Pilgrimage to the YSS Ashram and Babaji's cave

Trip Start Sep 09, 2009
Trip End Mar 13, 2010

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Where I stayed
mayank guest house

Flag of India  , Uttarakhand,
Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We woke early to catch the bus to Dwarahat and just after a bit of waiting the small rickety bus appeared. I was quite excited and a little nervous to go, but very enthusiastic to get there and meet Niruvinanda (who I had spoken to on the phone previously to organise our visit to the temple and babaji's cave) The bus took a few hours and we drove through Switzerland-like landscapes and farmed land. We were dropped off at the central market but I noticed the Mayank Guest House along the route we came from, so we headed back to try bargain a room. 

Dwarahat seemed rural and was refreshing and the people seemed friendly. Though they stared quite a bit more..! We checked in and freshened up and headed out to walk around and came accross ancient temples. They were built in the 12th Century..We grabbed some lunch of veg chowmein and meet a girl in the cafe.. We start chatting more and she asks if we're walking to the ashram. We walk together up the hill as she lives along the same route. Her name is Kiran and she tells us about wanting to join the army, her school, and Babaji's cave. She mentions that she is too nervous to go up to Babaji's cave..not sure why?! We walk all the way with her and say our farewells outside the ashram.. The ashram has the Lotus gold roof top and we head in through the gate - it all looks so familiar to me and very homely!

There were a few people sitting down in the entrance garden and we say hello and "Jai Guru" greetings.. They ask if we want to meet Swamiji and just at that point we see a petit man with orange clothes heading our way. This is Swamiji Niruvinanda. He's really welcoming and shows us the meditation hall and Krishna temple and grounds. He also mentions that some other devotees are going to Babaji's cave the next morning if we would like to join them. He seems so gentle and yet very quick and energetic.

We spend some time in the gardens and in the meditation hall. So peaceful. A indian guy called vippin and a australian lady and talk to them for a while.

We head back to the hotel and have a early night in preperation for our early start in the morning. Really looking forward to it!

Early on 7th October we pull ourseves together and head for the ashram. I give swamiji some sweets and he accepts but seems a little embarassed to receive them but accepts them all the same! I get given a walking stick to borrow as we hear it's quite a steep walk up the hill. They organise a taxi for our group, as the cave is around 1 hour away by car, and we're travelling with 5 others, 3 from america and 2 from India. We all squeeze into a jeep and head off. The anticipation is growing and I'm trying to remember the Autobiography of a Yogi and the history of the cave. We drive through the hills for about a hour, turn off the road and head down a dusty track for 15 mins. We then scramble out and start the walk. The route is along dusty stoney pathways around and up a hillside covered in trees and sparkly stones. We see some village children and a dog, which accompanies us all of the way up. We pass a stream and continue up unitl we reach a building on a vantage point (apparantly where Babaji materialised the golden temple to Lahiri Mahashaya). Onwards to the cave and all of a sudden here it is. After quite a steep climb appears the steps to a platform and a simple special doorway into the cave. We take our shoes off and head in. Theres a small altar at the back and we all sit down and meditate for about half an hour. It feels very special here, unfortunately I get pins and needles in my legs and they actually go numb! I'm trying to think still thoughts but my legs are on fire!.. hehe. This never usually happens to me when I sit down! After Nik and I go a little further up the hill as we were recomended ther might be a temple up at the top. The dog follows us and I head back to wait with the others at the cave. They are all chatting about Babaji. Nik comes racing down after a while like a mountain goat! and we all wander back down to the other building where a meal materialises in front of us! we all get potatoes with chapatis! perfect..

After the food and a bit of chat with the other members we head back down and wait for our transport back to the ashram. Nik befriends a guy in the local chai house and this guy produces a old photograph of him with a gun and a dead leapard! (think it was a leapard anyway) The big cat had bitten a chunk out of this guys arm but he managed to grab his gun just in time.. this happened in the local hills!..

We head back to the ashram, spend a bit of time there and meeting people.. a great day!

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kenandjackie on

So glad you made it to Babaji`s Cave----You were both surely blessed despite the pins and needles!

Kiran wants to join the Army but is too nervous to go up to Babaji`s Cave!?
Perhaps it`s because of the strong spiritual vibration there.

kenandjackie on

Your photos bring Babaji`s Cave and Babaji that much closer.Jai Babaji!

Prem Singh on

It was very nice to see the photgraphs. My memory of visiting baba ji's cave last year become fresh. I felt like I was there again.Thanks a lot and God bless you.

vijay on

i feel u both are very lucky ,i hope u have the grate blessings of Babaji.

Luis on

Thanks for sharing your experience. Go deeper into this path.

Piyush Kumar on

Wonderful account of your visit to Dwarahat, Dunagiri and Mahavatar Babaji's cave. It shall certainly be of interest and help to others who wish to visit. For any assistance in visit or stay at Dunagiri, people can also contact us at Dunagiri Retreat - www.dunagiri.com. Our residential facilities, private and serene, overlook Babaji's cave. We will be happy to provide local travel information, directions and assistance with your visit. Email: Piyush@dunagiri.com. Regards, Piyush Kumar.

Kriyaban J on






OM Yoga raajaaya vidmahe Mahaa yogaaya dheemahi
Thanno kriyaa yogaa prachodayat.

Heavenly Father, Divine Mother Gayathri, Param Guru Premavatar Mahavatar Babaji and Sadgurus of all religions we bow to you all. Babaji, bless me, love me, protect me, guide me forever and forever. Babaji, be with us, bless us, guide us and make us as perfect kriyabans by sowing the seeds of divine love, joy, peace, prosperity, friendship, kindness and success in our hearts forever and forever and wake up us from maha maya. Om Santhi, Santhi, Santhihi.

Wishing well and good to all with a smile on your face! That is living well. Living well is making the world a better place. It is gift for you and everyone! That is wisdom. .. Babaji

This method is called as WHITE LIGHT KRIYA YOGA, directly revealed by Sri Mahavatar Babaji to a Kriyaban on the eve of His Smriti Divas to make your homes as places of peace. Billions can practice, print and share on your own. No restrictions. No need of Sannyas. No need of conditioning the mind. Fix your timings on your own to practice NOW.

BASIS : Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi .. of Gayathri mantra .. We should meditate on God as LIGHT. i.e. in pure, bright white light form.

METHOD : (1) Sit in Padmasan or any comfortable posture, recite the prayers, close your eyes, gaze between eye brows, open your heart, invite Babaji into your heart by saying, Babaji come and stay in my heart, and imagine as your heart is filling with divine love. Maintain stillness. Then, reveal all of your problems. Pray for His guidance.

(2) Invite prana or pure, bright white light .. say, my prana is purifying all chakras and all parts of my body, mind and soul by removing all blocks and all past, present bad karmas within me. You can feel the flow of energy within .

(3) Feel within as my prana or white light is healing all of my diseases within my physical, mental, subtle bodies and energizing all of my chakras forever and forever. Maintain stillness. Then feel as ..

(4) Pure, bright white light is purifying apus, pridhvi, vayu, tejas, akash, my home and all of my past, present, future life bad karmas and around me upto 10000 k.ms. Maintain stillness. Then say within as I am succeeding in all of my efforts, I am very happy, prosperous and peaceful now.

(5) Then imagine, my prana in the form of pure, bright white light is filling my body, mind and soul with divine love, joy, peace, prosperity, friendship, kindness and success forever and forever. Maintain stillness.

(6) Then, you feel within as …. NOW I am experiencing as the divine nature of God is childlike, always celebratory, always joyful and unconditionally loving the moment. These moments are unconditionally loving moments. I am in touch with God. My human will is transforming into divine will, my human love is transforming into divine love, my sexual energy is transforming into divine energy. I am recognizing the unity with God now and forever and forever, I am transforming day by day from human being into a divine light being. [Fill your heart with such divine feelings]

(7) Imagine as abundant cosmic energy is flowing through my body, mind and soul and storing below my navel forever and forever.

(8) Continue to meditate for 20 to 45 minutes. If you want to recite Babaji’s prayer as many times as you can, recite. Experience the inner joy in silence. Practice stillness daily. Learn to meditate for long time upto 3 to 5 hours.

(9) PRAY FOR OTHERS : At the end of the meditation pray for 5 minutes as …

“Heavenly Father, bless me and all of us, our family members, all friends, relatives, all soulmates, ATMAS, soldiers, our country and all children of Babaji provide us the most peaceful life with all comforts and enough resources and wipe out all negative forces and vulgar culture forever and forever” …

from the depth of your heart. At the end recite above prayers and say Sarveshaam Santhir Bhavatu, Sarveshaam Mangalam Bhavatu, Sarveshaam Poornam Bhavatu. Language is not a barrier. Purity of heart is required.. Understand the true nature of Divine Will, Free Will and acquire at Will and selection of soulmates by God. To follow the footsteps of God follow “Will of God” only.

Pregnants, children and any seeker without any discrimination of age, gender, religion, spiritual path can follow the above method. No need to deviate from your regular worshipping methods. This system is purely personal and so natural to maintain eternal contact with God directly. You can spread, print, and share this method with any seeker of God. No need of secrecy. Become Deva Warriors and Light Workers. This pure knowledge is free. (To practice this method use white light or prana)

PRANA is the link between You and the God.

Be practical, live realistically and naturally in tune with modern times.
The real transformation has to be made within your Heart only but not outside.
Practice to awaken the “TRUE MASTER” resides within your heart.
Set a goal to meditate for a minimum of 10,000 hours in a decade or two.

Unmarried ( everybody ) has to maintain physical and mental brahmacharya for
purity within.

Understand reality, never become a blindlamb, never follow the teachings of any Master blindly, perfect conceptual clarity is required.


For more details to know heart of Babaji please read...

Invitation to Love - 108 Reminders to Enlightened Ones

Sacred Messages for the Parents of the World ... Mrs. Ivonne Delaflor

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