The Happiest Place on Earth

Trip Start Feb 27, 2006
Trip End May 29, 2006

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hello to all my devoted readers! So Paris has still been an a amazing adventure, still hasn't beat out London for my favorite but good either way, it's a very close second. People here are extremely friendly and love Canadians, as does most of the world. So, what have I been doing? Well let me rack my brain to try and figure that out....I think it was last Thursday I went to the Arc de Triomphe (Triumphal Arch) which was built by Napoleon to commemorate his war victories which was pretty cool, little tidbit of information, it stands in the middle of the world's largest traffic roundabout. I'm pretty sure you're suppose to pay to go onto the platform but I beat the system, after walking through the tunnel and getting to where you're suppose to pay I saw where the people were coming down from so I just kept walking and went up those flight of stairs without having to pay, hahaha, hooray for being a cheap bastard. After checking that out I ventured Avenue des Champs-Elysées, which is basically just a street with a bunch of shops, very rich and posh shops haha. I saw in my ventures a 2 story Louis Vuitton store which had a very long que to get in, I would have gone in to check it out but didn't want to wait, there was also a Quiksilver shop, a Nike shop and some shopping alleys with other posh shops in them that I can't remember. Came out of all that with a pair of shorts from the Nike shop. The next day, Friday, don't think I did anything to me memory, nothing that I took photos of anyway haha. That evening though Celine and I went back to Champs-Elsyées to go for dinner, we went to Planet Hollywood, which was really good, drinks were a little pricy, but saw some cool stuff. After dinner we hopped on the Metro, well ran onto the Metro because we just caught the last one for the evening and went clubbing. We went to a place called O'Sullivans which is right beside the Moulin Rouge, which was cool to see, especially at night when it's all lit up, I would love to go in and catch a Cabaret sometime but the cheapest ticket is €140/$210 CDN ummmm I think I'll pass I'm still able to say I saw it. At the club it was cool Celine knew one of the guys at the door, so you know when you see those guys at the club who walk right up to the bouncer shakes their hand and goes in? Well that was me, I felt special haha. We ended up staying at the club, dancing until about 330/4. Saturday Celine went to Normandy for the weekend to visit her grandparents so I was all along. Tired from the evening before I didn't do anything all day Saturday, little bit of grocery shopping, nothing exciting. Saturday night I went back to O'Sullivans, good place by the way music is good, good atmosphere etc.. I considered leaving around 2am, I wasn't feeling good and being there by myself, bored because I didn't want to go dance by myself, I went and checked the place out one more time before making my decision and was standing near the dance floor and this girl kept looking back at me and checking me out...hmmm maybe I'll stay a little longer see how this plays out. I'm standing there and a guy comes up to me and says something to me, in French, tell him I don't speak French and he asks where I'm from, he was very happy to hear Canadian and we stood there talking for awhile. Turns out he's friends with the girl who kept checking me out, so I get introduced to the group, Celine (a different one), Julie, Chris and Yen (I think, still not 100% sure) and decide to stay and hang out with them. We danced a little bit and then the music took a turn for the worse so we went and got some drinks, I was telling them all my story of how I'm travelling for 3 months etc etc, Julie asked where I was staying and I told her with a friend I met in London and we got to talking about how it's nice to have connections throughout the world who are willing to give you free accomodation, she then gave me this look and said "Well now you have another connection and if you come back to Paris you can stay with me", this was half an hour after meeting her, but hey that's cool haha. Music got good again, went and danced with Julie some more and the rest of the group, drank a little bit more, and then left the club at 530 am....I LOVE clubs over here none of this closing at 2am bullshit. Got Julie's email so we can keep in touch and walked back to Celines, got in just before 6, made the mistake of going on MSN, and well 9 hour time difference so of course a bunch of friends are online, don't get to bed until 7am and wow was I tired, was out as soon as my head hit the pillow. Again didn't do anything Sunday, not because I was tired but because I slept until 4 in the afternoon hahaha, oops. Yesterday, Monday, I went to Disneyland Paris, like the title of this blog says, Happiest Place on Earth. I had an absolute blast, I would say probably more fun than when I went to the one in California because I wasn't a 13 year old brat who was too cool for everything this time around. Now with it being Easter weekend they of course had a special parade/performance going on all weekend and well it just so happened to be an Alice in Wonderland performance, woohoo. I got into the park just in time to catch the final performance of it, walked in to see Tweedle dee and Tweedle Dum dancing around, and the White Rabbit as well. After that Alice and the Mad Hatter and a bunch of other people dressed up but no main characters, came out to do their bit, they had the flowers sing their song, which name escapes me, then Mad Hatter did Merry Un-Birthday haha yay, and Alice was super hot!!! After that I wanted to go on some rides but the Disneyland parade was going to start in 20 minutes so I just killed time wondering in and out of shops, sat watched the parade got some good photos, but it definitely wasn't as good as the one in California, too short, not enough characters etc..So finally after all those parades made my way through Sleeping Beauty's castle into Fantasyland. I went on the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups, which I wouldn't do when I was 13 too cool haha, and well I guess you could say I underestimated my own strength because I didn't realize I could spin that wheel so quickly, damn near made myself sick I was so dizzy. Afterwards I went to the March Hare's for some coffee, then went into Alice's Curious Labyrinth, inside there was a Cheshire Cat statue, and a Cheshire Cat flower thing, can't explain it, there was also a statue of the Caterpillar, and yes he was smoking, tiny doors, signs everywhere, the Queen of Heart's, the King, their castle, it was fun I had a big smile on my face the entire time, like a small child. After I went to Peter Pan's flight, which takes you over London and through Never Never Land and story of Peter Pan, it was kind of cool being while flying over London to be able to point out landmarks, like Big Ben and the Tower Bridge, because you've been there. Went to Frontierland, and into Phantom Manor (Haunted House), and well I laughed the entire way through and thought it was really cool lol. Went to Discoveryland, did Space Mountain 2, which was fun, you go fast you do 360° loops, but you head gets rocked around pretty good and my hip hurt after, damn it sucks being old. That was it for rides for the day for this guy, I would have done more but all the ones I would have done I did in California, I still couldn't get myself to go on the flying Dumbo ride either, still too cool I guess haha. Bought myself a few souvenirs and made my way because the park was closing. Got back and Celine was here, I went out and had dinner as she already had, came back did nothing exciting and went to bed because I was shattered (exhausted). Today I had intended on going to the Eiffel Tower and a Museum or two but when I grabbed my iPod to turn it on found out all my music has disappeared, yes all 775 songs, gone, so I'm pissed off and don't want to do anything now. That leaves me a month and a half without music, now I have to sit and let the thoughs of my brain overtake me, I'm probably going to go crazy with all the things running around up there, ugh. So there you have it, I'm in Paris until the 24th, decided to prolong it a little bit, Celine leaves me again tomorrow for London not due to be back until Sunday so I have another weekend of clubbing to do on my own, but I have more connections now, I'll see what they're up to......
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lankylizards on

Paris Darling!
haha, hey you.
I can bet that you loved Paris. Champs-Elysées is amazing! I know you love shopping, and i know Champs-Elysées and i bet you just died (I loved Sephora when i was there). Good to hear you are making your way across Europe. See you in the fall perhaps.

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