I almost go home with a stranger....

Trip Start Sep 16, 2011
Trip End Nov 20, 2011

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Flag of Australia  , Queensland,
Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's Thursday, it’s preschool. The morning is uneventful and both Noah and I take Woody to preschool.  It is a fabulous morning and all the kids and teachers at preschool are playing outside in the garden.  It’s a happy place.

Noah and I almost head home, but have a change of heart and pop to the local shops to see if we can pick up a few winter bits for my brothers camping trip this weekend.  We see some stuff, and I am sure it would be fine, but the girl’s would not love anything, and we want them to be excited.  So we head to a better shopping centre.

We strike gold in the first shop we go into.  Candy pink wellies, crazy pink and fluffy coat, and girly trakkies.  Excellent.  We are happy and it was well worth a change of shops.

We are then sent on a search for flannos of the many-X-L variety for Justin.  The first shop did not have enough X’s, so we head to another shop.  We find an audio book I have been hunting for Woody for ages.  Bingo.  We find a some flannos for Justin with many x’s and on sale – excellent.

And then I mention to Noah is passing a book I would like to get for Woody’s friend's birthday – not essential, but a nice additional present.  Well, Noah becomes obsessed with it, and does not stop talking about the book 'Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs’.  He looks through every book on the shelves and keeps wandering off – I am starting to wish I had not even mentioned it!

When I manage to drag Noah away from his children’s book hunt, we grab some groceries and head home.

At home, Noah gets on with work and I listen to my audio book.  I should tidy the kitchen or get stuff out for going out later, but I do not.  I work out how much it would cost us to go on an autumn break to the beautiful South Carolina and go to a southern food and music festival and then a couple of days going to Savannah.  I should not do this, as if it is more than $100, we probably can’t afford it!  But I do this in such detail I work out 7 different pricing options.  The options range from roughing it at the festival to stage side seating with a meal and VIP passes and all the booze you can drink.  For those interested in going on my fantasy southern autumn holiday, prices range from $7,500 to $10,000.  So, ummmm, quite a lot.  But, I guess it depends on how much you like Southern food, music and hospitality.  We happen to like it very much indeed.

So once I have fully confirmed that it is completely unaffordable I get on with cleaning and getting stuff ready for heading up to Justin’s later.

We leave almost on time and pick Woody up from preschool. The little fella looks has had a sensational day.  They have spent the entire day learning and playing in the garden.  Noah and are delighted and are reminded that this is exactly what we wanted for Woody.

Woody looks shattered and I suggest he might want to sleep.  And, Woody insists he is not the least bit tired and does everything to prove me wrong and eats constantly to stay awake.  And then, the corn chips run out and Woody is asleep.

We pull into the service station near Justin’s just after 5pm.  As we pull in we see a builder’s bum that can only belong to one man, we’d recognise it anywhere.  It’s Justin.  We get fuel, Justin gets fuel, and I decide to head into Lowood with Justin so he can do his groceries for camping, and Noah takes Woody to Justin’s to see Grandma, Shea and Skye.

And for reason’s I cannot explain, I try to get into a strangers car.  Rather embarrassingly for me, the bloke is standing there putting fuel in his car, and I am pulling at the passengers door trying to get in it.  Meanwhile, Justin is walking off to his car, and calls out that it is not his car.  (I kind of know this as I saw him move his car, and why would a stranger be putting fuel in his car?)  Justin is laughing his head off and the car owner looks very confused.  I try and style it out.

So Justin and I head to Lowood and we cannot do something simple like shopping without regressing to being our 10 year old selves.  He continues to tease me about trying to get in a strangers car and then he makes up all sorts of stupid stories saying people are talking about me for various things including; going on the pull at the service station and generally being fat, according to multi-X-L Justin.  I call him an idiot about 20 times in the supermarket alone.

Now I have needed to go to the loo since before we picked Woody up from preschool so by this point I am feel it has truly become a necessity.  So head to the supermarket toilets but they are locked for fear of mass youth usage after dark.  This is not ideal.  So I go see Justin in the butchers he seems to be buying quite a lot of flesh.  He is also standing there eating the Kabana he is buying.  He is insistent that I try some and the butcher breaks me off some, but I do not want to try it, and Justin will not shut up about it.  I do not want to try it for 2 reasons, I am literally surrounded by the look and smell of raw meat – this does not make me feel like eating.  Also, I really need to go to the toilet and I do not believe a gnawing on a massive bit of kabana is going to help the situation.

When we leave the shop I explain this to Justin in the angry whisper voice (which I haven’t used for ages actually).  I head off to a service station toilet but Justin tells me they have a $15 minimum spend to let you use the toilet.  I think this is weird, but Justin explains that this is because of the youths.  So, we head back to Justin’s and on the way he says he made up the bit about the minimum spend.  Idiot.

Back at his, he loads up his camping trailer and finishes packing, we have dinner and the kids have a bath and play.  Justin and Elwood talk about our family ‘Ham Night’ and make some ham related plans.  The kids watch a movie and then we head home.

We have a quick stop on the way to use the wireless at McDonalds, which does not work, which launches me into a bit of a rant about how everything works in America and nothing works here.  I am making massive sweeping statements, which I do not even mean, and I am actually only referring to wireless in McDonalds.  I stop talking when I realise how boring I must be (but I am still prepared to be boring in writing!)

At home, we Skype Mrs-Awesomestow Eve and it is very good.  We cover 1/10th of the things we want to discuss as we only speak for about an 1hr.  Apparently we need 10 times more time to catch up properly!

And that is us for today.  No getting stuff done tonight and certainly no 30-day shred. 

Goodnight. x
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