Inter-cultural Exchange

Trip Start Jul 04, 2010
Trip End Aug 15, 2010

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Flag of Mexico  , Guanajuato,
Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mexico Journal 07-14-10

Well, this morning I didn't get up until 9 in the morning. Holly slept in today, too. She needed some rest so badly. We both got up and got ready, had breakfast (scrambled egg omelet with onion, pepper, and tomato, toast with peanut butter, mango, and milk). After breakfast, I got to Skype a little with my mom, aunt, and grandma again. Then, I worked on my homework, making flashcards about different artists and then making review cards for my business class as well. I have a test in Business tomorrow, so I wanted to review a bit. I did not do any of the reading that we were supposed to do today, but we did an intercambio (exchange) in class today, so it didn’t really matter anyway. I basically just worked on homework until we had to leave for school.

Holly and I have been taking the tunnel to get to school the last couple of days. It is really nice because it avoids a few hills (ups and downs) and it is shaded so it is much cooler. Plus, it is more direct so it cuts about 8 minutes off our walk, which is just about amazing. I’m not sure we’ll be doing that all the time, though. We’ll probably switch here and there. While we were walking, I quizzed Holly on the material for business. It helped me to do that because then I had to know the answers as well. I think just talking about it with her really helped cement the concepts in my mind.

When we got to the school, there were about 50 Mexican students waiting there to talk with us. We ended up spending nearly 1 hours talking to them about their tastes in music and a few other things. The students are learning English, so they were supposed to talk to us in English, but they really didn’t do so. We all mostly talked just in Spanish. It was fine for me, but I just feel like they didn’t get the full experience because they didn’t try to speak English at all. It was interesting to talk to them about the types of music they like, though, and it was better than having regular lecture! Since we did the intercambio, we got out of class about 15 minutes early. Holly and I went to the bank and I got out a little more money because I was running low. Then we walked home. I am always totally exhausted when we get home. I normally just throw myself on my bed and try to breathe. My back always gets all tensed up because I’m carrying my backpack so far. I don’t really know what to do about that, but I guess I’ll get accustomed to it. Plus, it’s great exercise, believe it or not. Haha.

We had the most delicious food for lunch today! It was wonderful. We had this green spaghetti with chili peppers, mashed potatoes, breaded chicken, bread, and cantaloupe juice. I always enjoy coming home in the afternoon for food. We get time to visit and enjoy our family. They are so warm and welcoming and we do have good conversations and laughs. I like it best when I get to talk to them one on one because I get more of a chance to be involved in the conversation.  

Anyway, Holly and I went back to the school for our second class. We basically just pulled questions out of a bag and had to answer them as a review for the test. The class is so good because the professor lets you know what you need to know. I like that very much. I’m not worried about our exam at all, because we know what things we need to know already. We even got out of class early today. We finished by 6:30. Holly was going to the gym, so I walked home by myself today. It was nice to just be by myself a little. I don’t mind company at all, but sometimes walking alone is just a nice change. I don’t know why I enjoyed it, but I did. I studied along the way. When I got to my street, I bought a guava ice cream bar and an apple juice. I ate the ice cream bar on the way home. It was yummy.

When I got home, I did a few things on my computer and got ready to go for a run. I decided to go running where Holly and I had run before. I ran up and down some hills and found the most beautiful view of the city. I was just astounded by the beautiful view. It was absolutely gorgeous today. I sat down there for a few minutes and just contemplated God’s creation. He has given us such a beautiful world. In spite of the fact that there is sin and that horrible things do happen, there is beauty still. I think sometimes we don’t stop to appreciate this beauty enough. Being in a place like this is helping me to remember to appreciate the simple pleasures: great ice cream, beautiful views, and long, calming walks.

When I got back from my run, I wanted to do more exercise, so I decided to do aerobics. I did it in my room and it felt absolutely wonderful! I took a shower after that, talked to Melanie on Skype, and then had dinner. I had strawberries with cream and a tortilla sandwich with turkey and cheese. It was so good. I ended up talking with Bugui and Magda about my travels in Asia and how weird the food was. I told them that I enjoyed the experience very much, though. They ended up telling me about how they cook cow liver and kidneys here. They said that it is rare, but they know how to cook it well. I honestly believe that if I tried it the way they prepare it that I’d like it. I really enjoyed talking with them for a while. It was so nice.

After that, I came back into my room to work on some homework and write in my journal. I plan to read a little bit of the articles which I haven’t gotten to for music, study a bit, and then head to bed. Tomorrow I have a test, but I just plan to study a little in the morning. Well, goodnight! 
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