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Trip Start Mar 01, 2008
Trip End Jan 01, 2009

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macau masters

Flag of China  ,
Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So the next day i went to the ferry terminal and got on the ferry to macau. the only one i could get left at like 9 at night so i didnt get there until about 10:30. Now macau is not HK. people in HK speak less english than singapore and people in macau speak less than HK. So i was pretty worried when i got there. I managed to find a taxi that spoke a little english and he brought me to the place i wanted to go. Problem was they didnt have any rooms. Now here i am standing on the corner in macau at 12am, backpack and all, trying to call hotels out hte lonely planet book and not being able to because i cant figure out how to dial the damn numbers and the recording is all in fuckin chinese! pretty funny if you can picture it. But again i knew from experience that this would be one of these times i looked back on and was proud of myself for going through it. so i get a taxi and he takes me to like four different hotels and none have rooms. so i manage to find one at the macau masters and drop my bags of and head to the venitian. The venitian wasnt on macau island but on the one right next to it. As we drove through macau the best way i can describe it is a lower class version of atlantic city. It is now where near Vegas and it is more dingy then AC. The only thing really new were the casinos and of course they were load bright and obnoxious. The one thing that amazed me the most was the pollution. The whole city seemed covered in this perpetual fog, even at night! it gave the city this really dreary, unclean, depressive feeling. I couldn't really tell what was the problem that night, but the next day when i saw it in the light i understood perfectly. Now the veniatian in macau is the biggest hotel and casino in the world. It is so fuckin big that it has a par 3 golf course on the roof! yes a par 3 golf course on the roof. When you wlak in it has all grandness of the original venitian  with the marble and statues and the gondolas with the river  flowing through it. and the ceiling  of the sky  look like you are outside when you are really inside. It was amazing. but when you get in to the gaming area  you know that you are in asia. people were just everywhere and the chinese love to gamble. they more baccarat tables than i have ever seen. and the funniest thing was csino war. it is just like the war game you play when you are little but everyone palys against the dealer and you obviously bet money. i looked for the poker room and was so disappointed when i realized that they didnt even have one! i guess asians dont like texas hold'em! so i wondered around avoiding the prostitutes who wanted to give me a massage. and i found the only white guy in there and started talking with him. come to find out he worked for a beach store company that owned 35 shops all along the east coast of the US. He was here for the canton fair which is the biggest factory fair in china. All the factories come from all over china to guanzhou and bring examples of the products to sell all over the world to major companies. He comes once a year to buy for all these 35 stores and had to spend 1.5 million dollars for the next year. Also there was these two enlgish guys playing blackjack and they owned a multi million dollar furniture business that they bought furniture from all over the world and sold it to upscale rich people. Now these guys were so drunk that it wasnt even funny. I watched the one guy play blackjack for an  hour and win probably two thousand dollars. he was so drunk he was knocking chips over and the dealer was having to constantly correct him but i tell you what he still won a shitload! So then we go to hang out and the american asked me if i wanted a ride to guangzhou the next day. I said of course and then i went bakc to the room to go to sleep. the next morning i met hin and an israeli guy at the venetian and we set out in a van for guangzhou. So we get to the border and have to get out to go through immigration. and there was a problem. the israeli guys passport had a little tear in the corner so they wouldnt let us through. now these guys spoke no english and they were trying to usher us into a little room for questioning. This was not a good thing. The israeli guy also looked like a terrorist because he hadnt shaved in a day or two so i was thinking that we were gonna end up in some chinese interrogation room for 2 days getting questioned about the olympics. They kept trying to get us to go into the room and we just told them no, we werent going. But the driver ended up getting out of the car after about 15 minutes and started yelling at them so they made us go through the walking immigration. I have never seen so many people in my entire life. tens of thousands of people were crossing this border. They were like ants walking through all these halls and archways to get through. then we get into the palce and there are 150 lines with about two hundred people each in them. Absolute insanity!. We wait in line and eventually get through thank god and now we are in China! Crossing the border was pretty crazy cause on one side it is relatively nice and then the china side is all run down and beat up with people hanging out everywhere. It was like crossing into another world. We got back in the van and headed on to guangzhou. So after a few hours we get to the city. I have been to a lot of big cities before but this one was something else. Everything you would think about china, how its all factories and old and cheaply made came to life when we pulled in. And again...the people and traffic. Later on i asked the locals how many people were in the city but they said now one knows because everyone from the villages come into the city to find work. They estimated it at around 12 million..... So many people and so many cars....and the polltuion was unlike anything i have ever see. The sun never shines in guangzhou china. there is a permenent fog and haze over the entire city from all the pollution. it looks like a rainy/foggy dusk 24 hours a day seven days a week. too much to really comprehend.... So we get lost and eventually end up at the ritz carlton. go figure. i am staying in hostels and suddenly im in the ritz! we hang out for a mintute and end up going to the shangri-la hotel for dinner. we end up meeting one of their friends who is a guy that owns a lot of stores in guatemala and is buying stuff there too. Ahmed is a pretty cool guy and we ate and talked and bullshitted all night. They taught me about how to buy mass volumes from china and about how you have to go around and visit all the factories and then get a guy to check everything before it is shipped and about the weirghts and how cut throat business is. they said that one wrong move could ruin you and you could lose hundreds of thousands in the blink of an eye. They also decided to cut out the guy they had been using because he had been ripping them off and to start to use someone else. So pretty interesting how million dollar deals get done. Drunk as fuck over a bottle of grey goose! So we leave there and end up going back to the hotel and going to bed. The next day we go the the canton fair and i didnt bring my passport so i cant get in. instead i end up going with this guy tony who works for the guy they were going to cut out and staying in this weird ass apartment for the entire day. he gets me a plane ticket to guilin which was good and then i go and sleep on his couch for 5-6 hours. they have another jewish guy come from LA and he gets on my nerves and so thats when i decided to go to sleep. i wake up and go get my bags and now i am off to guilin.
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