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Trip Start Jun 13, 2008
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SOOOO last night we baked something like 60 muffins from SCRATCH!!!!! And today we were making potato salad from SCRATCH we had to boil the potatoes and then we had to peel them and then she kicked me out of the kitchen - thank god hahah she was boiling eggs and adding them and I was like get me out of this little room with that!!!! haha

So last night was so much fun we seriously sat forever just talking! We at dinner around 6 and the muffins took until 1 something int he morning because they have a very tiny oven here and you can only do a doyen ata time. Speaking of tiny you should SEE this fridge!!! There are three of them living in this flat and their fridge they SHARE is smaller than dads beer fridge!!!! I almost DIED! I am going to have to take a photo!!!! SO last night we just sat around eating drinking wine and blabbing it was so GREAT i don't know when the last time I just sat and gabbed with a girlfriend was! I miss that!!!

So today we slept in until 10 and I probably could have slept in a lot later!!!! Her friends are coming over at 7 tonight! So this should be fun! I am excited to meet all of her friends!

So their music station is WEIRD it plays all these songs form like the 60s until now all in English! It is the weirdest mix of songs ever!!!

So because I have been in plus 40 degree weather now for 3 months I am absolutely FREEZING!!!! So I am sleeping with two huge duveys another blanket two blankets under neath me and an Afghan- the Afghan Grandma made her 11 years ago!!! And it is in PERFECT condition!!! AND it was so great to see it it reminded me of home!!!

OH and I don't know if I mentioned my alarm clock story on the train???!!! well I KNEW I was going to fall sleep so I brought my alarm clock with me and set the time for 730 because I only had a very short train my first one just over an hour- so anyways good thing I did because BAM I was OUT head rolling around drooling out! And then i wake up to this weird noise and people looking around and I am looking around all mad because i got woken up and I am sitting there trying to figure out what the hell the sound was when i FINALLY realize it is my alarm clock and now EVERYONE is glaring at me haha all I could do was start laughing and apologize!!! But it is a good thing I did that was I would have slept through my first stop!!!

So Jennifer's dad called yesterday and we are spending next weekend with him in Frankfurt and he wanted to know what I wanted to do, I was like uhhh well I like to see the outside of building but I could care less about going into them as well as churches are not that great for me... but other than that whatever I am pretty easy going! Good thing I said that because her dad is an architect and Jennifer was telling me that when she was ten he would take her out for hours and hours looking at everything! haha I would have DIED!

We have been laughing and talking about the differences between Canada and Germany and really their are SO MANY! Like I said to her I need to hit up an Irish pub while I am in Germany and I don't care when it is and if you want we could take your dad even and she wa sliek NO WAY her dad would not appreciate us going to a pub in the middle of the day! And then I drifted back to a few days ago of dad and I sitting in our underwear playing rummy and crib drinkin rum at noon!!! Whata difference!

Oh yeah so i didn't get to talk much about the train ride WOW it was AMAZING! So breathtaking and beautiful it sucked because iw as all by myself there was noone to say WOW look at that or oh man there is SNOWWW!!!!!!! I was SO EXCITED to see snow on the mountains in Northern Italy- which by the way I HAVE to go back to it was amazing just amazing I couldn't close my eyes because i was afraid to miss such beautiful scenery!!!

SOOOO I do not have an adapter for Germany!!!!! AND no I cannot find one either! So I will not be using my computer until I go to Ireland- BUT I did need something for my camera as I need to charge it and I was freaking out like oh no what if my camera dies and I cant charge it! WELLLLL I found a multi charger for only 40 EUROS AGHHHHH so expensive but whatever it had to be done so now I have that! And I am going gto take tons of photos but you will not see them for quite some time....

SOOOOO I just realized I have NOT planned anything after my two weeks here! this is where I stopped!!!!! SOOO depending on how much money I spend here in Germany I plan to go to Luxembourg-Holland and Belgium then go to Ireland. is till not have found a place to stay or a job yet so i will have to get on that!!!! haha oh well anyways thats about it!!! Gotta get ready for the party tonight! YAY!

SOOOOO the party was fun! her friends were really cool, it was more of a sit down come in and chat party not the beer bong go crazy party... well until later haha! I met lots of Jennifers friends and they were really cool! I talked to this one woman who was blind and asked her all about it it was really neat to learn about how she goes through life. Other friends we talked about School as pretty much everyone or actually everyone was in school! I made a joke about how I thought Germans just went to school forever they didnt actually do anything else and this one girl (I am not sure if maybe she just didnt have a sense of humor) but she got so mad and defensive and I wa sliek what! haha it was a joke- WEIRD! But other than that crazy girl her friends were really cool and really nice! Everyone just kind of came and went and then it was just me Philip Jennifer and Vipka (thats not how you spell ehr name but thats what it sounds like!) (these were her two room mates) anyways I had found OUZO at the super market earlier and bought it so we cracked that and we drank the whole bottle haha she did not ahve any shot glasses (I KNOW i almost DIED) so we did shots of ouzo out of thsoe things you put your hard boiled eggs in!!! We DANCED in her little room and it was SO MUCH FUN! jennifer was wasted and it was hilarious she was like Lindsey dance with me dance dance dance... I was like uuuhhh yeah OK!!!! haha and it was GREAT!

So all of Jennifers stuff and my stuff was moved into Philips room for the night (becasuse the party was all in her room and the kitchen) so I started getting really tired so i went into Philips room and was laying ou my bed and Jennifer was like what are you doing! And I said Going to bed! And she wa slike uhhh did you ASK Philip if you could sleep here?? And I said Nope! And got into bed and went to sleep, haha poor Jennifer and actually poor Philip because i wasnt going ANYWHERE! So I slept on my bed on the floor and he slept in his bed haha the poor gus was probably like who the hell is this girl!!!
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