Otavalo para buscar un otavaleno claro

Trip Start May 24, 2007
Trip End Aug 02, 2007

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Flag of Ecuador  ,
Sunday, June 10, 2007

Saturday morning we got up to adventure with Dannys british friend Sue. 44 years old. 

we trekked about obs to san pablo lake and had some lunch by the lake, beautiful view, then we shopped in otavalo, got some good bargaining before heading toooo cotacatch the leather capital of the world and then stayed in this crazy hacienda with high ceilings and horses and live music and this wild drink that was hot and apply and alcoholic

loads of fun.

we did the obvious thing one does when one has access to a fire.  roasted marshmellos.

yes. even in ecuador this is how i like to spend my time.

in the morning we leisurely woke up and had some breakfast... i expertly avoided the pig products and the breakfast meats... as you may know i dont like breakfast meat of any kind, even if its turkey

oooooh the turkey
i forgot to mention the turkey

sooooo our hacienda, though it was 300 years old came with a ping pong table, and i being the tennis maven that i am took danny on... i dont think shes ever seen a girl play a sport aggressively and i told her its because i was raised by boys and she told me i should take some responsaiblity for my own personality...

anyways, we were playing and she hit the ball off the table so i went to go get it..

oh dear lord.  there where the ball lay was a turkey, in its nest

kikbjoidjf... i do not like birds and though i like to eat turkey i do not want anyyyyyything to do with a live turkey so i had to like shoo it away from its nest to get my pingpong ball

it was nasty.

anyways back to real life

so we drove back to quito without failing to stop and get some biscotchas, chirymoyas but alas no cuye.
biscotchas ' bisquites from this one town
chirymoyas ' i mean the best fruit that has ever been grown
cuye ' small rodent that is eaten in the highlands

then we went to the middle of the earth where i straddled the ecuador because you know, thats what you do... it was rockin{ went to a little cultural museum and then watched a lovely little show of {natives{ yessss felt like a real tourist.

we headed back to quito, explored the city via the art show in the parque and another outdoor market and then spent the rest of the night talking and relaxing after our vacay.

monday morning i woke up after 4 restless hours of sleep and grumpily flew home.  then i got in a big fight with my taxi driver, mostly because iw as grumpy but also because he was ripping me off and i knew it and i told him so and he didnt like that and then we got in a fight and finally i was like whatever but that}s rude and i live here and just because im white doesnt mean i dont know that you are totally rippiing me off and then he felt bad but then still ripped me off... jerk. whatevs.

anyways i was so so tired and my plane had been delayed because obviously... i dont think airlines are ever on time... at least this one wasnt cancelled like when i was in columbia... anyways i called work and by this time like everyone is already at their busiest and i talked to my boss and was like heeeyy should i come in or go directly to the hospital or like what are you thinking and he was like ummm why dont you relax today and come in fresh tomorrow and iw asl ike hiiii lets be best friends kkkk

so i napped and read the morning away and then went down town to give guayaquil one more chance as a city and mail someting and get some lunch and officially decided that there is nothing interesting here except for the extremely dirty slumlike character of it... never the less i had some pan de yuca and yogurt de guanabana and felt more satisfied even though it was in the park next to a sketchball with a machete. 

Dad, i know you say this is africa, but this is guayaquil is about the same...

came home, found out that my bathroomt is FINALLY working.  gracias... two and a half weeks later....

napped for another like two hours... went to dinner with marthita and then tried to stay awake for vivos, the show that my {brother{ is on... but just couldned... passedout andwoke up the next morning ready for work.
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bnickerson on

musician at the Ecador
When we were at the Ecaudor there was a musician of indeterminant age and gender who was playing six instruments at the same time. He/she had a three foot long braid, was 4' 6' tall and dark sun damaged leathery skin. She/he was playing a harmonica held by a head band, an accordion, a drum, an Ecuadorian flute, tamborines and a couple of other indescribable musical machines.
My question is: Is he/she still there? Did you give her/him a tip. Did you like the music?
Did you see any llamas?
Love Dad

bnickerson on

I burn my candle at both its ends
It casts a lovely light
but oh my foes and ohhh my friends
it lasts but half the night

sleep is good for you.
you need sleep
even when things are happening
especially when a lot is happening and you need to drink the experience you need your sleep.
Don't skimp on sleep and get sick
Moderation in all things

Love Dad

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