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Trip Start Jun 21, 2008
Trip End Sep 03, 2008

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Flag of Mexico  , Pacific Coast,
Saturday, July 5, 2008

Got a pretty late start this morning but slept great. This is the cheapest hotel we stayed at so far but the best for the price. Clean and no frills I guess, the shower did not even have a curtain so we  showered right in front of the sink and next to the toilet!  Riding out of San Blas we saw people setting up shop everywhere and cleaning up the streets from last night. Confirming our suspicions of everyone having the day off yesterday.
The road to Puerto Vallarta was only 104 miles but it took us a long time. However it was one of the most beautiful roads I have ever been on. It was a small winding road taking us high up into the mountains and jungle and overlooking the ocean...we passed tiny villages with seaside restaurants cooking up seafood right on the beach. There were fruit stands serving every fruit you can imagine and the road was lined with mango trees.  Again I hope some of the pictures will do it justice...
We also had our first experience with rain on the road, all of a sudden it started pouring down but our gear held up and it didn't really phase us. However it is such a contrast from the 113 degree heat in Baja...rain and 85 degrees is quite nice.
Riding into Puerto Vallarta we followed our gut from yesterday and stopped for lunch before we got into the actual town. Perfect. We found a seaside restaurant where the tables were literally in the sand right next to the ocean. Our entertainment while eating was watching all the local kids boogie boarding the pretty big waves or "olas grandes" en espanol! The lunch could be ranked as one of the best meals we had so far. Therefore a picture is included...
Actually even funnier than watching the kids was watching these two American guys... a guy in his thirties and his father trying to boogie board. They could not even make it out further than the first wave while all these 7 year old kids were just schooling them! ...gringos.
Riding into Puerto Vallarta  both Jess and I got really excited. It looked like a very cool town with loads of tourists however not ruined by it...a mix of stores, restaurants and bars along the malecon as well as beautiful beaches. Jess had a hotel already scoped  out but once we got there it was completely closed for the season. As a little blessing in disguise we looked across the street and found Casa Andrea. It is a beautiful little hotel with a pool and great rooms that are more like apartments. The kitchen is outside (fully loaded with fridge, freezer and microwave...), while the bedroom itself has great AC and wireless access. We could also park the bike securely inside which makes a big difference. Again , we were sold and decided to make this home for a few days.
Hey it's Jess here...Peurto Vallarta is awesome (or the "bees-knees" as they say in Cockney English)...super cosmopolitan, but beachy at the same time...and Malin failed to mention that jus t by pure happenstance, we're staying right smack dab in the middle of the gay district!....Faaaabulous!  Perfect timing for me to put on a hard-hat and strut my macho-man lumberjack beard.  In all honesty, it's not like Malin and I are going to be partaking in any leap-frog contests on the beach, but it's nice to be off the malecon and away from all of the loud tourists, and there are plenty of funky coffee shops and restaurants around here to keep us happy.
The first morning we went out for a coffee and some breakfast and we passed a café where a guy wearing something that resembled Richard Simmons workout gear persuaded us to come in...okay, he was blasting music from George Michael...what could I do?  Anyhow, the food was great, but when I got my coffee - it was delivered in a huge plastic tumbler with whipped cream, cinnamon, and a cherry on much for my lumberjack beard, huh?  Note to self:  tomorrow, order a cup of coffee, black.  Anyhow, breakfast was delicious, but when I found myself tapping my toe to the beat of Erasure serenading us from the house stereo system...I knew it was time for us to go.
After a hard day of lounging by the pool, working on our suntans and blogging,  it was time to go out for a little Spanish tapas!  But hold on, Mother Nature had something up her sleeve...the skies grew dark, and the clouds opened up and completely showered us for the next 5 hours...over 10 inches of rain!  The streets were totally flooded, and Malin and I were starving little hostages on our covered balcony.  All we had to sustain us through the night was one Snickers bar and a 6-pack of Pacifico!  The rain began to let up around 10pm, but then a huge lightening strike and  the power for the entire city went out!  The glow from the LCD screen on the laptop was the only light we had...but we were determined to continue to Francis Scott Key and the Star Spangled Banner, we typed away, not knowing whether the Mexican flag would be flying the next day.
Okay, enough lame drama...the power came back on around 1am and the city was pretty much normal the next day, save for the rushing brown river that made the Puerto Vallarta coastal waters look like Yoohoo chocolate milk.
Today, after the big storm, it's been perfect poolside weather...and we ended up going for Spanish tapas for lunch...yum!
Tomorrow we have a 400 mile journey down the coast to a small beach town called Playa yes, you guessed it, it's time to fire up the Two-Thump Bump-Stick (the bike, in reference to it's twin-cylinder configuration and it's hard hitting capabilities)...and hit the open Mexican road!
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nancylmckinley on

What an Adventure!
Hi Jess and Malin,

I await each new blog with anticipation and am so amazed reading of your adventures! I am thrilled that you two are having such a wonderful time and meeting so many fun people. Continue to take care,


P.S. I've never seen you with a beard, Jess! Pretty different...but I think I like it.

ga5542079 on

Hello from Civilization
Awesome stuff, I have been following your journey and enjoying your narration. I am comforted by the fact that you have mentioned Coke / Pepsi Light several times. If I ever get lost in the jungles of Mexico at least I would have Diet Coke to look forward to... keep up the blogging.

Thanks & all the best - Gary

johnnyblackpint on

About those rivers in the street...
Yeah, I saw those too. At Universal Stidios. You totally took those images off the internet. I can't really believe you guys anymore. You're probably in San Diego at the Embarcadero. Geez...

jloder on

Good times!
Jess, is it just me or are you starting to look like George Michael himself? Hey, just kidding, you are the manliest of men - Pauline and I were laughing out loud reading all the blogs, we're all caught up! Just to update you on our adventures - our lives are, dare I say, equally as adventureous. Today (Sunday) We went to to visit my mom in the OC -that Garden Grove freeway is treacherous! Gotta watch our for those asian kids in their suped-up Civics. We ate lunch at a Thai restaurant - those Thai people are Cra-ha-zay!! We then drove home on that same trecherous freeway and ended up at Trader Joes (Home Depot would have to wait, we were tired) And I watched the end of Wimbledon (go Rafy) and then had a smoke (yes, a smoke) in the backyard - Pauline caught me, crap!! Anyway, loving the blogs and please keep them coming. Hung with the Sullys yesterday on the beach, Sean and I got drunk while Pauline and Jen watched the Muncher! Pues, buena suerte amigos y un abrazo muy fuerte!

donw on

Oh, Well
It looks like you guys are having a lousy time. I guess you're going to turn around and come home now, right?

taralorena on

I just got caught up on your adventures- as I was off on my own. Your trip sounds amazing, Bleeps and all. Glad to hear all is going well, sending you fun, adventure and safety vibes! tara

connorsmom on

I'm hooked!
Jess and Malin,
I love this vacation blog! I was supposed to be getting stuff done while lil' Connor is sleeping but got hooked and can't stop reading about your adventures and of course, looking at the pics and videos. I'm all caught up and can't wait for the next posting! This could be published into a book! LOVE IT!!! Miss you guys and thinking about ya!

trichtrich on

found my calling
Everyone keeps asking me what I am going to do now that I have graduated. I was confused until a couple of days ago when I realized I am simply going to read your blog professionally. Its better than anything else on the web, and who watches the news anymore anyway. That said, I do need to call the trademark attorney re: Two-Thump Bump-Stick. I'll also check on the availability of Say, isn't Two-Thump Bump-Stick playing the Weenie Roast this year? p.s. Kate and Nat say 'Hi' and 'poop-head-underwear-watermelon-head'.

acasper805 on

Hey George, I have never seen that part of Mex. It looks so green and lush...awesome. Thanks so much for sharring. I think that statue however was even questioning that coffee drink of yours....Ride on Brother and Sista.

Adam (VCMC)

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