The Almost Perfect Lunch

Trip Start Jan 18, 2012
Trip End Jun 27, 2012

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Flag of United Kingdom  , England,
Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm out of banana and I promise I will fix that on Sunday. Breakfast just isn't the same without it. Did my put away dishes routine and shared breakfast with Esther. Made my way, reluctantly, to my 9am class. It's a bit of an issue to sit through because he reads directly from his notes so, nice as he is, I'm really just reading about how blue jays prefer white beetles to black beetles when camouflaged appropriately.

After that class me and Viv found out something that's been troubling us since the beginning of the week. There is a secret passage between Geography and Biology! It's much faster and a lot less cold especially given our current weather. At first it was a bewildering set of tunnels and stairs, but once we got it, it led straight to lecture hall B37 where Marine is. Apparently not everyone knew it changes halls on Friday, so some came back in embarrassment, but it was a lovely class of primary producers and ocean flow with a lot of academic reference. Yawn. I accidentally started playing cell phone games while Jonathan texted to see if we're still meeting up for lunch (yep, like every Monday and Friday).

In Parasite, notorious to me now for being both very stimulating and at the same time incredibly disturbing, we are still working on nematodes and as she describes them and then shows very graphic video,  I very purposefully read the Globe and Mail and Castanet to get a feel for the news at home. I read a few of the university type articles and tried not to vomit. Fascinating as this is, I really don't need to see the videos to get the point. Honestly.

After class I came home, threw down my bag, and finished an episode of Big Bang Theory, and read some notes. After addressing my mail, I headed out to the post office and bought six stamps and sent off the letters into the great beyond! If you are getting a letter, it should come to you in the next six weeks (lol) but hopefully within the next two.

Came back up the hill and dipped into the Crypt for lunch. Sat down and was joined by Bas, a friend of Amy's who is doing training in Foundation. We had a nice chat and I was introduced to Jonah who insisted he had nothing to do with a whale and pinned my accent as Western Canadian right on the spot, pretty mad for only hearing three sentences. I was at least impressed. We chatted for a bit until Jonathan arrived and they dissolved, leaving us to eating our ham sandwiches, sweet potato bacon soup, and chocolate loaf in peace. We talked for a long while. Martin joined us; we exchanged news of the week and talked about military service and previous jobs and the differences in food. (Jonathan is from Singapore). Even when Martin left we talked a long while, about an hour and a half because neither of us had class following and only really left because they were stacking up the chairs.

When we left, someone we got talking about his bike and how he needed to get a new lock for it and when we got to the bike rack, it wasn't there. What had started out as a bit of a joke about bikes being stolen had come dreadfully true. We went back to tell Martin what had happened and he decided to go report it to campus security, then file a police report. I offered if he wanted to swing by the flats on his way back - Stoke-Bishop is a bit of a walk and all - he could come by. I've been feeling really awful about it ever since and praying a lot. There's not a lot that can be done with a stolen bike, I know that, but we're praying about it in the flat.

Immediately after, I hoovered (vacuumed) my room and then the entire corridor. It looks much nicer. It was also a good time to just pray and think and pray more.

I've completed most of this stats report. By finish, I mean format. I had the numbers crunched a few days ago. I think they want a lot of copy and paste and I'm used to higher standards which is weird now. I'm just going to have Amy look at it to make sure I've followed the directions correctly according to her interpretation. I was going to grab dinner downstairs when Jonathan called me and thanked me for praying for him and told me he'd filed a report with the police. It's unlikely they can do anything. Oh well, it was kind of him to call me. Also now I know what my ringtone sounds like.

Went downstairs and made myself quite a lot of rice, most of which I boxed for future projects (notably my soup later this week), and ate it with new sweet and sour sauce and my beloved chopsticks, every last grain. The usual group was down there: Daphne, Blandine, Amy, Charlotte, Tom G, and Esther. Everyone was equally as upset about the bike being stolen. We talked about that and digressed into talking about weird families and strange names and inheritance. I finished by rice, stowed my things and came upstairs.

I think the Marine report is done and I'm going to stay up to have a late night snack and read some notes, or possibly edit. I'm currently looking for a great (and affordable) lunch in South Kensington for tomorrow. I don't just want to eat average food. Ideally I'd love some good fish and chips. I have to remember to charge my camera too before I go. I know Julia and Molly will be both be there but I might walk on my own. I tend to see more that way. We'll see what comes of it.

As you can see, an almost perfect lunch? It was really nice up until the last bit :(

Tomorrow is London, 8:30 pick up at the Hawthornes. Rumour has it it's going to snow and that may impede us. Oh England and it's interpretation of snow. How cute. I promise I'll take many pictures, as I always attempt to do when seeing new things. I don't take more pictures of boring things or things you've already seen.

Tons of love from me to you!

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