J Adore My Home In Switzerland!

Trip Start Oct 18, 2006
Trip End Oct 19, 2007

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I love my new home. Iam living in Lausanne on Lake Geveva. A beautiful city- full of cobbled stoned steep streets, stretching down to the lapping water edges of the most beautiful lake l have ever visited- Lake Geneva!

I am living 10 minutes bus ride out of the city centre (or 40 minutes downhill- which l walked up today) which l frequent on my days off- what do l do there?? Ohh so much walking, window shopping in the beautiful boutiques, and drinking caffe au lait and eating chocolate crossiants as l gaze across the waters edges to France. I also spend at least one hour each week getting totally lost in the 4 storeys of the shop H&M which l discovered when l was in NY--and love it! But generally l just walk around Lausannes cobbled stone steep streets, and up its old wooden staircases up to old Lausanne where l frequent the beautiful Cathedral and gaze out over the orange rooftops towards the Lake and over to France. I love arriving in old Lausanne just in time to hear the bells ring on the hour.

 Thats one thing l know l will miss when l leave Switzerland--the bells---lam not surrounded by music here but the sound of bells!! Bells seem to be heard everwhere and on everything!! Cows and sheep have bells tied around them, you dont ring doorbells but very large real bells, bells jingle on peoples doors as you enter and being Christmas time the sound of sleigh bells are everywhere! I have never met a nation more obsessed with bells!! Or chocolate and cheese for that matter!!! Switzerland is home to alot of chocolate companys--- some of the most famous being Nestle and Lindt.

And then there is the cheese---ohhh so amazing! I have fallen in love with it-- in particular Brie and Gruyere- which l hope to visit and see it being made in the Spring. They have cheese on everything and do the most amazing things to it!! I had my first Fondue last week (a Swiss specialty)--and after being here two months l was able to successfully eat the whole thing (most Australians would only be able to take 2 mouthfulls)! It was delicious--and l didnt drop the bread of my fork at any time- which meant l didnt have to walk home naked thank goodness (a tradition if u drop your bread in the fondue)---as it was snowing outside! I particularly enjoyed the religious- which is the name of the bottom of the fondue- the cooked crust--which it appears is the mans job to cut up once the liquid has finished.
Another thing l love here is the yogurt---l have never tasted yogurt so good! My favourite is the hazelnut and mocha---its to die for!!!!

 I have fallen in love with Ouchy-- where the rich an famous live- right on Lake Genevas shore. Luckily the family lam working for Grandfather ownes a Crepperie their so we often visit and spend the afternoons eating sucre (sugar and lemon) crepes and then walking around the lake side watching the anchored boats and swans. In Ouchy l visited the Olympic Musuem- which was interesting- though l was more taken with its spectuacular location and outdoor art exhibits! Ouchy reminds me somewhat of St Kilda- with people rollar blading around its water edges and eating glace (ice-cream)-only alot more posh! I love to go there when the sun is shining on Thursdays- my day off.

A few people have been asking what l actually do here in Switzerland in day to day life. Basically my job involves getting the breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner ready for the family and cleaning it up, looking after Chloe (the two year old) all day and going to the park, playground and music classes with her, teaching the girls piano and singing, painting, cooking, walking the dog Athos in the near by woods (which l love doing) and basic laundry and small amount of cleaning- though there is a cleaning lady here her name is Madame Moi and she speaks no English and boy can she talk--our relationship is a funny one full of mime! We then go almost every weekend during the season to Verbier--a ski resort in the Swiss Alps which l will talk about in another entry...Iam starting to attend gym classes and go swimming--u dont want to know how many kilos l have stacked on since being here---loving the food too much!! And then l also am about to start attending French classes one night a week.

So that is my life in Lausanne..hope it answers all the questions l have been getting! I may add photos to this entry in the coming months as the weather has been a little grey on some of the days l took the photos.
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elliekat on

Non, J'AIME ta maison a Lausanne!
You're killing me!!!! I'm writhing in jealousy. I miss those bells more than ever. I'm so glad you are enjoying Lausanne! The cheese, the yoghurt, the bakeries... The swiss really know how to live. i love ouchy and you must get out to evian and surrounding villes. It's a lovely trip out on the lake. I'm so happy for you, things seem to be going soo well. Good luck with the French classes, I look forward to emailing you in French (Well trying to :p)
Miss you HEAPS!
Love ellie xoxox

1745 on

Who has the best job in the world.......Emily!!!
Dearest Em,
Sounds like you have the perfect job. I bet you wish it was for longer as you are SO centrally located to hop over the boarders to all those fascinating countries. The delicious food,ringing bells, perfect family, jewel box scenery and fascinating travel will make this the most memorable time ever for you.
Don't worry too much about the grey clouds. At least you dont have 2 minute showers even on shampoo day. We have now all got such a problem here with the lack of water, dying trees in the parks and fast approaching sediment layer in the bottom of the water reserves. I wonder if we shall ever see green grass ever again.
Please keep the photos coming as they are such fun and a real educational memory jolt for us all.
Lots of hugs,Diana

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