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Trip Start May 27, 2010
Trip End Aug 31, 2011

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Flag of United Kingdom  , England,
Monday, December 19, 2011

It's time to write my blog again and already this stuff feels like it happened forever ago. Time is absolutely flying in the run-up to Christmas. But I can tell you now that I'm excited! I can't believe it's a year ago since Lalene and Scott were stuck in Germany thanks to the snow that inundated Europe, causing delays to peoples' journeys and turning Christmas into a bit of a pain for a lot of folk. Last year was my first Christmas in England, my first winter Christmas, my first Christmas with Phil, and my first Christmas away from my family. This year, I've taken it upon myself to do Christmas at home. But, without being crafty, I have escaped the massive job it could otherwise have been. I'm not cooking the turkey. I'm not making the starters. I am basically making the roast vegetables and dessert. I'm still not sure how this has all unfolded, but I'm sure I will be very grateful to have the help, given it's my first attempt at hosting Christmas.

On Monday night Phil and I had some dinner and then went to the pub to watch the football. In a foreign language. That's always interesting. If I don't understand the game in English (especially the offside rule which I believe is contentious and something women know nothing about, hence I refuse to even entertain the idea of learning what it is) then I certainly wont understand it in Portuguese or whatever language they broadcast in. I had a good three or four pints of cider, which meant then that whatever we had for dinner wasn't going to be enough, and meant that we had to make a trip to the chippy on the way home. It was going to be just a potato cake, but we both spotted the battered sausages at the same time, like hungry vultures deciding whether to tuck into a zebra's ribcage, and nodded knowingly to each other and made the order. I was outraged that I had to pay extra for the sauce by the way. Mainly because it meant I had to take my gloves off to get the 20p out. At least I was happy to pay it, unlike some people who cancel their McDonalds order because they were charged 5p for sauce. Hahaha!

I got my new phone on Tuesday. It's amazing how much excitement something like that can muster in a person. Since when did we get all excited about having flashy toys that, essentially, are unnecessary. We lived without mobile phones. We did. We lived without Angry Birds and iPods and the internet. And because of this addiction to technology, I was upset when the stupid Vodafone website wasn't cooperating, meaning I couldn't set up my new shiny phone. The website was down again on Wednesday but I thought stuff it, I'm going to go ahead and do it anyway, knowing that I ran the risk of losing all the information stored on my phone. So by Wednesday night I had a functioning iPhone 4 and had a pang of stupidity. What an idiot I am, getting a new phone that's basically identical to my last one and paying twice as much per month for it. Oh well, I always have been impulsive.

After I posted my blog last week, complaining that I hadn't heard from Jacci, typically, I got a message from her. Literally not 10 minutes after I posted it I got a text message. So I called her that night and had a quick catch up. It will be so nice to see my sister in about 10 days time. I thought I should write something here just in case anyone was wondering what happened to her.

On Thursday weathermen around the country were telling us there would be snow sweeping across the midlands and causing disruption to trains, planes and automobiles. I went to bed like a little kid at Christmas, hoping to wake in the morning and look out the window and see snow. Philo got up at around 5.30am, and I eagerly asked whether it had snowed, more awake than usual for that time of morning. He pulled the curtains aside and confirmed that there was no snow. I was devastated, having been so excited at the prospect of waking up to see a snow covered street. It was not to be. I went back to sleep, mindful of the fact that the weathermen are often wrong, and got up a little while later and there was still no snow. I had to get on with the day regardless, so I had my breakfast, got the bus, got the train, and then, as I was walking to work from the train station, what happened? It snowed! It was very light snow, melting before it even hit the ground, but it was still snow. It stopped a little while later. Disappointing. Send us some proper snow please. Preferably this week so it's still white for Christmas!

Friday night was the work Christmas party at the ICC. It's been quite a while since I had a work Christmas party, the whole sit-down three course meal type anyway. Last year the Norton Rose office was too big to have everyone in one place at one time, and the year before that Deacons were still recovering from the GFC backlash and so glorified Friday night drinks were all they could muster. The year before that I was unemployed due to said GFC. Stupid GFC. When 5pm rolled around people had either cleared the office or were in the toilets getting ready. I was doing the latter. Change of dress and a bit of slap and I was ready to go. We had a couple of drinks at the pub and then made our way to the function centre, greeted by a cheesy photographer and cocktails coloured so brightly I was glad I wasn't wearing white. Lisa and I were sat on a table with people from upstairs that we didn't know, and one we will never know, thanks to her not turning up. Lisa left not long after the meals were finished, but early enough to miss out on the comedian that wasn't funny, and whose jokes were as old as he was and rather inappropriate for a work function. Jen had been texting me for a bit so I left to speak to her for a while before getting a cab around to the Arcadian Centre and meeting Phil who was also at his Christmas party. He told me to meet him at the Indi Bar, so I made my way there and paid 5 to get in the door, only to find they weren't in that bar - they were in a completely different bar, and I had just spent 5 for nothing. After only one Corona in the bar that I finally found them at, I was left dripping wet, not from my own fault. Some dickhead walking along with a tray of drinks held above his head lost his coordination and spilt the tray of drinks all over Phil and I, all down the back of my hair and soaking my freshly dry-cleaned dress. The tool offered to buy us a drink to make up for it. I told him it would probably be best if he just buggared off. After that, we decided things were going downhill, so we decided to get some food and head home.

Dez and Estelle got married on Sunday, and we were invited to be there to witness it. It was a lovely ceremony, the music amazing. We were all expecting mini buses and/or taxis to take us to the reception venue, and so everyone was pleasantly surprised to see a big red double decker bus, complete with the classi ticket conductors of old, all suited and booted. The reception was at a golf club, and we had some lovely Christmassy food and wine, some more than others. The night went by in a flash, and we ended up at the Hares & Hounds for a couple of (unnecessary) nightcaps, a drunken chat to Jacci, potato cakes, then home. Thankfully I know myself very well and had booked the Monday off in advance of my inevitable hangover. And boy did I need it.

Two weeks until I'm a Mrs.
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