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Trip Start Apr 30, 2007
Trip End Nov 29, 2008

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hello my lovely peeps,

How's the weather??!!? hahahaha!! It's just coming into summer here so it hits 24 degrees at 8am!! Although I freeze all day at work with the air conditioning on. How many times have you had to scrape your car windows so far???!! hehehehe!!!

Tuesday (13/11/07) I had a phone call from Henry up in Cairns to tell me my package, which my mum sent to me 5 months ago.. had finally arrived. Thank God for that. I was starting to worry that my boots had got for a walk. I now have to pay for it to be sent to me and then pay to package it back up and send home again!! But hey, at least it didn't get lost on the way.

Anyway, Wednesday the admin girls (Chris, Shelley, Me & Jess) put up the Christmas decorations around the office. It smells like Christmas now, it's so weird being so far away and it being this time of year. This Christmas is going to be so weird. I'm now walking around with my Christmas hat on 24/7. The acting manager hates the admin girls putting up the decorations early so they did it on purpose to annoy her. She used to be an 'admin girl' but since she's been 'acting manager' her new found authority has gone to her head! The girls also made a Christmas Decoration complaints book which over the years, many staff have taken the pleasure in writing in. I love them being up early, I tend to sing Jingle Bells all year round anyway! It always puts a smile on people's faces when they see all the pretty decorations and lights in the office... probably because they know they have time off booked soon! I am so surprised as to how much time people take off over Christmas. Most of the General Managers have the whole of December and January off... which is great as it means no work for us!! They all love me in the office, I'm like a little English novelty. They all come over and tell me their experiences in England, well only really in London. I tell them to venture out of dirty smelly London and actually see the prettier side of England.. although saying that, I am slightly embarrassed that I have barely travelled my own country and yet I come here and do half of their county which is 52 times the size of England. Mental note to self.. see England.

A Christmas Joke for you all, whilst we are in the Christmas spirit...!

The three wise men arrived to visit the child lying in the manger.
One of the wise men was exceptionally tall and smacked his head on the low doorway as he entered the stable. "Jesus Christ!" he exclaimed.
"Write that down, Mary," said Joseph "It's better than Derek."

hahaha made me giggle!

Anyway on Saturday, me, Stef and Char went out for a few drinks in the Valley. We're bored of champagne so decided to invest in a bottle of Southern Comfort. Char started to reminisce as she hasn't had Southern Comfort for years! We sat on the balcony chatting and dancing to Girls Aloud until 11.30pm and then hit the town. The people in the block opposite have had disco lights put in their lounge! They are sooo annoying! The shine into our lounge which annoys the hell out of us all, I'm complaining to Murray (the site manager).. they must be in breach of peace or something ey Frank?! haha!! Also I think they are swingers as well, there's a couple living there but they always have different couples over all the time and they all seem a bit too close for my liking!! Anyway, Dave Barry, a guy from St Neots messaged to say he was in Brisbane for a few days so we headed to a pub called RG's to go and meet him. Had a few drinks with him and promised to catch up in the week and then headed to another bar which played really good old tunes! We found a booth that kind of resembled Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers and shimmied the night away!!

Sunday me, Stef and Dermott went for a drive in Dermott's work car (which was filthily disgusting and Dermott's driving is scarier than mine). We headed over Story Bridge for the first time and drove through to the West End to see what was going on over there. Looks like quite lively, although nothing like the West End in London! We stopped at Nando's and treated ourselves to some chicken for lunch. Dermott was really excited about his Nando's Chicken Trophy so I got a pic for him. I then spent the rest of the day lazing around the apartment reading a book I got from the library on Saturday. The library over here is amazing! I have stolen some pics from websites so you can see. There's bright lights everywhere and loads of comfy seats and free internet! Woo hoo!!!

Monday after work Stef and I met in the Valley and headed to Butter Beats to get some tickets to see The Gossip. Thankfully they had some left, it's a life long ambition (well for as long as The Gossip have been together) for Stef to have her picture with Beth so we hope to get there early and get to the front. They're not really big over here so I don't think it will be heaving, plus it's a really small venue so it should be a close and personal gig which will be good. We can rock out with Beth and scream "standing in the way of control" at the top of our voices until we cant speak. That's the plan anyway. So yer, off to see them on 12 December in a club called Zoo in the valley.

Then Monday night I finally managed to book my flights home! I have had a nightmare with Qantas trying to reschedule my flights. First they told me that I cant extend over April 30th as I have a year ticket.. then Stef went and booked her flights and has booked her return for May.. how does that work?! I rang them every other day only to be told they have nothing at all for Bangkok to Heathrow. Finally I managed to get through to a lovely lady called Mia who bent over backwards to help me and I ended up getting pretty much what I wanted. The journey home is going to be a mission but it always is when you're heading home. I am now booked to fly from Sydney to Singapore on 23 February 2008. I then have 5 weeks and a few days to travel through Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand before I catch my flight on 01 April 2008 from Singapore back to Heathrow. I have to independently book a flight from Bangkok back to Singapore, I checked flights and there's plenty available and they are relatively cheap, failing that, I can always get back on the train. It's a shame I have to go back to Singapore, yet again.. that will be the third time I visit Singapore!  It's a good job I like it there!! So I will land at Heathrow, terminal 4 on Wednesday 02 April 2008 at 5:15am! Wooooo hoooooo!!!! I have dreamt about walking through Heathrow's arrivals terminal most nights for the last month or so, I cant believe that in 19 weeks I will be doing it! I am so excited but I know when I land I will be a bundle of nerves!!! Knowing my luck, I'll walk around the corner and no one will be there!!

I still have absolutely no idea what I will do with myself between now and then. I am staying in Brisbane until Christmas and New Years, when I will travel to Sydney. My boss has extended my contract up to Christmas, I asked her if she will need me in January, unfortunately there are a lot of movements in January for this team and I may not be needed. However Shelley is off all of January and therefore they might need me. I would rather stay in this team and work here for a bit longer as it's so close to home, easy to get to and the money is ok. Plus I am settled and really like everyone I work with, I cant be dealing with being the new girl in the office all over again!! At some point I want to hire a car and see Ayres Rock but I might have to wait until February to do that now, as I need to work and get some more money together, I want to buy a whole new wardrobe in Asia along with doing my Padi (diving course) if I can. On another note, Dermott is taking over on the lease and will be giving me my deposit money back which is brilliant for me as that will go towards my spending money in Thailand... and maybe a nice new laptop if I can afford it.

Elmo arrives here on Sunday night, so I am really looking forward to seeing him. I have booked for us all to go to South Bank next Thursday 29th November for the opening of Open Air Brisbane ( which is basically an outdoor festival that goes over a few weeks. It opens at 5.30pm where there will be live music and entertainment and then after the sun sets they play a movie on the huge outside screen. We are going to the open night so there should be loads going on, the film that's playing is Hair Spray. Need to get there at a decent time to hire deckchairs as well!! $3 only!!

So anyway, that's all I have to update you all on at the moment.

Before I sign out I have to give Gemma Redman a shout out for getting not just one gall stone in her bladder but 8 in total!! Well done Gemzy... I don't know, anything to get out of work!! Hope you feel better soon sweetie xxxx

Be safe, have fun and send me prawn cocktail crisps... I'm dying over here!!

Love you all millions xxxxxxxxxx
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