Entry 2: 我们 搬家 

Trip Start Mar 18, 2010
Trip End Aug 24, 2010

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Flag of China  , Jiangsu,
Monday, March 29, 2010

Analysed fact:
A chinese house moving
一个 中国搬家


最新 周末, 我 的 homestay 家庭 搬家了。 式 一个 大 事件。
My homestay family moved into a new appartment this weekend. It was a big event. Effectively, since I arrived, we came to bring a few thing everynight, althought they bought almost everything new... table, beds, tv, washing machine, etc. However, the official moving date was this Sunday. Here is a brief resume of our weekend. On Friday night and on Sathurday, we went back and forth three times with a kind of "Sprinter" with boxes and a few furnitures, and a few more times with the car, but on Sathurday, we passed a big part of the day watching the workers putting up the tv and the tv furnitures, and vacuuming. On Sunday morning, we moved a bed and the remaining boxes.

I have to say that there were three others family moving at the same time in the same complex, so we also went to an appartment to the other many times during the week and the weekend. They were comparing, analysing and giving their opinions on which appartment was better, which furnitures was better, etc. Furthermore, one of those, two flats under ours, are almost furnished the same way. I suppose that a part of that is because there are guidelines from the complex they must follow.

Then, on Sunday's night, as the custom wants, we had a big dinner in a restaurant to celebrate that. There were a lot of people and the three families that had moved were present. Appart of the really good (and expensive) food, alcohol was also part of the party. Men were drinking and making toast with everyone (each time you want to drink, you must toast with someone else). On that night, I heard a lot the words "gan bei 干杯”a lot, meening "cul sec or butoms up". Men were using small cups and were filling them with a kind of beer, which was smelling pretty strong, so you can imagine, that after a few one, the dinner was much more funnier for them!


During the past week and the past weekend, I was into something really special, it was a chance for me to leave that! Obviously, in Canada, we don't do it that way, at least I've never seen so. Instead of hirering a furniture van as we know it, they use a normal van partaning to someone they know... of course, there are not as much vans and big truck here than in Canada... and I would not drive them! Moreovere, I was told that here, when people move from a place to another, they always (or at least when they can afford it) buy new furnitures to start a new life. Also, I noticed that Chinese people try more to impress their pairs and to show their richness than we do, in general, in Quebec. In last, we mostly move everything on the same day, probably because of the renting fees for the van, and at the end we also do a dinner, but in a more modest way and only with the ones that helped us or with the lovely ones. (At the dinner on Suday's night, the family and the friends that helped were not present). The common point is maybe the alcohol! Anyway, that was a really nice and instructive experience about the Chinese culture.
式 了 一个 奇怪的 和 巨大的 体验。


The pictures are pictures of the new appartment. As you can see, most furnitures are made of wood or of nice material. Furthermore, in the cabinet, in the dinning room, contains only expensive alcohol bottles and nice bibelots. In my room, as it is "cool" here for the young girls (16 years old), the decorations are in pink color and everything is very girly. Moreover, it doesn't appear, but a tv is in front of the bed. Those are examples to show that the appearance is really important.
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Julian Zhao on

Hi, Émilie,

That was really a very special and unforgettable experience for you, I guess. Interesting story! Your hosts must be quite rich. Look at the fancy furniture, the splendid chandelier, the magnificent curain. Aha, now I understand. Rich people stay in China and only poor guys like me emigrate to Canada, LOL.

I'm glad you started inserting Chinese words into your text. I guess, you must have found the banquet occasion and the drinking etiquette quite special. Yes, indeed, at the banquet, you are supposed to always invite other friends to join you whenever you raise your shot to your lips. At next banquet, you should really try one of those shots. It smells wonderful but sets your throat on fire once swollowed. Try it and you'll never forget it. Enjoy your life in China.

Julian Zhao on

I meant 'curtain', instead of 'curain' in my previous text. Sorry about the typing error.

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