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Trip Start Jan 18, 2012
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I woke up at 1:30am to Skype Candice but alas the internet fails us again and it was not to be. Too bad. I went back to bed and reawoke at 7:30 to get dressed and grab breakfast. Tom G was downstairs early again and I asked him how his first day of placement was. Normally we don't see him till afternoon because he has late nights so it's a change. He's enjoying it. I ended up putting all the dishes away away and Tom had to remind me that my porridge was getting cold. Oh well. I slipped out of the kitchen with breakfast as everyone else came in.

Last night was NCIS's 200th episode and I do still keep up with the show. I've conceded I don't care enough about Glee or NCIS LA or even HIMYM while I'm here, but NCIS and Big Bang Theory I'm keeping tabs on. Great episode. Such a fan-tease in my mind. Just enough Mcabby to keep everyone drooling.

Acquisition again is the morning slog of a class, only improved on by the depressing concepts in Conservation: today we found out what awful impacts rounds are having on patch landscapes. I retreated to the library in my one hour break and started doing through books for my essay. To my ridiculous surprise, there's not 2 books here but at least 7. And I grabbed two on big cats. I think Janelle would absolutely be in her element her. For sure. Anyone in love with Elephant, Primates, and strangely Bats would have found more books than they could ever want. I love libraries so much but usually as a solitary venture. I ended up taking out my first library book out about Otter Ecology, written in '89 but it should have a lot of what I need.

Parasite was all about different classes of Platyhelminthes (Elya rejoices) and I regret not bringing the invertebrate notes she generously gave me, not that I think they'd be any use but a conmort for sure. She regaled us with videos I purposefully did not watch but read about valentines day food in the Vancouver Sun instead. Maybe not my best choice of articles, but I'd already read everything about the Canucks to date. I'm pleasantly surprised that the Jets are ahead of Montreal in the Eastern standings. Interesting indeed.

I came home for lunch at 1, as is becoming a habit and sat quietly and listened to everyone for the most part. We had a round table discussion regarding the Queen and what we think of her. Being a rather detached Canadian, I have less of an opinion. My government doesn't throw as much money at her as Britain and I don't see her doing any harm to me, so I have no particular opinion. Others however are more vocal. I ate my soup.

After lunch I was feeling rather massively unwell but Sara was coming over so I laid down for a rest and started watching Dark Knight (trying to catch up on my popular movie lacking). It didn't take long until I did indeed feel better. With a text message I let her in, made some tea and had a bit of a chat with Nik and went upstairs.

I'm going to take and aside to say how I feel about Nik. Feelings! Ick! I met Nik knowing he had a long-term girlfriend he was very devoted to and the more I get to know him, the more awesome I think he is and therefore he must have an amazing girlfriend. It just has to be true. We share a sense of humour and get along conversationally well. It reminds me to the way I met Steve (who I know reading this with acute dedication): the more I got to know him and his awesomeness, the more I was convinced he must have the most fantastic girlfriend. It's true: he does. And they're getting married days after I come home. Very similar feelings and two really really great guys.

We talked about how classes were going and heating issues we've both had, travelling we're doing, and eventually we got to the writing part. I tried to get her to go first, but apparently she's reading shy haha so I started. Unfortunately my first segment (TCM doesn't have chapters) is six pages. Anyways, I read for a while and got better as I went on: I'm not shy reading to a friend, but I do censor a bit if only because I used profanity a bit in my intro and don't like saying it.  Then Sara went and she's a very good reader and I really love her work: description, thrown into the action immediately. It really inspired me to do a bunch of revision on TCM1 and then TCMa. We chatted briefly, then she did the following POV in her story which was a nice change. I then did Timethy's POV, which gives a different side.

She went home for dinner but it was really good and I hope we do. Now I have to go read her writing blog. Fantastic. I went to grab dinner and there's been lots of discussion in the kitchen about drawing I'm not allowed to repeat, and I eventually I settled down for more soup, hopefully finish some petty chores, and plan the rest of my week? I'm catching up, somewhat reluctantly on Glee. I'm not a fan, I just feel obligated to follow the story.

We were having a discussion in the museum earlier this week that I was thinking about: ideal dates. Probably because I remarked I think a museum is a totally fine. I get a similar feeling of wonder in a library that I do in a museum, except we could probably agree that a library isn't much of a date.

I was sitting in my room writing this and now dealing with the possibility that BIOL354 (better known to us as Evo Devo, or Bates 3, or the awful requirement) might not be offered next year. This is a hitch in plans in many ways because a lot of people who have depended on that course being offered every year may have to wait an extra year. Me, not so much because I was thinking of doing a fifth year anyways, but I did want to do Evo Devo asap in case of the very real possibility of failing. After all, it is a Bates class. I wrote an appeal to Dr. Boon who oversees scheduling to see if it were true, and if so, to please reconsider. I had Amy read it for professionalism and clarity and I sent that away. Maybe I'll get a response.

Sarah said she thought she heard Guy come home, so we all raced out with our cards and my camera and Nik lit the candles (even though there's an open flame ban, we thought five seconds wasn't too big a deal) and pounded on his door. Actually pounded, five of us just knocking. He didn't open up for the longest time and we worried he would never come out, but he did and looked a little bashful for it, but we dragged him out downstairs and cut up the cakes. I had a lovely chocolate cake and a piece of white. he thanked us for the cards and after he washed our dishes! Even when we told him to Well, I know he got my card because he thanked me and I think he had a good time. I'm satisfied.

Anyways, tomorrow I'm going to (I hope) write a first draft of my Sea Otter paper, go through some charity shops to see if anything's cheap and perhaps walk into Clifton, depending on how busy it is, perhaps go to the AGM (but I doubt it), and go for a Cider evening. I might also work on Valentines Day cards, or at least card ideas, for everyone here in the flat.

I love and miss you guys tons, I try to email back when I have interesting things to say but bug me all the same if I accidentally miss someone!

Massive amounts of love and cuddles,

Flickerkite (Kite)

P.S. I've had a particular request for this week's video: if you have any requests of things to say, do, or show you, please comment!

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