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Trip Start Apr 30, 2007
Trip End Nov 29, 2008

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Daiji's House & Stef's House

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hello there people,

So it has been forever since the last time i wrote to you all letting you know what i have been up to.. I dont even know where to start!!

As per usual, so much has changed.. I have said goodbye to Stef and hello to Aimee all in one day.. it's been emotional to say the least.

Anway, it's always best to start at the beginning.. so here goes.

On the 22nd of Feb I headed up to Cairns to see Jake for his 21st birthday. A guy i used to work with at the Woolshed; Ash, picked me up from the airport and we headed to Jakes to drop off my bag and quickly get changed and then straight on to the good old Woolshed!  It was so surreal being back in Cairns after all this time, nothing had changed and yet it felt so different.  The downstairs of the Woolshed was now opened as a seperate bar, no flip flops allowed in 'The Lounge'.. it's classy in there!!  Well in a Woolshed kind of way!!  Big sofa's and soft lighting with a cocktail bar at the end of the room and some room for dancing.  It makes a nice change from the old rusty walls and stale smell of food anyway!!  Jake had set a fancy dress theme of gangsters, i was pretty skint so didnt bother to go all dressed up.. and the fact that i flew in from Brisbane was enough i think!!  I didnt land until after 11pm so didnt actually get out until gone midnight so i had a lot of catching up to do.. after a million shots i still wasnt feeling like i was getting anywhere so i spent the night chatting and catching up with everyone.  

On Sunday I headed out early afternoon to meet up with Cath, a lady who used to work in the Woolshed kitchen for a few drinks and then met up with Tanya a bit later on.  I ended up staying out really late, my flight was at 6am so i had to leave at 5am ish, so decided it was probably best to just stay awake all night rather than grabbing a couple of hours sleep so i lounged on the sofa watching randon tv until it was time to go again.  Ash took me to the airport, i literally had time to check in and then went straight through to get on my flight.  Thankfully i had no one sitting next to me so i had plenty of room to stretch out and get an hours sleep before i landed back in Brisbane. 

Daiji had arranged for his friends bus company to pick me up and take me to work so i didnt have to get on a train, so straight off to work i went.  It was so hard being back at work, i had my own office so i pretty much sat there and slept with my eyes open until Caroline came in and told me to go home.. i wasnt getting any work done as i was sooo tired so i gave in and got the train home.

I had been working for Strategic Policy for a few weeks at this point, everyone was really nice and i had my own office so felt very important!! 

The week after i got back from Cairns, Daiji's dad found out he had a brain tumour and so Daiji had to fly to Japan to be with his family.  It was touch and go for a while but thankfully his dad made it through the operation and they managed to remove 60% of the tumour.  His memory was a bit off but it seems he is very strong and is slowly getting through it all.

Obviously Vanuatu was cancelled, which was a shame but was for the best.. i ended up with Tonsilitus anyway!!  So for that week i just sat at Daiji's feeling very sorry for myself!!

My last week at work crept around really quickly and i was really sad to be leaving.  For the last week i was working in the Director Generals office and got on really well with everyone there.  The Secreteriate Manager has offered me a permanent position should i decide to come back to Brisbane and gain sponsorship which is brilliant.  I'm not saying that i will take her up on it but i will deffinately keep in touch and then maybe come back in January if i find it hard to settle at home.. again, wait and see what happens.  It's always best to keep your options open though.

Friday 14th March was my last day at work  The office arranged a morning tea for me, so we had cakes and munchies and then we all went out for lunch.  The Director General was also leaving on the same day and we had arranged a party for him so we headed down there at 4pm to sort out the catering.  I ended up being a waitress as well as saying goodbye to everyone! 

Stef came back to Daiji's with me for the last time after work on Friday.  We got some bottles on wine and kicked back and relaxed.  On the Saturday night we headed out into Surfers Paradise and went to a few bars.

Stef ended up sacking off work on the Monday as the sun was out and we spent the whole day laying in the sun and trying to get a bit of a tan!!  I then dropped her off at the station on the Monday night as she had an Ian Brown concert to go to

I ended up with Tonsilutus for the next week so sat around feeling sorry for myself and then got the train to Stef's for her last weekend in Brisbane.

Tuesday morning came around really quickly and before we knew it, Stef and I were in a taxi heading to the airport.  Stef's flight took off at 6.30am and Aimee's was due to land at 8.30am so i was losing one and gaining another!

Stef got onto her flight ok, although i cried.. LOADS. She smiled and waved (and then nearly walked into a wall).  I then sat around waiting for Aimee.  She landed in Sydney ok but ended up missing her connecting flight to Brisbane as she had to collect her bags, go through Quarentine and passport control and then check back in again.. and then only allocated 45 minutes for her to do all that!  So poor thing missed her flight.  She was lucky enough to get on the next one though so it wasnt too bad.  She finally landed in Brisbane at 9.50am.  I was a nervous emotional wreck, standing there all excited and shaking!  She just smiled and said hello.  How annoying!  I think i am getting all emotional in my old age!! haha!!!

After an emotional hello, telling each other how different we look and a quick catch up on important gossip.. we got on our bus and headed to Daiji's house for our last week of luxury.
As soon as we stepped through the front door, I ripped Aimee's suitcase open in hope of finding some goodies for myself and checking out my new wardrobe!  Aimee brought me a Cadburys cream egg over for Easter.. it was slightly squashed by the time I got it though.  Oh and a Lindt Easter bunny, which looked like it had been run over, the English chocolate taste was to die for though, this Aussie chocolate sucks it's full of chemicals to stop it from melting as quickly and it taste gross.  A bit like chocolate that's been melted and then gone hard again or those cheap easter eggs of advent calendar chocolate.  Aimee also brought some of my clothes over with her including my very sexy gym trainers in hope that I actually get motivated and join the gym!!  And if not, to use and abuse when over in Asia.  Mum had brought us silver Angel necklaces and dubbed us Debi's Angels. 
We spend the whole afternoon sat by the pool bathing in the sun and catching up on a whole years worth of gossip!
That night, me, Aimee and Daiji went out for dinner to welcome Aimee and Daiji back from Japan. 
The next day Aimee and I headed into Brisbane, I took her to where I used to work and introduced her to everyone.. which was pretty boring for Aimee but nice for me as they could all meet her and I got to say goodbye to everyone again!  We had lunch with Chris and Shelley and then headed into the city for a bit of shopping.  Char came and met us after she had finished work and we sat in the Irish bar and had a glass of wine.. by which time Aimee was falling asleep (through jetlag not boredom!!) so we jumped on the train and headed back to the Gold Coast. 
The next few days rained quite a bit so we spend our days relaxing, driving around and watching Harry Potter (Aimee's favourite waste of time!).
After a full week on the Gold Coast, Daiji dropped us off at the Gold Coast airport bright and early and we flew down to Melbourne.. not before he cried his eyes out and begged us to stay (yeah right).  It was actually emotional saying goodbye to Daiji, he's been so amazingly nice and supportive towards me that I shall miss him loads.  Although, I'm sure he's happy to have the break from me.. all I did was nag him and get on his nerves.  Nothing new there then!!
Goodbye Gold Coast.. it was emotional.
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