Espresso chocolate for breakfast. Not good.

Trip Start Sep 16, 2011
Trip End Nov 20, 2011

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Flag of Australia  , Queensland,
Sunday, February 5, 2012

Woody wakes up early, as is par for the course at the moment. Noah stays in bed and I get up with Woody, in theory.  In practice I fall straight back to sleep on the sofa.  This is not good form.  Woody is 3, so this is the opportunity he has been waiting for. 

I wake up on the sofa and Woody is grinning like crazy and says to me, 'Look I have chocolate on my lips.'  Yes he did indeed have chocolate on his lips.

I look in the kitchen for evidence of what Woody has been eating, but I cannot see anything.  I am mostly looking for wrappers so I know what he has eaten and how much of it.  No evidence in the kitchen or the fridge, I was relieved as I was kind of expecting a big pile of wrappers.  As I head back towards the table my sense of relief fades as I see a block of chocolate open and half eaten.  I take a closer look, and it is espresso flavoured chocolate, even better.  There is exactly half a block of chocolate missing.  I hope that Noah had made a start on the chocolate before Elwood got to it, but I don’t know. 

I try and give Woody a healthy breakfast in a gesture which is known as ‘shutting the gate after the horse has bolted.’  Woody and I just lounge around really and read some books.

Noah gets up and I get ready and Noah gets Woody ready.  Woody does not want to get into his football kit so we just put him in regular clothes.  Hmm, not a great start.  I ask Noah about the chocolate and as it turns out Noah did not eat any.  Which means Woody ate half a big bar of espresso chocolate whilst I slept on the sofa.  Bad parent moment. 

We head off to football without incident.  Elwood talks the whole journey about when can he see Dan and ‘mel’ again.  He wants to know what they are doing today and why he can’t go to their house.  He says over and over again he wants to go to ‘mels’ .  We say he can call them later and I thought he was happy with that.  I was mistaken.

We pull into football and Woody bursts into tears.  He was sobbing ‘I don’t want to be here I want to go to ‘Mel’s’.  We spend 5 minutes talking him out of the car and we cannot get him in his football kit for love nor money nor McDonalds.  He then sits down inside the hall and we cannot get him to go over a join in.  Grrrrr.  It is so tricky to know what to do in this situation.  I really just want to drag him over to join in, because I know he will love it when he gets into it,  but I don’t really want to cause the massive scene that it would involve.

So, Woody steadfastly sits on a chair and we cannot get him to get involved.  This is not like Woody and I am cursing that espresso chocolate he had for breakfast.  It has not made him the most agreeable of kids. 

Finally Coach Hayden gets Woody involved but you can tell Woody’s heart is not in it.  There are no high fives.  Woody just wants to cling to Noah’s legs.  He is not a clingy kid but today, apparently he is.

The whole lesson pretty much continues in the same vein.  Woody struggles to get involves and then when he seems to tire of this he starts to disrupt others.  He does not want to let go of Noah’s leg.

I speak to the lady who runs it, and she asks about Woody’s out of character behaviour.  I tell her about the tears this morning and not wanting to put his uniform on.  I do not tell her about sleeping on the sofa for half of last night or the half a block of espresso chocolate for breakfast as sometimes these sorts of things do not reflect ever so well on the parents. 

After football, Woody falls out of a tree after a mix up about whether he was getting on my back or getting out himself.  Turn out, he was intending to get on my back...

Woody cries so much on the way home about everything.  Mainly that he wants something but he does not know what.  I am thinking he must be seconds away from sleep.  But he is not. 

Back at home I try and get woody straight to sleep but he has espresso in his veins.  He is refusing to sleep.  We read a stack of books and he eats some lunch but despite how tired he looks, sleep does not look promising. 

We then tidy up the house and sort through Wood’s toys.  He is helpful, but he still really needs a sleep.  But it just does not happen.  After a whingy couple of hours, Woody relaxes and we have a nice evening.  Woody ate his dinner, had a nice bath, a play, and we read some books.  He relaxes quite a lot.   When he wants to watch TV and I make him learn how to write the word 'television' before he can watch it. He thinks this is fair and gets on with practicing his writing. Loving my work...

I get the blog up to date and Noah works.  We chat about Noah’s upcoming work.  We skip dinner in favour of our body weight in snacks.

That’s it for us tonight.  Big day tomorrow.  Good night xxxx
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