Trip Start Apr 14, 2009
Trip End Jul 10, 2009

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Flag of Spain and Canary Islands  , Catalonia,
Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hola from Barcelona, a virtual assault on the senses. Weīve been here 2 days, but given the long, exhausting days, it feels like much much longer. We landed, coming off our wonderful cruise on Navigator of the Seas, with a pocketful of their great chocolate chip cookies, and buffet withdrawal pangs. The 14 days of sailing included 7 across the Atlantic. Visions of stormy seas, with sailors hanging on to rigging so as not to get washed overboard, as depicted in many a movie, were in fact, replaced by a smooth tranquil and downright pleasant voyage. Nary a wave was felt, and when they were evident, the shipīs stabilizers cut through them and we passengers felt nothing. This was further enhanced by mostly temperate weather. Donīt know if it was luck or what, but we wouldnīt hesitate taking such a cruise. The days onboard were full of activities, if you chose, or just vegging, if that was what you wanted. We met some really nice folks and I picked up a ton of new jokes, which if youīre (un)lucky, youīll get to hear,

Barcelona is teeming with people, possibly due to the May 1 holiday- Everywhere we went, we found hoards of tourists and citizens enjoying the many sights and areas of Barcelona. What a jewel of a city, offering so much variety in the types of experiences you can have. We chose to walk and use public transport. The Metro is a model of efficiency and cleanliness, although the route map resembles a plate of colored spaghetti. Within one day, we had it figured out, however, and made our way quite well, with miles and miles of walking as well. The sights and sounds of this vibrant city, the beauty of the environs, and the friendliness of its denizens all make for a delicious cocktail of travel experience. We did have our challenges however. With the throngs of visitors, we couldnīt get into many of the attractions here, such as the buildings of Gaudi, a national treasure of an architect, who built some of the most imaginative and surreal buildings one would ever see. We would trek to a site and see a line of 2 hours or more, and in frustration, move on, having to content ourselves with exteriors only. We also had some major rain, which dampened our plans to some extent. The flamenco festival which was happening nearby sounded like something not to be missed. We missed it, thanks to the rain. Despite the setbacks we encountered, we were enchanted by the city, and want to return. It is very much a city of sites to be seen, but I realized that it is much more. Itīs a celebration to be experienced, a plethora of emotions, and an adventure to live. Perhaps walking the streets was the ideal way to come to that realization.

Today, we are about to take a bullet tain to Madrid which for us will be new territory. We are meeting our friends Stan and Debbie for a few days there and have a long list of things we want to see and do while there. I would like to see the bullfights but Bonnie is less enthusiastic about this.

By the way, it looks like I will have to confine my blog to verbiage, as I canīt figure out to get my photos on the blog and donīt have the appropriate wires to do so anyways. I will try to paint my pictures in words for you.
For now, hasta luego!! 
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sunshy9 on

Never alona in Barcelona?????
Loved reading about your adventures in Miama (South Beach, especially), the happy hour (although you two don't need these, being as happy as you are!), and most recently, your adventures throughout Barcelona. I didn't get your newest blog address until today, and as a result, the delay in my response.
Sounds like the two of you are having a BALL!!! Not a surprise! I appreciate all of your blogging, as this gives me some incentive to 'gently encourage' Warren to take a Mediteranean cruise (perhaps for our 40th anniversary?). One of my friends is doing this in October, so who knows? Do try to take some pictures and post them, as I loved the one of the two of you on the boat - you make the Gorton's fisherman proud!
I love you both and hope to hear continued tidbits about all that you are experiencing!

Love and a hug,

hopespringman on

No Pirates in the Caribbean, thanks G-d!
Just great to hear from you! Your descriptions leave me feeling like I'm there with you. Trust Bonnie and David to celebrate Cinquo de Maya at the epicentre of it all! Enjoy, drink lots of sangria and margharitas, and write again soon.



sunshy9 on

Nu - so where are you now?
So nice reading about your adventures - I am envious and want to be there to share every exciting moment with you two! So where am I? Rainy Dresher!
Can't wait for your latest blog - Davvid, I have a new career for about a travel journalist? You and Bonnie can visit new and exciting places and you can write about them for a magazine.....leave it to your cousin the soical worker to come up with a new career for you! You write beautifully and truly I feel as if I am there sharing in your adventures.....
Hope you are both well and having the time of your lives! This is a trip you'll soon not forget~!


liliens on

Re: Never alona in Barcelona?????
Hello Favourite Cousins,

Our hotel has free Internet. Hoo-rah! We have been out all day ( 9 am- 10 pm)and are quite exhausted. Sightseeing is as hard as work, but a hell of a lot more fun. AS you can tell from our latest blog entry, we are loving Madrid-- what a charming exciting place to explore, especially with someone you love and like. While things here are quite expensive thanks to the Euro, it is worth it. last time we were in Spain, they were still using pesos, and it was like being in Reading. Everything seemed so cheap. Anyways, we have had such a great time thus far, who cares, right?

I really want to thank you for your comments to our blog. You do know that everyone can read them. So be careful with what you say. We don´t want any angry Smythes, do we? We´re so glad that you´re using our trip as an incentive to convince Warren to do a Med cruise. I assure you that he will love it. It´s the best of both worlds--you get to enjoy all the ship´s facilities, yet explore the exotic ports you visit without the schlepping that Bonnie and I are doing in getting from one place to another, finding accomodations, etc. Actually, for me, that´s part of the fun and challenge of the trip. Everytime we screw up, get lost, etc., I now have a pat response: AND THAT¨S WHY WE WERE THE LAST TEAM TO ARRIVE! You have to be an Amazing Race fan to truly appreciate that.

Well, I better keep it short, as I have afew more emails to send and we´re out early tomorrow to catch our train down to Seville. Myrna, I hear a barber joke coming!

We love you guys, and again, thanks for your comments. Bye for now.

liliens on

Re: No Pirates in the Caribbean, thanks G-d!
Hi Hope,

Actually, its cervecas and vino, both of which are excellent here. THe days have been so warm and sunny, it´s a perfect way to quench your thirst. Even Bonnie´s drinking beer! Our time here in Madrid leaves so many pleasant memories that we´ll be sorry to leave it. So much we never got to. Anywho, Bonnie is up in our room getting ready for our train south tomorrow morning and sends her love, as do I. She´s dying to talk to you, so don´t be surprised to get a call from Spain one day soon. We have just a few more days here in the country and on Friday, it´s off to Cairo. Still seems unbelievable to us. Be well, and thanks again for your response to our blog. You´re the best friend one could ask for.

sunshy9 on

Traveling Vicariously
Dearest Cousins,

Well, you certainly sound like you are seeing ALL there is to see with much more to explore and look
forward to! I am thoroughly enjoying reading your travel blog - I feel as if I am enjoying the many spectacular sights with you......and it costs me nothing! Seriously, you definitely make me want to take a trip in the near future - could Vegas be our 'trip' for this year? The answer is yes! But one of my friends is taking a Mediteranean cruise and that really sounds appealing.

How great that you were able to hook up with friends in Madrid and see the sights together.....I LOVE tapas, so I have some idea of the tastes you've been enjoying.

Continue to blog from wherever is possible. I assume you are now in Egypt.....just remember - NO pyramid building for you! Riding a camel - maybe!

Love you both and can't wait for the next installment of The Liliens do Egypt.....


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