Hallo und Wilkommen

Trip Start Jun 09, 2010
Trip End Sep 18, 2010

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Flag of Germany  , Baden-Württemberg,
Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hallo und Wilkommen.  (I knew this one by memory.)

I’ll start off by saying I’m sore.  Enough about me, let’s talk about you, shall we?  I’d like to know who’s reading my TravelPod blogs, so if you’re reading this, leave a comment please :-)  Just say hi or let me know that my writing reminds you of a duck that can’t quite quack.

Today was fairly uneventful.  I didn’t say unfun, however.  Surprisingly, I woke up before my alarm at 9:00!  Okay, I lied!  Today was eventful.

I got up, and mostly did internet tasks.  I finished writing my TravelPod post from the previous night, caught up on emails, looked at a few grades, changed Google’s default language to Engliche, etc.  

I was going to head out to buy food and other necessities, but it was raining out.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take the chance.  I decided to head out and at least get my tires filled with air (they were partially deflated as recommended for the flight).

I arrived at Madame Vélo, a bike shop a few minutes from my dorm.  Here, free air is offered.  I decided to ask about my bike seat, since it was damaged during one of my flights.  He mentioned I should get a new (or used) one so damage won’t spread.  I was going to, but at the last minute changed my mind, and saved my change.

I only had 20 euros.  I wanted it to last me the weekend.  On Monday, I should be receiving scholarship money, and I don’t want to pay unnecessary conversion fees.

After visiting the bike shop, I went to a small Supermarkt, Tengelmann right across the street.  I had brought my backpack to shove groceries into.  I was going to make a fool of myself, but decided not to.  I correctly found the entrance, rather than shoving past people to come in through the exit.  

While there, I picked up various wursts, random cheese, Cini Minis (Cinnamon Toast Crunch, with Shrek on the box), Milche, peanut butter, bread, jelly, and frozen pizza.  My goal was to get everything under €20, in case they didn’t accept credit card.  

Luckily, they did accept my credit card.  I sure look and act like a foreigner.  At least I think I fooled the cashier with my crazy ability to speak German.  I said “Hallo”, I signed for the bill, and then I said, “Danke”.  My first German conversation. :-)

I went home and put the food away.  I was ridiculously hungry, as I had not yet had breakfast.  It was past lunchtime, so I ate my leftovers from the previous night, and chugged down much water.  

Struck with a late onset of a small case of jetlag, I took a wonderful nap.  Later, I decided to try to salvage the rest of the day, and headed out to find my future workplace.  It wasn’t very far.  Not that I found it with ease.

Here it is, almost 1:30 again.  I’ll try and wrap it up.  I went on a search for any type of store that sold general goods on a late Saturday evening, to no avail.  Shops were open, but not general stores from what I saw.  Nearly all stores are closed on a Sunday.  I successfully saved my 20 euros.  The question is, whether I will have enough for tomorrow...

There’s always more to say, 
but not enough time in the day,
so off to bed I go,
with a healthy red glow,
and not the faintest idea how to end this poem.
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Constance on

I'm reading your blog Nathan...remember i need to stalk you! lol Thanks for the photos it really helps with my stalking! :)

Lan on

and how can constance stalk you with out her partner in crime: ME :D... LOL jk...
glad to hear you are doing good and im looking forward to more photos and blog! :)

nathan_martin on

Ah yes...my stalkers. How could I ever forget? I see you...hiding in the trees outside of my dorm in the night. Though I am on the third floor, you have no fear, building a nest of sorts, hoping to catch a glimpse of me. You see my hair go past a window, and sigh. I am confused on the time it said you left a comment on my blog...because it's not even Sunday yet where you're at. Meh. Danke for reading!

Aunt Linda on

Hi Nathan! I'm a BIG fan of you Travel blogs! Thank you for your fascinating accounts of your days. I look forward to reading about your adventures every morning! Have fun!
Love, Aunt Linda

Scott on

I'm not reading any of them Nathan....hehehehehe

Kelly on

I'm reading too (Of course). I've also noticed that almost half of your audience happen to be stalkers... maybe you should carry pepper spray? :P

Dad on

I'm following too, but my German is a little rusty, and Sierra is of no help at all. Hey, nice novel Mr. Noveliestmangooden. Awwveetersaine dude.

desitax on

Nathan! I love your blogs! They are soo much help, now I know what to except! lol

desitax on

PS I love the photos they are zu schön!

trevor_mcfann on

Thankfully your dad showed me the web address. I'll be following your exploits
as well and cringing at your Deutsch.

nathan_martin on

Hallo everybody! Thanks for commenting :-)

I'm glad you're enjoying the blogs...they're fun to write but take a little time. However, it's worth it so I have some recollection of what I did as time goes on. This summer will be over before I know it, so I'd better take advantage of it while I can.

@Aunt Linda: You're very welcome :-)

@Scott: Ha ha! I caught you...reading and such....

@Kelly: Surprisingly, I left my pepper spray at home where it belongs. That's where my stalkers are. Unless they're super creepy. Then I'd need more than pepper spray...

@Dad: Tell Sierra I said "ruff." Your German is quite good, actually. You have the right idea. Just keep mashing words together.

@Desi: I'm glad this mess of words is useful to you!

@Trevor: Mein Deutsch ist wie eine Kuh trägt einen Beutel auf das Meer. Es macht einfach keinen Sinn machen. Es ist eine gute Sache, ich habe Google zu diesem Schlamassel für mich übersetzen.

Scott Sirowy on

This is your best instructor ever at UCR... I am reading your blogs, and they are great... They remind me a lot of what I did when I went to Europe several years ago, and when I interned in Texas for two summers (a different country in and of itself)... Keep 'em coming buddy, and also keep the technical ones coming via email! =)

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