The Big Apple....

Trip Start May 20, 2012
Trip End May 28, 2012

Flag of United States  , New York
Friday, May 25, 2012

Arrived in New York late on thursday night and took a taxi to our accomodation in Manhattan. The taxi driver was retarded and could not keep his foot still on the accelerator. At this stage Jono was not feeling good at all and by the time we reached the hostel he was full on into the flu.

 Day 1
We decided that jono needed to rest as a result of having the flu so we did not venture far at all and stayed at our hostel all day watching movies and snacking. A short stroll to the drug store was all that we accomplished to get some pain relief drugs for Jono. However we did find one of New Yorks many market stores and ventured inside after the appealing fresh fruit displayed on the sidewalk. This was called Westside market and inside we were amazed at the variety of fresh produce, fruit, cheese, bread, meat etc available in such a small store. Unlike NZ supermarkets this was like our farmers markets squeezed inside a small store, amazing.

 Day 2
Today we needed to get out and see the city. Jono was feeling better and still had his pain killers for his headach and feaver. We walked from our hostel downtown to Times Square to pick up our New York Attractions Pass from Planet Hollywood. Firstly we visited Madame Tusauds wax museum, which was pretty cool. Anita was very sacred when we entered the scream house which was supposed to be scary but was like 10m long and not scary at all. From here we caught the hop on hop off bus around the corner to the Empire State Building. Outside was a massive line but we decided to line up and 10 minutes later we were inside the front door but there were more lines inside and more lines on the next floor (tickets office) and security and for the elevator. 3 hours later we made it to the 86th floor observatory. After wasting the majority of the day to go up a building, we caught the bus further down town towards the 9/11 memorial. To actually see this you have to book so we just walked through the area and admired the new World trade towers being constructed. We were too late to catch the ferry to the Statue of Liberty so we ventured into the subway and caught it back to our hostel, easy mate.

Day 3
We caught the subway early down to South Ferry to make sure we caught one of the first ferries over to the Statue of Liberty. Apart from the statue itself there is not alot else to look at on the island but unfortunatley for us they were part way through some restoration work on the base platform so we could not go up inside the statue to the top of her crown. The ferry then took us to Ellis Island where the immigration museum is and it was interesting learning about early New York settlers. Next we returned to Times Square to do a bit more exploring, including the M&M's store. After bustling our way around the Times Square, avoiding the street vendors (one of which decided that I was a rapper and should be called MC McLovin' just to get our attention), we made our way to the Museum of National History on the west side of Central Park. Here we made our way around the planitarium part of the museum first. We spent alot of time here because we did not have a map and the museum turned out to be a bit of a maze (i.e. we may have been a bit lost). Pretty much the best museum we have ever been too. Anita had a blast showing me all the displays from things she teaches in class, and she wished she could take he classes there. Back to our hostel and down the road for Taco's.

Day 4
We flew out of New York later in the day but not till 10:30pm so we basically had the whole day in the city. We didn't want to venture too far so we went for a walk through Central Park and ended up walking the whole length of the park. This was an amazing escape from the concrete of the city and we had never seen so many runners and cyclist. It did happen to be Memorial Day so I think the majority of the people in the city were outside enjoying the sunshine. Good Bye New York. 

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Tyron on

Far out that's a massive pizza! Look forward to seeing you both in a few weeks :)

jono.anita87 on

Yup, it was pretty good considering it cost us $ well spent. Caught up with Alex today and looking forward to seeing you in London.....such an awesome city.

Susan on

Some great pics in there - especially the one where Anita is wearing whitesocks with her jandals (oh, whoops think they're golf tan lines)
I am glad Jono is feeling better, drugs are good eh:-)
NZ markets are nothing compared to what you'll see over there. Sounds like you are getting some good kms of walking in. ... onto to england now?

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