets.  I do lots of other stuff but I cannot remember  what.  Basically, we do everything we needed to do to get done to prepare for party day.  Excellent.

Then we bring the train table up from downstairs.  It is even bigger than when we last saw it! Yikes.  Noah puts together the IKEA play kitchen.  It is just beautiful.  I set up all of Woody’s presents and get out all the bits to go in the kitchen.  We put the kitchen, the market stall he already had, and the train table in the corner of the lounge which was going to be Woody’s play area and it does not fit.  Sheesh.  We try lots of different ways to squish it in and every way it looks like there is too much stuff for a small space; which is exactly what it is.  We change plans and put the kitchen in the kitchen.  It looks brilliant.  We give the behemoth train table a corner of its own and it looks fab.  We set up the market stall in the dining room and move the table.  Right.  Done.  It is almost 2am, I need sleep before my head explodes.  I lie on the sofa, in my clothes and sleep.  I need to be up in 3 hours and Justin and the girls are in our room.  It is not ideal. Noah joins me on the sofa an hour later. 

Would I be stating the obvious if I said I am tired and my eyes feel like they are made of lead?

Goodnight.  x
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