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Trip Start Jun 05, 2008
Trip End Jun 14, 2009

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We got to work today all refreshed after yesterday's early finish and a good night's sleep. We had our daily pep talk and headed out to grab our trolleys and start cleaning rooms. At this point I'm going to tell you a little more about yesterday's induction meeting. There are codes of conduct for employees of daydream these codes include The 2 Metre Rule. If a guest is over 2m away you must greet them silently; a nod or a wave but always with a smile. If a guest is within the 2m range you must verbally acknowledge them. Ask them how they're doing or if you can be of any assistance. Always try to engage them in conversation. This is not for me, it's bad enough I have to clean their shitty toilets for 8hrs a day, I certainly don't give a crap how much their enjoying their time whilst I'm gagging over their skid marks. I already know how much fun they've had. I cleaned up the sodding aftermath!

Back to the point. Once Katie and I had stocked our trolley we headed to the lift to get to our rooms. The lifts only go three floors and they do it really quickly. We had to get from the 3rd floor to the 1st, so when the doors closed I thought I'd surprise Katie by grabbing hold of her and snatching a sneaky kiss. Mid - clinch, the lift suddenly halted on the 2nd floor. Oops. We quickly composed ourselves before the doors opened and a woman whom obviously hadn't long got out of bed stepped in. We stifled our sniggers and the woman could obviously sense that something had been going on before she walked in. Something about yesterday's talk must have stuck with Katie, I managed to smile politely and avoid further eye contact. Katie, at eight o'clock in the morning blurts out "Hi. How are you? Are you having a nice day?"
"I'm good thanks. I haven't long got up though" the lady replied. That should have been enough. Small talk over. Not for Katie. "Oh well, today is to be....." long pause, her brain obviously scrabbling for a suitable ending to this obscenely unnecessary statement, "....enjoyed!!" The atmosphere in the lift was painful and it seemed to be moving slower than ever. 10 seconds felt like 2 hours. Three of us were stood in the lift unable to look each other in the eye, the silence was unbearable. When the doors finally opened and the woman stepped out we collapsed to our knees in fits of laughter. I don't know how this reads, maybe you had to be there but it was so funny. The best Katie-ism for ages.

We laughed our way through the rest of the day and somehow, managed to finish our rooms by 1 o'clock. We headed back to the office and they asked us to change our days off, have tomorrow off and work the weekend to help them through the busy period. We agreed, but only if we can catch the 1.20pm ferry home. Done deal. Woohoo! Some of the guys were going to meet up for drinks tonight as some of them are leaving Daydream and moving on. As we don't have to get up for work, we invited them around to our place for drinks. A much more affordable option for our wages. They agreed and we ended up moving all our furniture out on to the balcony to accommodate our guests. Sofa, dining chairs, the lot. We swapped cleaning stories and a good night was had by all. I think!? I'm afraid I was very, very drunk!

See Ya x

Thursday 7th August - Headaches and Hot tubs!!

Oh my god! What happened? What day is it? Where's the water? How did we get to bed? What time? Where's the water? My head hurts! Where's the water? What day is it? We've all been there. No school!! WOOHOO! Ouch, my head hurts. Uuuuuuurrrrrrgh.

Breakfast, coffee, a show of bravado in the the form of a trip to the laundry room, more coffee and dark glasses. We weren't in the mood for much today, day off or not. As someone once said "Today is to be enjoyed!". We gathered our muddled heads and decided to spend the day relaxing by the pool and topping up our tans. (Yes, we have a pool, and a hot tub!) Much of the day was taken up by sunbathing and reading interrupted by the occasional bout of arsing about in the water like a couple of teenagers.

Not much to report really, well, nothing I can write about anyway. Did I mention the hot tub? No? Oh well.......go figure it out yourselves. Wink wink.

Cheerio x

Friday 8th August

A very busy day at work. Tired but determined to make something of our Friday night, we bagged the left-over wine from Wednesday's gathering and a couple of mugs, we headed down to the picnic area on the beach to watch the sun set. Queensland has strange laws when it comes to the consumption of alcohol in public areas hence the choice of mugs over wine glasses. We still don't know the rules for certain so we went into stealth mode. Queensland has strange laws about everything really but I'm not ready to launch into a rant about that just yet.

Two glasses, sorry, mugs of wine later the sun had set and, as usual, took all our energy with it. It still gets dark at 6pm here so it feels a bit like work, bed,work, bed. I don't need to tell you what it's like, I believe you have winters too. We can't wait for the evenings to start drawing out. It's beautiful in the day but the nights are cold. We have to wear jumpers some evenings, unbelievable! I've even seen Katie put socks on one time, it was that cold. I'm rambling. We had a nice evening and an early night.

The end x

Saturday 9th August

Haven't got a clue. Work was super hectic, I remember that much. I don't suppose much happened. Work and bed I think.

Sunday 10th August

Nope, can't remember. I think I've blocked it from memory. Work was horrid. Out of 296 rooms, we ran at 87% occupancy. About 12 cleaners? If that many. Hang on. One day on the way home everyone saw a hump back whale.Everyone except us. Katie saw a dolphin one morning too. I didn't. They'll probably be like kangaroos, I won't see one for weeks and suddenly I'll be sharing my breakfast with them every day! You should see the little Joeys in their mums' pouches. A truly amazing sight. Cheeky buggers they are.
We really need a day off now. Sooo tired, and our backs are starting to ache from scrubbing baths and making beds all day now. It still beats picking aubergines though. Maybe Tuesday will be our day off, the rosta says we're working until next Saturday but I'll be speaking to the manager in the morning. That wasn't the deal we made.

Goodnight all, Katie's already snoring (It's 8.00pm!)

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