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Trip Start Feb 15, 2006
Trip End Aug 29, 2006

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Saturday, June 3, 2006

So I've kinda been putting off writting this entry for a while in the hope that I would have something vaguely interesting to tell you all about, and in comparrisson to the bum-esque lifstyle I found myself suffering in the first three weeks here, I now find myself living somewhat of a normal life worthy of my efforts in describing and your time in reading!

I arrived in Sydney with about 200 pounds left of the money I had brought with me, knowing that the comfort and parties of Perth had disappeared with the 'click' of the Schells front door closing behind us and on the plane home with Coxy, instead of heading cross-country with Jack and I. The lack of money was no surprise: both of us knew we'd run out at some point and have to get jobs, but I cant say it was planned by either of us that things would get as tight as they did, and in retrospect some of the extravagence of Thailand (where "everything is sooo cheap" but we compensated by buying twice the amount) was probably our undoing. This said, we were both confident of our employability and therefore the fact that this less-enjoyable period of our journey would be over in around a months time when we would start traveling again up the coast to Cairns. That was April 18th. Today is June 2nd, and I find myself in the same City Central Backpackers in Sydney as I was 6 weeks ago, having jumped off the plane and landed pretty heavily in a fat ol' rut from which its proving difficult to escape.

City Central Backpackers itself is actualy not all that bad. Sure there are bed bugs and the occassional cockroach emerging from beneath the sofa. And its true, the kitchen is as small as a gnats arsehole and about as poorly equiped in utensils as a British athlete is in the stamina needed to beat a Kenyan in a 3km race. But hey, its got Sky TV so we can let that slide!!! More importantly though this place is cheap at $126 per week, and when we arrived here it was perfectly located in the middle of everything which we thought would make job hunting easy. I spent the first couple of weeks chasing a job at a media company as a researcher. This ended abruptly when I was told on the day of my 'interview' that there had been a 'miscommunication' and that they were actualy currently doing someone elses second interview for the permanent position...*shakes head*...anyhow, having wasted two weeks doing sweet FA and now seriously low on cash, I went down to Kelly Services (an employment agency) and instantly got offered a job in telesales paying $17 per hour plus commission. Jack had been exploring bar work possibilities having become qualified with his RSA, but took the Kelly job on the same day.

So three weeks into our alloted month raising cash we'd finaly got work, and man did we need it! I was fed up of sitting around on my arse doing bugger all. All I had eaten in Sydney so far was rice crispies for brunch and then pasta (with sauce if i was lucky) for dinner. I'd spend my evenings watching tv and everyone else getting ready to go out on the razzle dazzle. My life was as bland and colourless as the writting on this page... damn, i didnt even drink a single pint for a month! Kelly Services had hooked me up on an Energy Australia campaign at this outbound call centre called CustomCall, and me and this Ozzie called Dan went for a pint after our final day training: learning how to sell electricity and gas really is as boring as it sounds and I figured the fact I'd managed to stay awake meant i'd earnt it! Turned out that I could have fallen asleep if I'd wanted, as the training was 90% bullshit that I would never need to make a sale! First couple of days i was crap making 2 sales a day tops, then had a weekend to think about it and came back the next week and got 49 sales...week after that was 51...last week 45. Earning some serious dollar in commission which is great...$630 so far...and I'm the best salesman they've got at the moment *straightens tie* lol Its good to have a target to aim for and the commission is uncapped so the more effort i put in the more money I earn and the more i enjoy the job/the quicker the hours go.

So now I have a little money have actualy been able to go out for a couple of drinks with the work lads and ladies on a Friday night, then go wild with Jack and the hostel guys n gals on Saturday night. Have done this kind of meal share thing with a couple of girls we've become friendly with...each of us take it in turns to cook on a saturday night for the other three...I cooked chicken korma curry but kinda overbrought on the rice side of things and have been eating it in sandwiches ever since! Life is beginning to look peachy again, although saving money here is pretty hard so not sure how much longer going to have to stick around. We shall see. Had to cancel Honoloulou to compensate for extended stay here so you guys are going to miss out on the flowery shirts I was going to buy you all. Sorry! I'm sure your devastated...

In other news, changed my degree from Law to English...still at Birmingham, still starting in September. Figured my motives for chosing law were too money orientated and decided English would be something I would enjoy more, plus it will leave more time for parties and rugby and that side of things! Hope everyone at home is good, leave me some to come i promise....

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arthur_ritus on

Hello Hywel
Hi Hywel,
Just thought I would catch up with the adventures of Hywel in Wonderland and I saw that there were no comments so here's a short one. Hope it's still going well down there - I guess if things were sad or bad you'd be home by now... hmmm maybe I should just check with mum to make sure you're not already home... then again no, I'm sure you're not due back til the end of August sometime. Anyway things are baking here, hottest summer for years. Lots of scantily clad totty about whatever that is! Er, also, way back in March I may have given you some tattoo advice for your mummy - shame Andy and I didn't follow it too! Oh well never mind, he he.
See you when you get back, look forward to seeing the photos at Christmas, Trevor.

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