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Trip Start May 24, 2007
Trip End Aug 02, 2007

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sunday i slept in after the rediculous night of sleep that started at 5 in the morning... an dwas sort of exhuasted all day but didnt have to do anything but go get my laundry, check my email, hang out with the fam... oh wait andddd write and practice my speech

basically the day consisted of me looking up words and going over and over and over my speech to see if it made any sense at all... but it was a great opportunity to hang out with the family... they didnt have anything to do so they sort of just sat around with me and help me out and talked to me and we got along really well...

then at night, martita and i rented a movie and watched it together.... it was really nice

the mom made me this little good luck charm for my speech and said that if i got nervous i should grab on to it and i would get strength... i sort of had a falling out with one of the doctors... in my head of course... because she was sor tof rude and told some other nurse that i didnt speak spanish when i was right there and i was sort of like... i mena... a. thanks.  b. im right here.  c... i mean i heard you and this is awks now. 

but whatever... i chatted with my fam about it and they were so nice and were like you know what tell her to speak to you in english you are trying hard and you are doing great and dont let that one person get in the way of that ... so ya know it was kind of nice to bond

Then yesterday... i had my speech so pretty much all day i was freakin{ out inside...

i practiced in the morning and put together a slide show and then with the director of health i went to this even that was to kick of the month of vaccinating against yellow fever.. there is so much bureaucracy i sort of want to throw up all over my business outfit and i have to smile and introduce myself to so many important people and its like one of those things that i know my life is going to be filled with and i just dont want that at all but whatevs.  good training to have to go through it in spanish...

then in the afternoon carlos, my mentor took me to luch, which i had no interest in because my stomach was freaking out like maybe never before... but we had some yucca bread and yogurt... its a specialty of these parts.. yay food in ecuador. i hope you sense my intense sarcasm....

and we discussed middle eastern politics.


that is what one brings up when one is quite nervous...

noi but it was pretty cool to hear his perspectives... hes great

then we went to the meeting where iwas speaking and it was in this huge autitorium that is the library... yeahhhhhhh bigger than i exxpected... 300 people... sweeeeet..

so i spoke... and it was good.  i mean, as good as a 12 min speech in spanish can be for one who struggles to speak spanish, but people were really nice and they came up after and said it was good and clear so you know...

ohhh but after i spoke, they moved into like serious stuff that people were made about and i observed some real time tension. basically the department i work for runs 36 clinics, 4 hospitals, and 1 dispensary... so this was a meeting between the heads, with whom i work and the people who work in all the clinics.. so bureaucracy vs the people. 

ummm.  i mean. they shouted.  it was intense.  i felt, uncomfortable

also. ecuadorians dont like to turn off their cell phones.  ever.

im talking, THEY THEMSELVES are in the middle of speaking to 300 people and will answer their phone that is blasting... its out of this world

let alone be respectful when others are talking... whoooooooooooooo thats like not even a condition they might consider.. but whatevs...

so then last night i had some SERIOUs bonding time with the family... we chatted before dinner... we had a long dinner where i made i think my first joke in spanish... and they laughed... my mom accidently spilt water allllllllllllllll over me and then mopped me... like LITERLALY mopped me... it was sooo good...

then the brother of my family has his tv show on monday nights so we watched.

oh. ive decided that ecuadorian tv is... probably  my favorite past time.

its actually the most hilarious thing ever. 

so then today... didn{t start off so well because its like... im sort of not new in the office any more so they arent like ecited to come up with what im going to do... so like i got in and they basically didnt have anything for me to do until 10am which is sort of anoying and i asked like i mean... what should i do and they were like whatevs...

in some ways im sort of like ooooook i mean like.... thhhhhaaaaaaanks...

whatever the rest of the day was incredible so i dont want to dwell

i went and helped give a lecture to students about how to brush their teeth... i mean i like held the props and handed out toothpaste but still... it was cool to see and fun to be a part of...

annnnnnnnd then... umm i got to spend the rest of the day with my favorite doctor who is my hero here in ecuador... hes one of the doctors in the mobile clinics which serve the poor people basically and he is in the poorest sector... but not only that hes like super into community education and organizing new campaigns aaaaaaand epidemiology... wow... it was incredible... so i got to watch him treat some patients and then after each one we would talk about problems he encounters a lot like obesity and diabetes and parasites and skin diseases and what he does and how he tries to have a greater impact and then we talked about like studies he has done on whether or not people have potable water and what their living conditions are like... and what they eat... okbkladjflkjd it was like a dream come true and i couldnt express to him correctly that he was my hero so it was funnnnn

wow today was incredible
then we went to a school to teach 12 year olds about aids... i was a little shy at first so i sort of watched what he did and then he was finally like nooo common talk they want you to talk just try so i started helping out and i ended up by asking questions they had to answer to get a prize and the kids were all excited bc im american and they were like wow

then well... more later b.c thely are coming to close down the office...

yay for doctors who actually do stuff and arent just a part of dumb bureaucracy.

yay for actually doing something.
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