Deliverance... Wrong Turn.... The Hills Have Eyes.

Trip Start Jun 02, 2011
Trip End Jul 06, 2011

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Flag of Spain  , Galicia,
Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh this should be a good blog post….. that involves a lot of details…. So get ready for it.

           We left this morning, from Logrono at right about 8:30.  We wanted to get an early start because we had about a 6.5 hour drive ahead of us, according to websites and people.  We were heading to "Feas, Spain", which is literally, “Ugly, Spain”, which is where Mom's friend from Panama, Rogelio, was born and has a house we could stay in from free.  He lives in Panama still but his aunt lives here, and random people from his family stay in this house every once in a while.  So anyway, good thing we looked it up, because you think there’d only be one town stupid enough to name itself ugly.  No, I found at least three.  Two “Feas” and one “Fea”.  So uglies and ugly.  We called Rogelios aunt, Elisa, and found which one it was and discovered it was a shorter drive than we originally thought (we thought 7.5, but yay only 6.5), the night before.  Anyway, back to today.

            We left around 8:30.  We went to a little bakery to get breakfast, but it was ONLY a bakery (so no coffee) and really only had sweets, so I didn’t get anything.  We got out of Logrono, and then stopped at a road stop for coffee and so I could get a bocadillo (steak sandwich for breakfast, yes please!).  We got there at just the right time because a tour bus pulled up right after we paid.  So Mom and Madison ran to the bathroom for a final pee, then we left right as the hordes of old Spanish men and women piled into the road stop restaurant/café thing.  Then, lots of long, boring, bleh driving.  It was pretty, but just long.  We stopped for lunch at a roadstop thing again, that was by far THE BEST road stop restaurant we’ve eaten at.  Price for amount of food for quality of food was the best of any restaurant.  It was super cheap, super good, and a lot.  For our first plate, I got white asparagus wrapped with jamon iberico.  Yum, especially because the white asparagus is grown and Spain so it was super fresh, and of course jamon iberico is from here.  Anna got something I don’t remember, and Madison and Mom got a delicious bean and meat soup (Fabada?).  It was the best.  Then for our second plates, Mom, Madison, and I all got a piece of fresh ham, that was kind of like a cut that you’d get at IHOP or something, but fresher and bigger and delicious.  Anna got something that I’ve had in Chile that I loved – ham and cheese breaded and fried.  It’s not like a croquette, it’s still ham and cheese shaped, like a sandwich.  They are good though.  Everything came with homemade potato chips.  We had a desert of ice cream (Madison and I) or lemon custard (Anna and Mom).

            The drive to Feas, was pretty, and really only took us about 5.5 hours.  Through some mountains, over a ravine, with a river, mountains with a lake, etc.  But then, we entered horror movie land.  Seriously.  Let me explain our map to you.  In order of size, the roads go (big to miniscule) blue, dark orange, orange, peach.  The towns go (big to small) large bold, medium bold, bold, normal font and size, small size, and miniscule size.  Now let me just say that we went from a blue to a dark orange to an orange to a peach to a un-named road to get to Feas.  We went through 3 miniscule font size towns before Feas.  Elisa told us to call her, when we were in the miniscule town before Feas, and she would walk outside her house and stand there to wave us in.  She was wearing a green jacket.  Feas is a one street, old rich people houses town.  They have a bakery and a tiny store (their “meat” selection was 2 packages of bacon, and one thing of jamon iberico).  Our house has bars on all the windows and there is a pen with pigs across the street.  I seriously cannot describe how horror movieish this house is.  We drive in the middle of freaking nowhere, to a one road town, then turn off it to across the pig pen to the house with bars on all the windows.  Inside the house, is all super fancy furniture, with 7 bedrooms, 2 of them being completely empty (NO furniture at all) that were locked.  I’m telling you, murder house.  We’re going to get locked in, in the middle of the night then the scary monster will come out of either the tiny cabinet with seemingly no purpose under the stairs (other than housing Harry Potter, of course), or the row of dark wood closets with random clothing in them.  The keys are scary too, every door has the creepy kind of key hole and key with a little tangle-y tassle off of it.  I’m not even joking.  Anna opened one drawer, and found a giant green key with a tassle on it, hidden inside a brown sock. All the windows also have these crazy shutters, so there’s bars, then the actual window, then the inside shutters to keep us even more locked in.  But they do keep the bugs out quite nicely.  So, in short, the house is nice, but creepy.  It is quite an adventure.

            For dinner, Mom made fried rice because we are so sick of eating out.  We made a vat o’ fried rice.  Seriously, she made about 18 cups of rice.  Then we can just eat it for every meal we’re in Feas, and only eat out when we have too.  Thank god.  We also got some fresh picked lettuce from Elisa’s garden.  5 heads of it, to be exact.  After dinner, the girls went on a walk to follow the creepy trail behind the house, I typed up this blog, and Mom started wash.
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