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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Good news: the only reason I taken ibuprofen has returned and thus I am greatly relieved. Stupid body. Relief too.

Let myself lie around a bit this morning. Heater makes me too hot, no heater makes the mornings too chilly. I'm going to have to strike a balance. Had soup breakfast downstairs while Esther, probably not in the best of moods, wiped down all the surfaces and swept the floor.

I decided I'd go out and wander about 11, so spent a couple hours formatting the Conservation essay, adding diagrams and making sure citations were in order and such like. Still watching Firefly and thinking of doing a sketch up.

Went out at about 11:30, mostly done the essay, to walk down Cotham Hill. I stopped in a bookstore, didn't find anything I liked, walked up Whiteladies as far as the Downs (which I've driven through but not walked across. Calum and Jonathan and anyone living in Stoke Bishop walks the Downs daily). When I came back I went through a few more stores, even tried on some jeans, but I didn't buy anything. I came back for lunch at about 1 and had some soup with sandwich for lunch with Fiona.

Took a break to so some reading, watching, another essay draft. I've fancied doing a bit of baking while I have ingredients. Esther got me some sultans so I made up Welsh cakes. On first go round, let's just saw our hob and pots are horrid and I burnt a few (more for me to eat) and they aren't as sweet as I think I'd like and I'd add more fruit, maybe currants. Currants sound like a good idea I think. Also made some apple dumplings a bit heavy on the dough (too tacky but still good) and like on the fruit portion. I went upstairs to wait for these to finish and heard Amy come home. Turns out she didn't get funding for her MSc nor did half her class, but she got a better offer. It wasn't what she was expecting at all and it means she can stay in Bristol and do something she loves. It never turns out that way and I'm very glad for her.

Had dinner a bit later to find Blandine had already made all the lasagna. Wow. I was going to help but she was done. I ate my dinner quietly, having already shared a bit of apple dumpling with Amy. I've now finished watching Firefly and I'll have to resort to something else. Jurassic Park is on my list because I have *sigh* never actually seen it. Also Titanic. Also Phantom of the Opera. All these classics i"m being deprived of.

In that hour before dinner I started a sketch of Kite. I don't really like it but I took a photo of it and hung it on my wall as a reminder that I can in fact improve and do this. It's Kite circa TCM2 when she has a job. That particular outfit is not really important, but it's described somewhat in one part of it. I'm really not great with the whole drawing clothes thing, but I'll work on it. Also the song project has not left my head but is a might bit harder of late.

Daphne, Blandine, Esther and I all went to the Pantomime tonight. Free and at the Union, and Lucy was in it, good motivation. It was quite interesting to say the least. I thought it was halarious, if painful in portions. Any part they sang in was dreadful: most keep pitch, some painfully so. The acting was okay - remember the guy from Monday who is doing an Ancient History dissertation? Oh yah he was there - the jokes were very risky at points, but all in all it was good fun. Esther and I left directly after and spoke on our way home about a rumour we've heard in our flat and the validity of that, and the repercussions of our making dinner and dessert tomorrow. I need to make a card come to think of it. We made ourselves some tea - mine stronger than usual - and went to bed.

That's where I am now. I feel catching up on sleep would be good. I think I'm going to do a last and final read through of this essay which I will wake up early to print tomorrow, clean room and get ready for Sara to come over, we'll read for a bit (for those of you who know, tomorrow I'm reading the part from TCM1 where they have the meeting in the office, and probably the part after that which is the broken leg) which excites me, go for lunch at the Crypt, dishes of course, come back here and either Sara will join me or I'll start cooking some of the dinner on my own, and we'll eat and hang out at 6. My parents are calling after then, and of course there's always sketches and editing to do. Saturday will be dedicated to doing all of the Conservation notes, perhaps delving into Marine if I get quick enough.

For now, an edit of the essay and edit of TCM3 (Steve, I may in fact have it done-ish whenever you finish TCM2. Don't rush), maybe open up some history of Al'terra and have a go at that. Good fun.

Lots of love and Canadian folk music to you,

Flickerkite (Kite)
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