European Mass Tourism

Trip Start Apr 18, 2010
Trip End Jul 07, 2010

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Flag of Spain  , Balearic Islands,
Monday, May 10, 2010

I spent my first day here in Sant Antoni taking care of necessities. I went to the grocery store only to discover it had just opened for the season so they didn't have a lot of items to choose from yet, but one thing's for sure, they love Heinz products. Finding internet proved to be more of an obstacle. I walked almost a mile to one pub rumored to have WiFi only to find it wasn't working. But while I was there I noticed another customer eating a cheeseburger and french fries and I just couldn't take it anymore, so I broke down and ordered one too. It was pretty good for a Spanish version of an American cheeseburger. And they actually brought me a real coke, with plenty of ice! Finally, a decent lunch and at a reasonable price.

The place with the WiFi finally got their internet up and running so I can now use my laptop, but it's almost a mile walk each way lugging my computer so I hope everyone is enjoying reading my travel blog. It's a lot of work! I've got to take the photos and the videos, transfer them to my laptop, GPS locate all of them, sort them, back them up, choose the best ones, transcode the videos, then write the blog entries, and figure out how to upload everything. Next time I think I'll bring along a BA (Blog Assistant) LOL! Any volunteers?

After the sun went down I headed out to explore the nightlife. My first stop was a British Restaurant which honestly was the only place with any people in it at all. The menu was also reasonably priced so I enjoyed a nice grilled Swordfish dinner while I watched the tourists sing karaoke. After dinner I stopped by another local pub for a quick beer and met the Swedish owner. He told me about the seasonal grand opening of a popular nightclub happening just down the street, so we both headed over there to check it out. 

Peppers 2 is your typical small tourist bar with a dance floor and DJ. Just one of hundreds in town all opening up within the next couple of weeks. There are also 3 of the largest clubs in the world located here that will open up for the season at the end of May. One club holds 10,000 people! Most of you know I'm not a big club goer so I could care less about a club holding 10 people, much less one that holds 10,000. I was told it's 50€ just to get in, and beers sell for 15-20€. Screw that! All these other clubs are playing the exact same music anyway. If I here "I got a feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas one more time I'm going to shoot myself in the head. I must have heard it a half dozen times, just tonight!

This bar owner I was hanging with has been coming here for over 30 years since he was a kid with his parents, and was a wealth of information about the island. OK here's the scoop. Ibiza, just like the other tourist hotspots of southern Portugal, France, Italy, and Greece, all operate the same way which he dubbed European Mass Tourism. Each Summer tens of thousands of young people ages 15-25 come to the beach cities to party in the bars and dance to hip hop and rap music. Yes, that's right, nobody checks IDs here so girls as young as 15 years old who are here on vacation with their parents sneak out or are actually given permission from their parents to go drinking and dancing in the clubs. Unbelievable!

And these kids don't have a lot of money so the bars serve them the cheapest booze you can possibly imagine. As I mentioned in an earlier entry, all the popular brands have been ripped off and are being sold in similar bottles with similar labels. In the dark you can't tell the difference! Honestly, I think if it were legal to sell rubbing alcohol to kids, these bars would do it. Terrible! And your choice of liquors are very limited. For Vodka it's either Smirnoff as the "premium" brand or the cheap knockoff. Ketel One? Grey Goose? Forget it! Crown Royal? Patron? Not happening. He DID have Jack Daniels, so really the only decent thing I could order was a good old Jack and Coke.

So you would assume all the young people who come here to work would make good money over the summer season, right? Wrong! The average wage for a bartender here is about 1,500€ a month! Factor in rent, food, and the money they spend partying after work and they basically end up with nothing. They all just come here to drink, do drugs, and get laid. But at least the worker kids get days off. The bar owners and managers work nonstop 15 hours a day, seven days a week, for 7 months!

So, to sum it all up, in my opinion European Mass Tourism = Crap! (Sigh!) Maybe I'm just getting old…..
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Ginny Vickers on

Hi John,

Just wanted you to know that I have been reading and enjoying the blog. If you're buying, I'm happy to go along next time as your BA! Just let me know when we're going. ;-) I like how you've described all the frustrations of travel and how expensive everything is. I get so frustrated with the excessive costs when I'm traveling. We went to NYC in April and I had a $26 friggin turkey sandwich because it was 11:30pm and I just didn't care anymore!

Anyway, I'll be looking forward to your next post!

Take care,

Becky Williams on

Hey John!

Thanks for your previous reply about the 3D glasses, no biggie, I'm enjoying the other pictures. And the blog. I love to travel because I love history and culture, but the fustrations of getting to/from are sometimes unbearable, just to happen up on a little gold mine of place!

Have fun!


Arian Pombo on

To know better Ibiza try, I hope be interesting for you.

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