Welcome to the Circus ladies and gentlemen

Trip Start Sep 14, 2009
Trip End Nov 02, 2010

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Where I stayed
Hotel $6 a night

Flag of Egypt  , Asyūţ,
Sunday, December 20, 2009

Aswan to luxor

221 ks


I am very pleased with my self. I did no get arrested on the way from Aswan to Luxor.
The police here not only wave there arms but they also scream and yell, all at once.
There must have been at least 15 police check points and i did not stop for 1. I figure that they only want my money so if i don't stop they cant have it. I think that you are also to go in some convoy for the tourists, but no one told me about that so i don't know.
This is the game in Egypt.

The bike and customs stuff.

The fixer is good. For $30 USD the fixer drove around from 8 O'Clock in the morning to 4 at night when i rode the bike out of the customs yard

Step 1 Drive to traffic police, get 3 pieces of  paper.(3 ks)
Step 2 Drive to Customs at port and get another piece of toilet paper, (12 ks)
Step 3 Drive back to traffic police and get another piece of paper. (12 ks)
Step 4 Drive to engineer yard to pick up man to check, double check, triple check   quadruple check the engine number, chassis number, length of bike, color of   tyres,etc.......... . (12 Ks) 2 more pieces of toilet paper.
Step 5 Drop engineer man of at yard. (12 ks)
Step 6 Drive back to traffic police , go to 3rd party insurance desk buy insurance. (more   expensive toilet paper 12 ks)
Step 7 Fixer man go to heaps more desks juggle engine blocks whilst balancing a spark plug  on his nose. Shuffle more paper and pick up a license for motor bike.
Step 8 Walk around corner, pick up 2 Egyptian number plates
Step 9 Drive back to port, cable tie plates on bike and ride out. (12 more bloody ks)

 Welcome to EGYPT

 Cost ?
Heaps, around 180 USD, i would still be their in 2 days if it was not for the fixer man.

The word baksheesh's here means give me money for doing very little. I had to pay baksheesh's or the process stops for at least a day.

I am sitting at this hotel for $7 USD a night in Luxor, it is 3 in the afternoon, this dance music is screaming and i can hear the minarets screaming in the background, I have cold beer. What a Circus. Egypt is a different place.

Just heard from Daren and Lisa. Looks like it will cost them 2500 USD to get there Land cruiser through libia. Looks like it will be Jordan, Syria, Leabnon and Turkey.

All good

Cheers Miles




The manager of the hotel would not let me put the bike in the reception of the hotel and said i would have to park it on the street. So i told him that i would be leaving and find some one that would. His attitude changed instantly.
So up the front steps the bike went, past the reception desk and next to the computer. No worries.

Today i went to the museum, it was nice. I think that i am reaching saturation point with all of things to see. After 3 months of seeing really cool stuff everything sort of seems "just another temple" or "there is another pile of ruins" oh well.

I really enjoyed the shisha pipe and the thick black coffee with the locals today. Talked motorbikes, beer and a whole pile of rubbish. A good 2 hours worth. Cost 1 USD.
A local guy showed me an oil shop so i change the oil for the 5th time. It cost 18 USD. It was still very clean considering the thrashing the bike has had. The desert is really hard on everything including me.
The local ladies in the hotel are washing Wiggis jacket at the moment for $2 US, it stinks that bad that i just about have to hold my breath while riding the bike. The rest of the clothes i washed in the shower last night, the water was black. The ladies have been scrubbing the jacket for about an hour now and are still going, what a bargain. They are now yelling that they want Baksheesh. "NO baksheesh" I have beer to buy.

Cheers Miles



When you get caught taking pictures in the Vally of the kings the man screams,  yells,  waves his arms in the air and grabs your camera. He then starts to drag you of to the police. (the whole thing is laughable) It sounds very serious until you pull your wallet out you see a slight smile on his face and the rest  is a negotiation process. (Baksheesh) cost $10, oh well.
He was hiding behind a post, what a laugh.

This country is so corrupt is is unbelievable, i am sure you could buy your way out of almost anything.

The Vally of the kings was very cool, these tomes that go deep into the ground with Egyptian stuff every where. They date back thousands of years and are in remarkable condition. Check out the $10 pictures.

Stopped at the coffee shop and had shisha, coffee and coke. All good.

Cheers Miles

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ukuncle1 on

Hi Miles, Just read your latest, amazed at how much you and Jim (my son) look alike in the picture of you fixing your Egyptian number plates. Carry on good travelling. Uncle Jim.

harryabroad on

Baksheesh.... Baksheesh.. Get stuffed i recon

miles1 on

You are right Daren, they can all go and get Stuffed, (NO Backsheesh)

fatty on

Whats with the tea cosy on the head ,trying to blend with the locals?as frog said watch the beer it can hurt,keep the wheels turning

miles1 on

Must of been blind fatty. Yea Yea Yea.....

See you in Austria

Cheers Miles

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