Last entry before my return to Kanada!!

Trip Start Sep 07, 2006
Trip End Dec 18, 2006

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hello everyone!

Well seeing as though this is my last week in Germany, I'm going to include my pictures from Pflaumenbaum and then well as for the rest of the pictures, you'll get to see them upon my return next week!! So in other words, this is my LAST BLOG!!! Wow, next week...can't believe that my exchange is almost over!

Last week was quite an eventful week with our last two presentations in Mergers and Acquisitions and Negotiating Globally!! We worked quite a bit on them and managed to finish them in a very short time that's for sure!! hehe!

Monday evening after we KILLED our M&A presentation, we headed out for supper with Prof Böhler who brought us to Ratskeller, this amazing restaurant in Paderborn. Every semester he takes the Canadian students out for supper and was it ever good!! We had a really great time and were very fortunate for him to have done this, it was really nice of him that's for sure! After supper, we headed to a place called Safoy, relaxed and danced a little! Prof Böhler even showed us his moves on the dancefloor!! hehe!
For the rest of the week, we took it pretty easy since we had another presentation and report to finish and well Cate and I were going to Köln on Friday!

Friday morning after printing some stuff out on campus, Cate and I walked to the train station to catch our train (which we almost missed because of a long lineup to buy our ticket...hehe). It was a fairly decent train ride, we had some entertainement (some people were going from one train car to the next playing the accordion and violin!! Quite entertaining!!) and even met another Canadian who was staying in Bielefeld to study!! What are the odds!!
Once we got to Köln, it was pouring with rain so we toughed it out and walked around with my umbrella (which wouldn't stop going inside out)! After doing a bit of shopping and getting some fries at Mcdo's we headed back to the Dom to have a look at the Christmas market (by that time it had stopped raining) and we then decided that we were going to take this little train (that cost 5 euros but it was a round trip to all the markets) and go and see the other markets! In total, there were 4 Christmas markets in Köln, the one by the Dom, an old market, a new market and the one by the Chocolate Museum (which we didn't go into since we had to pay 2.5 euros!!)! It was really quite a great day, and the Weihnachtsmarkts were amazing!! We managed to pretty much get all our presents for everyone that day!! After a long day of shopping (and such a horrible thing to have to do...riiiiiiiight...hehe) we headed back to the train station and caught the next train back to Paderborn.
We ended up staying on the train A LOT longer than we thought, it stopped at several places and instead of arriving at 20:40, we arrived at 21:30 so we missed our connection to Paderborn.  So, we sat in the train station in Hamm for a good 40 minutes before heading back to Paderborn!

When I got back to Paderborn, I gave Marc a call, and decided I was going to open my presents since it was past midnight and in Germany, it was officially my birthday! I got some really nice little presents which I'll show you all when I get back! :) In the evening, I went over to Esther's house (she had her birthday on the 6th) and we had a nice supper together us 7 girls! :) Maggie made this delicious supper called "hot pot" (I hope I spelled it right...) and we all pretty much devoured it!! hehe! Afterwards, we ended up playing our own version of pictionnary...quite hilarious I must say! Emma and Kelly were showing Cate and I how to write things in Korean and I must admit, I'm actually pretty good at it too! After that, we headed over to Jon's to hang out with the guys and we decided to take them on at a game of Pass the Ace! It was quite an intense game but guess who came out the winner...MEE!! (I guess they didn't really want to make the birthday girl that's a good thing since they didn't see my "sore loser" side...hehe)

For the rest of the weekend, I took it easy since I had to work on the HR paper that we had to hand in on Thursday before our first and last exam!! (sorry for those who had lots of exams...I had to rub it in!! hehe)
Tuesday was our last night at Pflaumenbaum so we met up with Kelly and Emma and went to have a little something to drink at Alex, a sorta restaurant/pub in Paderborn. Once we were done, we headed over to Pflaumenbaum and took it easy! It had been quite a while since I had gone to Pflaumenbaum, after all, we had loads of projects due and did quite a bit of travelling. It was nice to be back that's for sure, the music was good as always and almost everyone showed up which was great since I was able to say goodbye to a bunch of people who we had become friends with throughout the semester.  I've really enjoyed being able to meet people from all corners of the world and I sure hope that I'll be able to keep in touch with some of them (this doesn't include you girls because you know that I will keep in touch with you!! :) )

I also have quite the interesting story about the AVIS car rental stuff and two of the guys from Newfoundland...but I'll save that for when I get back since it's a bit too long to explain in this blog...let's just say that when I thought I was done with all my obstacles, another one was shoved in my face...Does shit ever stop hitting the fan?! haha!!

So this pretty much concludes my last entry in Germany...I do have more pictures and stories of the rest of my week to show/explain to you guys when I get home, but I have to go back to my room and continue my packing so I'm going to have to stop this one here!!
I hope you've enjoyed reading about my travels and adventures in Germany and throughout Europe as much as I've enjoyed living it!

Take care, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to those who I won't be seeing before then and for those contemplating an exchange or travelling abroad...feel free to ask me any questions!!!

Tschuss!!! À très bientôt!! (Demain actuellement...hehe)


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