Excuse me, can you tell me what day is it today?

Trip Start Sep 16, 2011
Trip End Nov 20, 2011

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Flag of United States  , Hawaii
Friday, November 11, 2011

Firstly, happy birthday Mike! We hope you have a lovely quiet night at Crochet Club and relax with a nice cup of tea.

Secondly, we are all over the shop today. Aloha vibe is one thing, but it seems like we have been on holiday for so long, our brains are permanently out to lunch!

Noah and I are chatting about what we did this morning.  We cannot remember if we went to the beach in the morning, or not.  So Noah  checks the photos – so, I can report  that we either did not got to the beach this morning (or, we did go and we did not take any photos). 

One thing I do know, is this morning I continue to look at houses and pre schools in Oz.  I start looking in one area, jump and look at another – everything looks great to be honest.  So, I decide to look at preschools and narrow areas down that way – but to be honest we just can;t rule anything out!  So we decide to email some places – real estate agents and pre schools and we will narrow it down by who rejects us.  Feels like this might be a long way to do things!  After much to'ing and fro’ing we narrow it to 4 suburbs.    Baby steps forward.  That narrows it down to about 3 squillion pre schools. 

Noah does a little bit of work , and as we are chatting we both realise that he does not know what day it is.  He thought it was Thursday but I wasn’t sure.  We tentatively decide it is Friday.  Achieved.

We have no food and have not had breakfast so we head out to a gormet hot dog van down the street.  Good stuff. 

We head up the coast and the roads seems really busy and there are people everywhere.  There are families playing in the school grounds.  And we panic – is it Saturday?  We were never 100% sure it was Friday, and now we think it could well be Saturday.  This is not good.  We have a hotel booking down south on Saturday and we needed to be out of this place by 10am.  Yikes.   

We get to Sunset beach  - and the waves are insane.  So insane!   We are still wondering if we should be out of our place.  Noah is a man of action, so goes up to the nearest person and says, 'Excuse me, can you tell me what day is it today?’  The really funny thing is the man is not sure, so he has to think about.  Then he says he thinks it’s Friday.  He does not for 1 second think that this is a crazy question for random strangers to be asking.  I love Hawaii so much!

So, with that sorted, we are free to play.   Elwood has a climb and we have a play and then we just perch close to the waters edge and watch the craziness.  We watched the surfers and also there were some fantastic boogie boards that were surfing the drag rather than the waves.  There was no way we were letting Woody in, and he did not nag either, he must have realised it was pretty full on.  Noah and  I chat about where we should live, and somehow manage to widen the search area.  That was not what we had intended.  Despite the fact we did not know what day it was, cannot find a house or a preschool - we cannot shake a feeling of optimism.  Like something great is going to happen.  We are still waiting – but it is definitely going to happen.  We know it!

We stayed as long as we could in the heat at Sunset beach and then we head up to La’ie where we  had seen a run of market stalls by the road.  There were a load of people eating shrimp from vans, a shave ice/smoothie bus, and a handful of stalls.  Elwood eats a shave ice the size of his own head whilst I buy another Christmas present, and feel very satisfied with my Christmas shopping achievements.  I reward myself with a banana and coconut smoothie which actually tastes like a holiday.  Meanwhile, Noah has to get Elwood down from a tree.  He is full of shave ice sugar and has clambered up a tree.  Hmm, not our best move....

Once we capture Elwood we put him in the car and head to Turtle Bay.  We stop en route far enough away from the smell of shrimp,  for Noah to get something to eat.  We get to Turtle Bay and happily wander onto the beach and then out of nowhere,  Woody throws a strop.  I guess we should have predicted this when we gave a very tired child a lot of sugar.  But we didn’t.  So he is wired and does not know what to do with himself. He runs around a bit, climbs some trees and we decide maybe we take him home for a sleep.

We get him in the car, drive for a bit, and he is snoozin’ and we are relieved (for us and him!)  I transfer Woody to his bed and he wakes up just to say ‘I am really tired’.  Poor thing.  Noah wanders over the road to our beach.  I continue to look at preschools and houses. 

Noah grabs some bits for dinner, and then heads up to Sunset beach  - he says it’s for a swim but I know he wants to photograph the sunset again.  He is addicted.  Woody and I perform a lot of rescues and out of no where he wants to write the word lion.  He is hardly ever interested in writing, so I leap at this opportunity.  We write ‘lion’ and he is very impressed.  He is not interested in learning to write any other words.  Oh well, ‘lion’ is a good word and I believe he will go far with that...

Noah comes back from the beach feeling like he’s been beaten up by the waves. They were as big as this morning, so having barely kept his footing in the mad under currents, when a wave literally picks him up and dumps him on the beach, he takes this as a sign not to push his luck with the surf and heads back to base.

We eat dinner and Woody is a tricky one to get to sleep on account of his afternoon nap.    Noah and I continue to look at houses / preschools and manage to narrow the search.  It takes ages but we do get somewhere.  Finger crossed now!

So, goodnight from Friday in Hawaii.
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