Big decisions weigh heavily on Woody's mind

Trip Start Sep 16, 2011
Trip End Nov 20, 2011

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Flag of Australia  , Queensland,
Friday, January 13, 2012

Last day of Woody's intensive swimming lessons, boo hoo - it has gone too quickly. He still mucks about a bit today, but nowhere near as much as yesterday. So, stern-ish talk clearly worked. High five to the parents.
We chat with the swim school and confirm his ongoing lessons. We all get so much out of Woody's swimming lessons - we love them.
For the last 2 days we have had to rush to preschool after swimming, so today Woody has been promised he can play in the kiddie's pool afterwards. He runs around laughing and playing for about half an hour. There is a dark cloud in the distance looking a bit ominous - so Noah suggests the sensible thing that we better get to the beach quickly in case it rains later. Woody and I don't have to be asked twice - so in a heartbeat we are on our way to Broadbeach. Life is good.
At the beach, Woody digs a big hole and plays with his Tonka Truck in the hole. That is Woody's 'thing' on the beach. We all head into the water and have a decent splash about. The water is beautiful and the day is gorgeous, the mean cloud of earlier seems to have evaporated. Woody and I head back to the beach to dig some more, and Noah has a proper swim. I make myself comfy in the hole, and settle into my book. Very good indeed.
The fellas play a little more and we lose track of time. Noah checks his phone and it is 12.10 and Woody has a doctor's appointment at 12.30 and we are all covered in sand. We panic and Noah trips over 3 times in the space of about a minute. It is proper slapstick. In the melee I check my phone and see Noah has the time wrong. It is, in fact, 11.10am. We do not need to be panicking, but the peace is broken, and it is hotter than the sun, so we head off.
We go to Australia Fair as it is just close to the doctors and we can get Woody some food on the way. We grab him a meal from 'Old McDonald's Farm' and a (manly) coffee frappe thing for Noah and a latte for me. They are slow, Woody gets his food and they forget mine and Noah's drinks. And when I remind them they are so slow in making it. Out of nowhere, I get a case of the red mist, this is what happens if someone gets in the way of me and my coffee. I finally get our drinks and we have about 3 minutes to get to the doctors - we do not know exactly where it is. Argh. Woody spills his lunch everywhere, bursts into tears, and we leg it to the doctors. Now we all have a bit of the grumps. Oh, to be back at the beach.
After just a couple of wrong turns, we get to the docs, just a couple of minutes late (which actually constitutes on time / early in my mind). The receptionist is super helpful and the place is very calm (well it was until Woody arrived - he was a bit erratic.) We wait to see the doc, we explain about Woody's immunisations in the UK, and he listens intently and says we need to speak to someone else. Thanks Mate. So, we go back to waiting, Woody rolls around on the floor a bit, and then we go and see a super lovely nurse. She carefully reviews all of Woody's records and decides to do Woody's 4 year old check whilst we are there. He happily chats to the nurse, is weighed, and measured, but does not really 'play ball' when it comes to the eye sight tests. He has chatted nonstop since 6am and suddenly he won't speak. So we move onto the next thing. Yikes, he is due 2 jabs. We did not know he would be jabbed today, so we have not prepared him for this - maybe that is for the best but it does not stop the parental guilt. The first one is no worries but I think he moves a bit in the second and it seems to hurt him a lot. He is screeching the place down. I carry him out and he is quite distressed. Noah and I do what any guilt ridden parent would do, and we offer to buy him stuff: chocolate buttons, ice-cream, a figure? Woody mumbles, 'a figure' through his cries - so we go off in search of a figure. He associates his sore arms, with the band aids on them, so he is screeching for them to be taken off. We take them off, and he stops crying. So it must have been the band aids after all....
So, we are in Kmart looking at the toys. We have said he can choose something and we suggest some things he usually likes, toy story figures, a car, a Thomas train. We have never just taken Woody to a toy shop and said he could choose something before. As it turns out, there is a good reason for this. He is completely overwhelmed by having to choose 1 thing. He walks seriously up and down every aisle, at least 3 times, looking at everything. I mean everything, Occasionally he picks something up, and we think he has chosen something, and he shakes his head and puts it back. He is pacing the aisle, with his hand up to his head, saying 'I just don't know what to choose.' My guilt over his surprise jabs expired when he stopped crying, so I am finding this incredibly frustrating (although it is hilarious at the same time). But he just won't be rushed. After a long time, we narrowed down to play-doh, Thomas bath toy, and some Thomas track. Woody looks like he has the weight of the whole world on his shoulders and he just can't choose. I am trying to speed up the process, and but nothing is working. He is seriously weighing it all up. I suggest maybe he doesn't want a toy and maybe some chocolate animal biscuits would be nice. He knows what I am up to, and is not buying it, so continues weighing up his options. I start returning the toys that did not make the cut and briefly I just want to take him back to the doctors to get some more jabs to warrant this kind of massive toy hunt.
In the end he goes with the Thomas track, and the instant he makes the decision, the weight is lifted from him. He is delighted with this decision, and walks taller when he is walking out the shop with the track. Happy Woody, Happy parents. Harmony restored. Although I am kind of confused how we went from possibly some chocolate buttons to Thomas track - in a relatively short space of time. I think we have been punked.
Back home, Noah works and Woody and I play with the track. It lives up to the high expectations Woody had of it. Come bath time, Woody has a little dose of buyer's regret that he did not get the Bath toy, but ultimately I think he is pretty pleased with himself.
I contact a couple of accountants, so that is my constructive thing for the day. Hmm, doesn't seem a lot really. Note to self, drink more coffee, makes me faster.
Elwood has a good go at dinner, but he runs out of batteries about half way through. He wants to go straight to bed. I briefly wonder if this is his 3 year old strategy for moving straight to dessert, but it is not. He goes to his room, gets ready for bed, we read some books and he is asleep.
I read some of my book, and procrastinate for a bit, and crack on with blog, slightly distracted by something scary on TV.
Ultimately, we are chalking today up as a win. Hooray!
Good night lovely people. x
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