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Trip Start Mar 14, 2006
Trip End Apr 14, 2006

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Some things don't change. Even when you're in China. Call it instinct or habit, but following a few drinks last night, I found myself in a KFC ordering chicken and chips. Whatever else that can be said about it, it remains the worldwide leader in hangover cure food...

I officially spent the worst 7 hours of any birthday ever the other day, crammed into cattle class on the 11 hour overnight train from Qingdao to Beijing. I like to call it 'the train ride from hell'. Apart from the general uncomfortableness of it, my iRiver ran out of batteries, I finished my book really early in the trip, and there was a dude across from me that insisted on whistling realy loudly at about 3 in the morning. Straight from hell, I swear. I'm glad I wasn't one of the people sitting on the floor or standing. The rest of the day was much better - relaxed, a few beers here and there and general feasting. Thanks to all who sent wellwishes and a strike next to the name of anyone who didn't (a strike like the Family Feud type strike - insert noise).

So I've tied up a few loose ends in Beijing - things I didn't get to see the 1st time around. To provide a fair comparison, I will describe them in the same manner as I did the sights of Beijing on my first trip here:
Beihai Park? poor man's summer palace (admittedly on a cold and windy day)
Lama Temple? decent, although the enormous statute of Buddha, standing at a Guinness World Record height of 26m was particularly impresive.
Old Ming City Wall? Ok. I mean, it's a wall and I'm a sucker for ancient walls. Although it's not complete like Pingyao's or Xian's, it was charming in its disrepair.
Bicycle Ride through the northern lakes? Brilliant.
Bicycle chain breaking on the way back to hostel? Average
4 hour trek back across town with broken bicycle? Average
On returning the Beijing, I realised how much stuff that I had missed. It must all be saved for when I return (there should be some kind of trevi fountain type wayw to ensure you come back)...

So now I'm off to Korea to see Chris. And I know what you're thinking - there's gonna be trouble. Mark + Chris = Trouble. Note the capital t. Just to confirm that there was going to be trouble, I consulted a magic 8 ball which, after being asked 'is there going to be trouble in Korea 3 times, gave the following responses:

1. It does not look promising.
2. The future is unclear.
3. All signs point to yes.
I'm taking the first response as indicating that there is going to be trouble. 2 out of 3 ain't bad...

For Korea, this travelblog will have a new entry - i think I'll call it "Korea of the Devil of the death from Hell".

So to conclude China of the Devil of the Death from Hell Part 1", I outline my top 5 single most memorable moments of the trip so far - a serious top 5 for a change:

5. Sitting on the banks of Kunming Lake at the Summer Palace, both the sum and the temple atop longevity hill watching from above, water lapping, eating popcorn.

4. Sitting by the water inb Qingdao, reugged up from the cold, looking through the fog as dramatic waves break metres from me, church bells clanging in the distance, reading my book.

3. Sunrise at Taishan - ridiculously early, bitterly freezing but, more than anything, utterly beautiful.

2. Cycling around the city wall in Xian - an ancient wall and a bicycle. Brilliant.

1. Sitting at the top of the Great Wall, watching it snake down, writing in my journal, eating BBQ chips, the cold wind blowing.

See you all in Korea. Do it...
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silvajoe on

Happy Easter!! Where the hell is the new blog?
Happy Easter Mark! Did the Easter bunny visit you in S Korea? I don't know what the beer in Korea is like but I'm sure you would rather have beer than Easter eggs anytime.
I know that you are having a great time with Chris showing you around Korea nevertheless please up date your travelblog when you have a little bit of spare time so we know that you've got there safely and everything is OK [tried to call you 2x and also sent SMS.... no reply].
Look forward to Korea of the devil of the death from Hell. Take care. Love & xxxxxx from Ma fat.

dorian on

Real men don't say happy birthday
Marky, its Dornan (aka Dorian - long story).
I think I will use Dorian as my travelling name in future, less chance of being tracked down by irate randoms, though more chance of being mistaken for an Oscar Wilde groupie. Not cool.
Trip sounds good man, and reading the blog is really torturing us workers - no doubt that will make you happy to know.
Don't lose the coupon, that night out may well be in Cuba...
Cheers, Pete.

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