Damn HOGs!!!

Trip Start Jul 29, 2010
Trip End Aug 08, 2010

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Hotel Union

Flag of Canada  , Quebec,
Friday, August 6, 2010

This morning w'ed planned on getting away by 9am but we awoke early because we'd gotten to bed early and everyone was packed by 8am.  Here's Steve's interpretation of the morning...

After getting up and getting the bikes packed up in our motel suite in Calais, Maine, we decided to try the diner next door for some much needed sustinence. We all orderd the usual fair and being diet concious as I am, I ordered the combination omlette (no potatoes)!  The meal took forever to get to the table.  Herb thought the cook was threatening the chicken too much to lay eggs and it couldn't work under the pressure.  After breakfast, we all went back to the motel for final preperations and to drop some kids off at the pool.  We thought we were ready to go, but all of a sudden, breakfast decided to leave the building.  Joe had to use Herb's room to go as I had my bathroom occupied.  As soon as I was done, Herb ran in.  Finally, at 11am we hit the road.

After about 20 or 30 miles down the road toward Lincoln, a slight pain appeared in my intestinal tract. The pain was intermittent and building... At some point it occured to me that a problem was brewing and I was sure I was at Defcon-4.  Just before I felt it nessesary to speed up and give Herb the "need a reststop signal", we came into a small town and Herb pulled into the Irving gas station for fuel. As was thinking I was at Defcon-3 at this point, it was a welcome sight.  I took the opportunity to top-up and went in to pay my 6 bucks. As I was waiting for my turn to pay, I was thinking to myself about the lady in front of me, "will you friggn hurry up and collect you goods, grab your Big Gulp and get the hell out of my way, don't you know I'm at Defcon-2!"

As I was waiting patiently almost ready to throw the cash at the attendant, she left and I settled up. I then made a bee line to the facilities. Upon entering I noted that it was a single washroom not multiple stalls, this proved to be a blessling but the opportunity to blame the stench on someone else was lost.  Somewhere between undoing my pants and dropping my drawers, I went to Defcon-1 and some asshole pushed the friggin button!  OMG! I never quite made the seat and I stood hovering over the crapper with a look of horror and all I could think was "did I have corn?"... Oh yeah, that was last night.  About then I heard Joe pounding on the door. "Hey Steve, hurry up"!  Now the pressure was on to clean up the mess so my buddy Joe could use the can, which at this point, was a disaster zone!  A real Gong Show!

After cleaning up the friggin washroom, I made it somewhat presentable for Joe. I left the washroom with a sheepish look on my face and just afte Joe entered the washroom, I heard him exclaim "holy crap, its like Auschwitz in here!" I ran for the door!  Herb, after waiting for Joe to come out for air, went in...he came out a short time later and asked me if I cleaned up my back... I have no idea what he was talking about...  Bubba was the only one not to share in the experience and thus missed this rare oppertunity.  Guess I owe my buds a courtesy sniff...  I guess the moral of this story is to forget the gas, get the important shit done first.

We ran across some great winding roads across north central Maine to the border.  It was nice not to be on the interstate style roads for a change.  On the map, it didn't look like there were any towns to speak of on the route after Lincoln, so we topped up our tanks just in case.  Our concern was not necessary though as we passed through many of the typical towns in this region that had all the ammenities but still with that out in the middle of nowhere feeling.  At one point we needed to make a detour across back country roads because of a bridge that was out, which actually ended up saving us some time.  Again today we saw a few Can-Am Spyders, which we've seen a lot of in the US, at least a half dozen a day.  We rolled into a little town called Kingfield, which wasn't even on the map yet was large enough to have a big Inn, gas station and a great little restaurant where we grabbed some lunch prior to the last stretch to the border an hour away.  Not long after leaving Kingfield a little rain started so we stopped to put on our raingear.  On this road to the border we came into the Maine mountains around the Sugarloaf skiing area, which had some great winding roads and scenery.  At the border the Canada customs guy called us all up at once, which was a bit unusual.  He asked us for our passports and then chatted with us about the riding.  He asked where we were from and when Joe told him he was from Pickering, he said he didn't know what Pickerings, and didn't care for that matter while laughing away.  He was a funny guy.

The scenery in this part of Quebec is amazing and reminded me a lot of Germany with it's rolling hills of forests and farm fields with low mountains in the distance.  Even the houses and the restaurants looked European.

Originally we were going to camp near Granby, but the long day of riding saw us wanting to cut our day short and grab a hotel/motel in Sherbrooke as it was just after 6pm already.  We figured it would be a good place to stop as it's a nice small city and would have some stuff to do for the evening.  I used the GPS to search for a hotel near the downtown area and the one we rolled up to looked pretty posh and ultra-modern.  Bubba went in to see if they had any rooms and what they would cost.  Meanwhile, Joe and I rolled our eyes at the very loud group of 4 people outside the hotel wearing Harley shirts.  Bubba came out and said there was just 2 rooms available and they were $330 a piece, so we jumped back on the bikes and kept searching.  We passed a good looking motel, but it looked packed and there had to be a hundred motorcycles parked in the lot.  We continued up the road and went into the Delta, where there was even more motorcycles all over the place...just as our luck would have it, the Annual Canadian National HOG rally was on...there were no rooms anywhere in this city...just loud f*cking Harleys and their loud obnoxious owners.  We decided to get back on the autoroute to the next nearest town that my GPS said there was lodgings at, which was Magog.  We followed the GPS to a place listed as a hotel called Auberge something or other, which turned out to be an retirement residence.  Our luck was shit today, probably stemming from Steve's earlier escapade.  We continued into the downtown area and were amazed to see a nice little town bustling with people, mostly tourists...that could only mean one thing...no rooms...but, as luck would have it, we found a nice little gem right in the centre of town called the Hotel Union.  Bubba said it was a step up from a place he stayed at in NY as it had no blood on the carpet.  This place was a classic!  Stepping up to the counter, I expected the guy to ask me how many hours I wanted the room for.  Paint was cracking and falling off the walls and ceiling, both in the hallways and the rooms.  Each of our four rooms had different wall coverings in the showers, with Joe's done in a classy aluminum siding and Bubba's in a more original unfinished green waterproof gypsum board.  Nice!

We got cleaned up and met up with each other at the bar/casino/pool hall.  We had a few drinks, while waiting for Joe who went to a laundromat to wash his boots, which were stinking up a storm from getting wet a couple of days earlier.  He got them out of the washer and into the dryer, but they were making such a racked that they caught the manager's attention.  Joe...and his boots...got kicked out before they dried.   He got back to the bar and we had a few more drinks, all of which turned out to be really inexpensive, and then went looking for food.  It turned out that all the restaurants close their kitchens at 10pm, and as it was a quarter after there was nothing available anywhere.  After trundling around the main street for a while, we found a diner that was serving until 2am.  The meal was actually quite good...most of us having chicken, which is a Quebec delicacy.  The town had some sort of festival going on, which explained all the people in town.  We wandered around for a bit then headed back to the hotel for some much needed shut eye.
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