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Trip Start Nov 19, 2007
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Flag of United States  , Virginia
Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yahoooo! We arrived at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, VA.  WOW! a gorgeous beach on a gorgeous sunny day.  Andy breaks out the bikes for the first time.  Figures out how the pumps work and we set off to use bikes since 1990's!  We take to it like it was yesterday, well almost.  These Raleigh bikes we bought at Pawling Cycle are fantastic.  Heavy enough to bring us back to being the kids we really are! We get leveled and set Maudie up comfortably and head on out on the trails. We had envisioned ourselves driving the RV to a camp site and using the bikes as our real mode of transpo once stopped.  We had begun to question our decision in the DC area as everything was far and on major highways.  Now here in gentle Virginia Beach camping on sand just over the dune from the beach itself!  We take off on our bikes, back pack on, to go to the grocery store.  Chilly winds sting our ears and knuckles but we are feeling free and nothing else matters!!  The Park Ranger gal told us how to get the right trails to weave our way into a shopping plaza by bicycle. Very cool!  We loaded our back pack with groceries and head on out to "home" before sundown. 

Appetizers of goat cheese, smoked salmon, onions, celery sticks and cottage cheese set us up for an hour while the rice cooks. Dinner of shrimp and veggie stir fry with short grain brown rice tastes terrific after a few hours of riding in the brisk autumn air.  The extra space from giving a few things away has offered us more order in our little world.  Feeling better and better as I get more organized.  Andy and I feeling this is our home.  We finally are not saying "home" and meaning 12 Lakeview Drive but meaning here, now, in our RV. 

I notice how Andy and I are being more gentle and considerate as we learn to live in tiny quarters.  The more organized I get the less tiny this home seems.  I still have a few bags to sort out and find places for or give more stuff away.  Each item must have its own place and needs to be put back in its place every time it is used.  Perfect for my type of playing house...a bit more challenging for my Andy Man as he likes having everything all around him.  Order in disorder sort of thing.  He keeps a shop in order and tidy so I think this entire RV will become like his shop.

Andy made a few bowls before selling his tools to Vinny.  We are using his wooden bowls almost exclusively!!  Absolutely perfect!  The two of us are blending our natural aspects and talents to be creating a lovely way of living.  Falling in love with each other as we share and respect space and differences more than ever before.  Play and adventure and relying on each other is awakening our human frailty and vulnerable sides.  This is the side that allows for falling in love and staying there!  Of course!  How have I missed it all these years?

Overcast and a tad chilly here at the ocean.  Maudie interested in playing as she tries to get my attention away from this blog.  Bikes await ... we need to bike over to the hardware store that has a P.O. in it and mail a few items. Beach awaits ... gotta take a walk before it rains.  Lynn...thanks for the tip on wet bike seats!  We have created shower caps for our bike seats and so thanks to you are riding dry!!! Thanks for all your wonderful entries....I will get more and more into the photo thing as I know how they are worth the 1000 words.

more later.....................................

6:05pm....a few minutes before an AA meeting on-line!  How cool is that? 
Biking for miles along the clean and wide roads here in Virginia Beach. They seem to have set up the roads and paths to make sure bikes are a way to get around!  Very excellent idea.  Tried to get to the Post Office that is apparently inside the hardware store, but lo, we either were on the wrong road or we didn't go quite far enough before turning around.  Realized that however the trip actually turns out, ie..whether we get to the PO or not, we enjoyed the ride so much it really is about the ride, not the destination!  Now that is living in the moment.  We will probably drive to the PO tomorrow...all business and get it done!

We put a little halter on Maudie which she barely resisted at continued on with building confidence by adding a leash...still no resistance....then I walked down our little steps and sat on the bottom stair with the door open.  Soon enough miss Maudie's curiosity got the better of her and she joined me outside on the step.  Then down she went onto the sandy earth and started looking all around!!!  We picked her up and headed for the beach a few hundred feet away over the wooden bridge so not to walk on the ever protecting dunes.  Maudie didn't go for the ocean and sand experience too much but it is her first time out and an ocean is much larger than Whaley Lake!!  Some dogs were on their way over so we headed back onto the wooden walkway....let Maudie down and she walked with grace and dignity the whole way back examining everything as she went!! After a lunch in the sun of salad and left overs we got to meet a farmer from Iowa.  He plants 2000 acres of soy beans and corn for diesel fuel!  What interesting folks here in the park. He and his wife come to VA Beach every year for her back therapy.  They have traveled all over the place and are veteran RVers.  We picked his brain till he moved on with his dog, Toby, to check out the boats off shore.

There was this odd guy who pulled in next to us with a livestock trailer filled with sheep.  All of a sudden, we look over and there's this crow that started grooming this one particular sheep (check out the photo). No showers here at the park so we will be christening our shower tonight.  Lots of hot water being heated right now so after my meeting....maybe a shower in our new world.  Will have to take all of Maudie's world out of the shower to use it but hey...its all in how you look at it.  To me a shower in the RV sounds so excellent, I'm happy to move some things to get the luxury! 

This is one heck of a campground!  Last night we heard wolves howling and baying at the moon (it was kinda spooky).  This morning we noticed two of them playing with each other and we happened to have our camera ready.  They seemed really friendly, but I'm not sure that Maudie would be safe around them. Time to log on to an on-line meeting!  bye for now................................jodie

Friday the 30th.    Woke up to a beautiful day with lots of sun.  We decided to take our first showers in the RV (no, these aren't our first showers since we left).  It was sort of a production since Maudie's litter box, food and water are all in the shower when we aren't using it, but "something" was telling us that it was time to check it out.  We both figured that we would run out of hot water before we were done rinsing off, but we took back to back (not literally, it's too small a shower) showers and there was still hot water left over.

Before we headed out we "watered" Maudie girl on the table.  What that is is giving her sort of an I.V. (but just under her fur) of a saline solution to rehydrate her.  After 20 years of pluggin along, her kidneys are failing her and she need to get more water than she can on her own.  It started out as a totally weird and creepy scene when we first started to have to do it a couple of months ago, but now, all three of us are cool with the procedure.  When it's over (it takes a couple of minutes), she likes to relax with a good rub down of catnip.

We took off for a long bike ride and ended up finding the post office that was located in an old style hardware store.  What memories..... it looked and smelled like the real thing, with large metal bins that held assorted nails, worn wooden floors and people that have probably worked there most of their lives.  It was just like Home Depot.

Then we cruised around the town for a while and ended up having a very tasty lunch at a Mexican restaurant.  After that, more biking, grocery shopping with the backpack and a trip back to the campground to tackle the "clothes problem".  The "clothes problem" is akin to the sayings "your eyes are too big for your stomach" or "it's like trying to fit 5 lbs. of flour into a 2 lb. sack".  In our case, we left NY with what we thought was the right amount of stuff.  We both figured that we would find space to put everything, after all, we were always able to find room for our clothes in the past.  So today was the day to decide what had to go and what could stay (for now).   It feels great to be able to use the closet now.  It may sound like an exaggeration, but everything might just as well have been sewn together, because we would just laugh when we tried to get anything to come outta there.  It was like one big piece of material, with some shoes glued in at the bottom.

That's enough for now.

5:30pm Sunday December 2nd

The biking here is truly fabulous...especially for us coming back to biking after so many years.  Andy and I are doing way better than we even expected.  Some sore butts and a few bruises from trying to get on and off in fanciful ways....but all in all we are in one piece and are ready for more!!!  Here are some shots of this wonderful 6 mile trail.
Maudie once again haltered up and took a great walk with us on the board walk.  She didn't seem too interested to get down onto the beach so we followed her lead around our campsite.  She is too beautiful and adoreable for words. Only pictures will do.

Andy has been working on getting our next stop organized.  It can be quite a computer challenge interfacing with maps, GPS units and all my peanut gallery comments as to what he is doing!!     

Time to make dinner and find out about another on-line meeting for my continued sanity.


Sunday @ 8:30

OK... here it is, confessions and appologies from the liar.  After numerous calls and emails from our loved ones, I must admit that the sheep story and the wolve story, with accompanying photos, were all a hoax!  I had no malicious desire to dupe anyone, but after a friend of ours (Ingrid) sent us this batch of cool pics, I figured...why not have some fun with them.  But now I'm feeling all guilty since so many people believed what I wrote.  So...sorry, just know that if you bought the b.s., you weren't alone.

I appreciate your trust and confidence in believing everything we say and once again, I am sorry and remorseful.  Now for the warning.  WARNING- I cannot guarantee that future fabrications will not take place.  Just keep this in mind -  if the pictures look too good for either Jodie or me to have taken them, the chances are that....well,  just follow your intuition. 

Oh yeah, one thing that Jodie failed to mention was the horrific site we witnessed in the parking lot this afternoon.  It seems that a traveling circus was passing through town and the main attraction, a gigantic gorilla escaped and molested one of the other campers.

Take care,

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jodieandandy on

Wolves!!! and Sheep!!!
How proverbial! Are you sure they weren't one in the same? Maybe wolves dressed up as sheep to get the grooming? 'You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose but you can't pick your friend's nose!' I guess this defys that saying!

betsypro on

Re: Wolves!!! and Sheep!!!

whaleyqt on

Rock on!
Oh my Gosh what incredible photos, when I first looked at them I thought they were stock photography.. BEAUTIFUL! As I read your blogs, I smile, yell to Deb to come look, miss you, love you and feel such joy and excitement for you both. Please say hello to Sass and Louise. Love you guys loads! QT

kopal74 on

wass up!
far out.. your blogs' the coolest thing, i'm here eating my cheetos and saying 'far out'..enjoy guys!

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