C ya Napoli, Hello Sicily, C Ya Sicily, Hello Rome

Trip Start Sep 04, 2007
Trip End Dec 03, 2007

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Flag of Italy  ,
Saturday, October 27, 2007

Since my last entry we have already been south and North of Napoli. It is necessary to brief on our last day in Naples before I dive into our time in Catania. We really got a good feel of Naples on our last day there. THe most obvious characteristic was their hurry hurry hurry attitude on the road. Motos can go ANYWHERE there is a path. Several times we were walking on the side walk we nearly were clipped by a moped speeding by. WE quickly learned if you want to get to the other side of the street, you simply step out in the middle of traffic, and, thankfully they stop for you. The people have a general loud personality. When we asked a construction worker for directions, what ensued was a stopping of traffic,yelling across the street, and sweeping hand gestures(that is one thing about Italians, there hand gestures), to conclude that our destination was just down the street. We never found what we were looking for. We continued are streak of pizza eating, at 15, and I got the sudden urge to play the guitar, so I bought one. We found the music street of the town and I bought a used acoustic guitar with a strap and a case for 90 euro. I was pretty pumped about it because it is a great way to pass the time and if I feel confident enough in the next couple of weeks i could make some money with it. We took a night train out of there that night to arrive in CAtania, Sicily the next morning.
Thats right, we went to bed in mainland Italy and woke up on the island if Sicily. DOnt ask me how, apparently the train is put on a ferry and shipped across the strait of messina, but i was sleeping so i couldnt tell you. We were greeted by Laura at the train station who served as our very friendly host. She showed us around her city. We walked through markets, churches, parks and she took us out to lunch. The markets we went to were so energetic. UN EURO UN EURO UN EURO! IF i got un euro for everytime i heard un euro, i would be a rich man. The sea creatures being sold were still alive. ANd it was huge! IT covered atleast 10 city blocks. After this we went out to eat at a place called Spinellas. It was a bar where we got some native Sicilian food. The thing we ate was called Aranchino, filled with spicy rice, cheese and shredded beef, and other things i was unable to identify. A deep fried shell; it was a nice change from Pizza for every meal, and it lived up to it as well. Laura lives with her mother, who, like all elderly weve met on this trip, spoke not a word of english. She was great though. She made us feel like we were at home and she was a spectacular cook, spoiling us with Italian cuisine. Our stay in Catania, and sicily, was short, but well worth it. WE took a night train out of there the second night, and awoke in the city where the roots all of those ruins we have been seeing around Europe began, Rome.
Weve been here for only a few hours and i am already in love. I will have more to say when i blog about rome, but we have already learned so much. WE caught the tailend of a free tour in the Roman forum (the ancient part of town) and determined we will go on a tour tomorrow. The tour guide we had was the best of the best. He does tours all over Rome, Florence, and surprisingly he has done things in D.C. I learned the etymology of capitol, roster, and Czar. I learned the history of the Roman emperors, beginning with Caesar, even though he was not technically the first emperor, nor was Marc Antony, Octavian was. We saw where Caesar was cremated, where peter and Paul were imprisoned, and where the senate convened. Tomorrow we are going on a tour of Vatican city, and we planned it so we get free entrance to the museum (the last Sunday of every month is free). I caught up on some sleep today in a park and I am feeling pretty damn good. Until next time ill catch yall lata.
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janethames on

Un Euro!
I would pay you more than Un Euro to hear you playing the guitar! Wow! That's awesome. A great way to make new friends :-)
Can't believe you guys are STILL eating pizza! How are you ever going to eat a store-bought frozen pizza again?!?
It is SO amazing how much history you've been exposed to. Sure hope you can even retain 1/4 of what you've learned so far. Don't you wish you could take history over again in school? Ok, maybe not.
Have fun in Rome. Can't wait to hear about the sites. Say hi to the Pope and watch out for those mopeds!
Mamma T.

bfitzsim on

Finally sending you an email
Not that I haven't been thinking of you often, but for some reason I have been having difficulty logining in to respond. Well, today they let me in. I miss you pal. Your messages are so descriptive that I almost feel I am with you and certainly wish I were. Your messages have brought back many fine memories when I was backpacking western Europe in 1986. All is well here with our family. Your mother and I went to a holloween party Friday night in Buffalo, MN. Crazy and eventful. Leaves are down and it is starting to get cooler in the evenings with frost on the ground in the AM. EP plays Edina for Section championship in football Friday. Both are undefeated. EP X-Country finished third in Lake Conference and fifth in Sections. No one qualified for State from EP. JC's NDSU Bison defeated the Gohpers in football at the Dome. JC I think is redshirted because he was not dressed for the game. Also heard Little is redshirted for the season for X-Country at OSU. I love you and glad to hear you are happy and safe. Love Dad.

sylvan1 on

Aaahh Music
What a great idea to have a guitar. Hope that is going well. Hope you get confident enought to play for money if that is what you wish. Love you,Mom

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