Avast, me girls!

Trip Start Sep 16, 2011
Trip End Nov 20, 2011

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Flag of Australia  , Queensland,
Friday, May 11, 2012

This morning starts with mum calling me for shred and then sending Woody in to get me up for shred. I want to put headphones on to go back to sleep.  But, we have things to do and weights to lift. Good intentions to exercise every morning feel like a mistake at times.

The exercises are hard.  I do not think it is easier second time around.  It feels like torture.  I groan and occasionally cheat (myself) but by the end, I feel like a champion.

During our exercises Woody has taken to refer himself as the supervisor.  He talks about the 'instructioners' likes he knows them and makes comments like ‘Natalie is doing it properly’.  He also notices his arms and says to mum and I - ‘I have great arms’.  He continues, ‘Mummy your arms are too long’.  And then, ‘Grandma your arms are too short’.  Many thanks Woody.   Apparently, both our bottoms are a bit big and occasionally block his view of the television’- and Woody says as much.

After shredding, I get ready and head out leaving Noah working and mum and woody tidying up and playing.  I have another date with the student dentist - aaaarghhhh.  I am running late and Noah drives me down.  I race in.  My hair is still wet.  The dentist notices this and comments loudly ‘did you just get out of the shower?’  Yes and many thanks for drawing the attention of the entire waiting room to this fact.  Grrrrr.  I am having a filling replaced.  It is more straightforward than last time but it still involves wearing the Hannibal Lector contraption in my mouth for ages.  I cannot speak and it is not the most comfortable thing on the planet.  During the procedure one of the tutors comes and taps me on the shoulder to say they like my shoes.  I give the thumbs up – by way of thank you - given my mouth is otherwise engaged.  (For the shoe enthusiasts – rockabilly converse with cherries and hearts.)  The assistant asks me where I got them from.  I cannot answer, obviously.  So he asks me again.  Really.

There was just a small case of a shaking hand injection (I do not recommend this – stressful) and another incident where the assistant gets quite concerned when he sees something odd under my tongue.  I am instantly stressed, and then he says ‘Don’t worry, it’s nothing’.  Too late – I have already self-diagnosed the worst.

Soon enough, it is over.  Noah comes to get me and I pour a latte into the side of my mouth which is working, Popeye style.  Back at home Noah and Mum have tidied up and Noah is working.  Woody and I cook cupcakes and Woody licks the beaters with gusto.

Our friend Helen arrives and Woody is super excited.  There is much panic about finding the best spot to hide so Helen can find him.  Turns out the best spot to hide is in our bed so there Woody waits for the big surprise reveal.  Helen mentions she has a present for him and he comes out of hiding like a shot.  And Woody is now the proud owner of Toy Story 2 – Thanks Helen!

We chat a little and then we head out.  Noah and Woody drop Mum, Helen and I at a restaurant.  I did not want to drive, and therefore miss out on the drinking.  I explained this by saying I cannot handle Mum and Helen on the drink, if I am not.  Helen retorts by saying that it is just as well as I am not interesting unless I have had at least 1 glass of wine.  Clearly, a friendship based on honestly.   We said goodbye to the fellas and said hello to Friday Lunch time wine.  Glory days.  The meal starts well; we order more starters than there are people at the table. Scallops and prosciutto plus poached egg and asparagus = happiness.  For mains we have fabulous snapper with parsnip mash.  So good.  For dessert Mum and Helen have chocolate brownie but I think I am the winner with a gigantic baklava with ice cream and caramel sauce.  I also have a big gin and tonic which tastes like it was made in heaven by angels. 

Over lunch we laugh and laugh so much that my stomach hurts and I can barely speak.  I beg the others to stop talking just so I can stop laughing and breathe. We take bad photos of each other and then mum invades my personal space and then invade Helen’s personal space.  She says her ear is on fire.  (What?  I don’t even know what she is talking about.) We browse around the shops and Mum buys skirt and Helen buys two tops.   Noah and Woody come and get us – Woody is dressed as a lion is and is as charming as ever.

We pop home and collect some cupcakes.  Mum and Helen walk to Broadwater Park and Noah, Woody and I pop into Woody’s preschool.  His preschool teacher is celebrating 1 year in Australia (fro the UK)- so we take in a couple of cupcakes decorated with beefeaters, London bus, union jacket and black cabs.  She loved them.

We then head to the park and Woody rides his bike and jumps on the bouncy pillow.  He is delighted to show Helen around the park the bike track, the swings and the pirate ship where he calls out ‘Avast me Girls’ to Mum and Helen.  Lovely.

We head home via the bottle shop to replenish supplies and to get Woody dinner from their sausage sizzle.  Grrrrrrr.  We miss the sausage sizzle so Woody is disappointed, and so am I as now I have to cook...

Woody has a bath and I rustle up a sausage sizzle style meal which Woody happily shares with Helen.  I open various containers of olives, cheese, crackers, chips, salads and dips – voila – dinner is served!  We eat and drink and eat and Woody watches Lion King 2 and then he is asleep.  Noah cracks on with work.

Now, Mum and Helen think they are just going to kick back and drink wine and relax.  I know that this is not going to happen.  I have lots of bits to make for ‘ham night’ which I need to get out of the way so I can start planning for Woody’s party.  So I whip out my to do list and try and ignore the groans from the other two whilst I get out a stack of craft supplies and appease them with coffee and biscuits.  They compete against each other in making treasure chests and rosettes.  They look great and I am super dooper happy to have 2 things crossed off my list.  I make place cards, make a treasure map, and print pirate themed colouring-ins.  Tick, tick, tick – that’s the sound of more stuff being crossed off the list... 

Mum goes to bed, Noah keeps working, and Helen and I refresh our glasses of wine and chat and chat some more.

Helen goes to bed and I listen to my audio book and blog.  But my eyes are made of lead.  I just cannot stay awake.  Noah and I admit defeat to the ticking clock and go to bed.

Good night lovely people.  x
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